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Ether is a star system located 40 LY North of Yamatai Star System. It is close to Ake and Cellondora. It is notable for its habitable but icy terrestrial world.


Basic Information

Type: Tundra

Stellar Radius: 1.72 AU from star

Surface Gravity:1.02 G

Length of Day: 25.65 hours

Length of Year: 405.78 days

Atmospheric Composition: Nitrogen (72%), Oxygen (20%), Others (8%)

Background and History

Ether is a world very similar to the frozen tundra of Siberia back on planet Earth. Nearly 90 percent of the water on the planet is frozen and weather is considered hazardous due to massive blizzards that seemingly never end. Nevertheless, huge deposits of Hephestium, a raw material used in military construction projects, made this a primary world of interest for the Nerimian Defense Initiative's plans to colonize worlds in the Yamataian Galaxy. As such, Ether became a hub of military and industrial activity for the Confederates, with three Automated Intelligent factories being in YE 29 to supplement and solidify the Confederation's position in the Galactic North.

The indigenous population of Ether consists fairly primitive wooly mammoth-like creatures with limited social development, though they tend to hunt in packs. Initially, the native Etherians were slated for total extermination, but the NDI's CONSTRACOM rescinded the genocide order until further analysis of the Etherian's combat abilities, which have proven to be extensive as reported by Spacy Marines who have laid siege to their settlements.

In early YE 32, the planet was abandoned after the loss of Xylar in YE 31. The manufacturing centers we dismantled or disabled and all personnel were removed from the area. By late YE 32, the NMX had moved into to the system, primarily to prevent its use by the Yamatai Star Empire and Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia.

The Star Army of Yamatai has operated a small military base on Ether since YE 34.

Cities and Installations


The first and largest of the intelligent factories built, this massive complex spanned over five square miles above the surface and has an underground component that is far more extensive. Hardened against terrestrial and orbital attack, Tempus 28 was a testing ground for power armors.

Armory 381

The second and smallest of the intelligent factories, Armory 381 produces the bulk of the munitions for the NDI forces in the Yamataian Galaxy and stockpiled enough firepower to keep the 1st Expeditionary Fleet operational indefinitely. Like Tempus 28, it is highly fortified against terrestrial and orbital attack.

Deus XIX

The third factory built also serves as the de facto base of operations of all NDI forces in the Yamataian Galaxy. The most heavily fortified installation on the planet coordinated the planet's elaborate defensive systems - the most key of which was its multi-tiered planetary shield system.

Star Army Base

See: Ether Base

Planetary Resources

Water (Ice), Hephestium, Iron, Nickel, Silver, Aluminum

Natural Satellites


Military Forces

Unknown NMX assets

OOC Notes

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