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Star Army Cap, Type 32

The Type 32 Star Army Cap is a type of sailor cap worn by soldiers of the Star Army of Yamatai. It is sometimes referred to as a “tally cap.” After the Star Army Hinomaru, it is the most recognizable symbol of the Star Army and has become a symbol of national pride.


The Type 32 Star Army Cap replaced the bulkier and more expensive Star Army Tricorne at the start of YE 33. It replaced the tricorne for these reasons:

  • The cap is easier to store (it is soft and does not take up much space).
  • The cap is more modern looking than the tricorne but it is still traditional.
  • It better fits Yamatai's Japanese anime theme more than the tricorne.
  • Easy identification (when approved, the ribbon text had the ship/unit name). However, this was later changed to just STAR ARMY.

In mid-YE 36, the caps started being made with black silk interiors instead of white ones the help mask the effects of oil and dirt from contact with hair. But in YE 39 hats with white silk interiors returned to make it easier to use leftover white silk from making the Star Army Coat, Type 32. Currently both versions are made.

As of YE 42, the cap may be worn with the Star Army Duty Uniform, Type 42.


The cap consists of a flat, soft regal blue (Hex color #223460) wool top and a firmer stretchable band that snugly but gently holds it in place on the head. Around the band there is a black ribbon (a tally) with STAR ARMY in gold capital letters. The interior of the hat is lined with white (YE 32-YE 36) or black (YE 36 and later) silk inside and contains a wide black elastic chin strap that can be worn down in windy conditions. The hat retains its shape well even after being stuffed in a duffel bag or cargo pocket.

Star Army Cap IllustrationStar Army Cap Rear View

There is a small yellow tag inside of the cap with a Star Army Equipment Label that says when and where the cap was made (usually at the Central Fleet Depot in Central Uesureya), as well as the cap's size. On the reverse size it has laundry care instructions.

Ship Names

It is also still authorized, but no longer standard, to show a soldier's current starship name on the ribbon. In that case, the following applies: Around the band a black ribbon is worn, bearing the name of the soldier's starship or assignment in gold capital letters. Ships with Yamataigo (邪馬台語) names may have the kanji, katakana, or hiragana on the ribbon rather than a romanization. Symbols are not allowed on the cap's name ribbon. The ribbon should be switched if a soldier changes station; unassigned soldiers or soldiers in training must use the standard ribbon that reads STAR ARMY.


  1. STAR ARMY (Standard issue)
  2. FORT MINORI (example of a plantary base assignment)
  3. YSS SAKURA (romanized text of Yamataigo ship name)
  4. 桜 (kanji character for sakura, meaning cherry blossom)
  5. ハヤブサ (katakana example for “hayabusa,” meaning peregrine falcon)
  6. はやぶさ (hiragana example for “hayabusa”)


The Star Army Service Dress Cap is used by both enlisted personnel and officers with the duty uniform (with or without the black coat) while outdoors on planets where environmental protection is not required and inside starships and bases only during ceremonies or while carrying weapons while on guard duty. The cap is not worn indoors or aboard ships during normal starship operations. The cap should not be worn with the exercise uniform.

Johnathan F. WhitmoorVictory


OOC Notes & History

The hat was adopted on November 9, 2010 after Wes broke a tie between it and a garrison cap. The cap is easier than the tricorn for artists to draw correctly. One reason Wes likes the design is that the “STAR ARMY” ribbon text helps promote awareness of Star Army where ever the art is posted.

Star Army Logistics
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Product Categoriesuniforms
Product NameStar Army Cap, Type 32
NomenclatureType 32
ManufacturerKetsurui Zaibatsu
Year ReleasedYE 32
Price (KS)20.00 KS

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