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Central Uesureya

Central Uesureya is sprawling manufacturing and storage city with a population of over 30 million people. It is located in military territory controlled by the Star Army of Yamatai.


In the Star Army's early days, Central Uesureya was the headquarters of Star Army Logistics. There was also a PNUgen Corporation facility.


Above ground, there are tall skyscrapers and giant warehouses. Below ground, ancient manufacturing complexes snake together to form a network of mechanical catacombs. Central Uesureya is planet Yamatai's largest producer of Zesuaium, the largest producer of Bulletproof Wool, and home of the Central Fleet Depot.

There are monuments in Central Uesureya for the Second Draconian War, Fourth Elysian War, and for Ketsurui Chiharu. In YE 39 a monument to military cooperation with aliens during the battle of Ether was also added. It consists of statues of an alien soldier and a Star Army Nekovalkyrja side by side.

On the surface, Central Uesureya has a central city area, which is surrounded by suburbs. It also used to have a large slum populated by low-wage workers and slaves, but the elimination of slavery and the advent of LACY stipends (See Yamataian Economy) resulted in its depopulation. In the city there are many microapartments.

Central Uesureya is home to a popular Mecha Enthusiasts convention, MechEn, where Shiro Model Industries, Inc debuted their model Ki-V1 "Hoplite" Variable-Configuration Fighter in YE 28.


Central Uesureya is the hub of the planet's rail network. It is connected by rail to Black Sands Test Range, Uesureyan Fields, Kyoto, as well as to other nearby cities such as Port Xenn and Tania. Central Uesureya also has an enormous rail yard, a rail depot, and rails running to all the hangars of its starport as well as down into the maze of underground tunnels.

Although it is not a regular part of the civilian-accessible PAINT transportation network, it is heavily serviced by military transports and shuttles.



Being entirely within a military zone limits Central Uesureya's population primarily to the military and military-supporting major corporations. The population is therefore mostly composed of military-age soldiers and working adults. There is a high population of synths like Nekovalkyrja and Minkan.


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RP Opportunities

Central Uesureya is a city full of hard workers who love to follow a good day's work with a fun night. Some things players can do are:

  • Visit headquarters of major corporations
  • Visit the dance clubs
  • Socialize with fellow travelers at the main train station

Local Rumors

  • There are many hidden entrances to huge maze-like caverns of ancient, automated manufacturing complexes, where eldritch machine factories make things for Yamatai.
  • Escaped biological weapons from PNUgen might still inhabit some of the city's sewers.


A large stockpile of items is kept in the Central Fleet Depot.

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