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The Norians are an elf-like species from the Chrystalis Universe created by Andrew. They are the most numerous species in Tsenlan.


The Norians were first introduced in Ayenee in 1997 and took part in the Chaos Hive War with the Army Of Uesureya and the NDI in 2002 1). They have made several appearances in the SARPiverse since.2)

Recently, in 2022 or YE 44 they became more visible after fleeing catastrophe in their home universe and have become part of the Yamatai Star Empire.


Crystalexiei nira, or Norian is a unique species possessing qualities similar to that of elves and humans, yet have an enigmatic nature all of their own. They evolved from primates within the temperate forests of their homeworld, Noria.

Made by [[members:wes]] in Stable Diffusion
Origin Universe Chrystalis Unvorsum
Scientific Name Chrystalexiei nira
Type Humanoid


  • Norians can withstand low oxygen, and high nitrogen environments.
    • Standard for Norian Vessels is 3 to 5% lower than Yamatai (Planet), even though they can survive in oxygen levels up to 20% lower than Yamatai (Planet).3)
    • Standard temperature on Norian vessels is 10 degrees celsius.4)
  • Norians prefer the dark and have to wear coverings to protect themselves in brightly lit environments.
  • Norians are very agile and have improved endurance, but have less than average physical strength.
  • Norians have highly developed minds, and are encouraged to pursue knowledge and cultivate a deeper understanding of themselves and the universe

Common Physiology

Norians are a humanoid race with slender pointed ears typical of elven-like species. They stand taller than most elven-type races ranging in size from 5.2 to 6.1 feet. Males and females are sexually dimorphic; males tend to be larger in stature than females.

Form follows function. Women are more agile than their male counterparts. Their figures tend to be leaner, with wider hips. Females have breasts, but though far from large curvy figures. As in most humanoid species, reproduction is nearly the same. Male and female mate. The female becomes pregnant, carries the child for 18 months, and bears the child.

Norians can live approximately 1600 years with some individuals reaching even 1700 years of age.

Common Physical Attributes
Hands and Fingers Opposable thumbs Four digits 1.3x human length, four knuckles
Teeth Flat, herbivore denture
Pelage Head
Ears Slender, elongated with a rounded point, voluntary movement
Eyes Normal shape, Almond shape
Height 175.26cm (5'9β€œ) to 190.50cm(6'3”)
Weight 60kg-70kg
Common Body Pigmentation
Skin (Common) White, Rose-water (Uncommon) Tan and Dark Tan
Hair (Common) Blonde, Black, Blue, White (Uncommon) Red, Pink (Rare) Green, Purple
Eye (Common) Green, Brown, Blue, Black (Uncommon) Crystal Blue, White, Purple (Other Feature) With or without gold or silver fleck

Unique Biology

Some unique biology of Norians:

  • Vanadium and Hemoglobin-Based Blood - Their blood has a low oxygen requirement due to the ability to also utilize nitrogen using vanadium-based compounds. This allows them to have a 60% lower oxygen requirement than other species, yet they require a high nitrogen atmosphere. The biological result of this is spiral-shaped lungs that have a greater surface area to dissolve gases. Temperatures over 42 degrees celsius can cause havoc with the vanadium-based portion of their blood.
  • Nitrogen Fixing - Their high nitrogen affinity is related to the fact that they have nitrogen receptors with nitrogen-fixing bacteria in their bodies that help produce proteins.
  • Upper and Lower Heart - Their hearts are two four-chambered hearts, one in the right area of the chest and one directly beneath the lower left ribs. This developed due to their evolutionary requirement for a more enhanced circulatory system due to their dissolved blood gas requirements.
  • Two Muscle Types - Some of their muscles are composed of specialized cells which allow the build-up of carbon dioxide and other wastes. They allow for extremely quick movement but rely on the durability of their normal muscles to sustain movements after the initial burst. In general, Norians tend to be faster and more flexible in comparison to other humans but are weaker.
  • Night vision - Due to the adaptation to the dark, Norians have nearly twice as many rods in their retina to assist with seeing in the dark. However, they often need to wear protective eyewear such as sunglasses to adapt to bright light environments.
  • Advanced Mind - Norians have increased processing ability, and are considered highly intelligent. This along with their telepathy (vesper) abilities are often enhanced more with the additions of technologies 5)

In Terms of Temperature Sensitivity and Light Sensitivity

Norians who serve in the Star Army of Yamatai should be fairly comfortable at the standard shipwide temperature. It is likely they will keep their quarters at the more comfortable 10 degrees Celsius temperature. They will probably avoid any sections of the ship kept above 42 degrees Celsius. They may ask for a cooling layer to be added to their uniform.


  • Temperature - Prolonged temperature exposure above 42 degrees celsius (Exposure over 2 hours causes a headache, lethargy, and dizziness. Exposure over 5 hours can cause loss of consciousness and death.) causes proteins in their blood to start to denature. Temperatures above 55 degrees celsius can cause death within minutes. They will generally wear clothing with cooling technology, wear less clothing, or take other measures to keep themselves out of harm.
  • High-output lighting - They handle the UV and past UV part of the spectrum very well, even X-rays and Gamma Rays 6). They, however, handle the Infrared spectrum rather poorly as that thermal radiation leads to an increase in temperature. Norians use sunscreen products, such as Skinseal, to mitigate this problem.
  • Other lighting issues - Due to the increased number of rods in their eye structure high-intensity light can cause issues with their ability to see properly. Norians generally wear sunglasses or other gear to shield their eyes.


Most Norians are herbivores however some have adapted to an omnivore diet.


The Norians tend to choose cooler planets and generally focus their colonization on temperate regions with relatively short summer cycles. Due to their blood chemistry, the heat of tropical climates can lead to a denaturing of some vital proteins.

Their architecture tends to be very clean and modern focusing on elaborate and complex designs that reflect more natural structures and phenomena. Family homes tend to be large, due to the popularity of polyamory and more community-based rearing of children. A home is generally a reflection of social status and is often judged in regard to the cleanliness and the selection of furnishings and decorations.

Life Cycle

Norians are sexually dimorphic and have typical genitalia. 7) Women are more agile than their male counterparts. Their figures tend to be leaner, with wider hips. Females have breasts, but though far from large curvy figures. As in most humanoid species, reproduction is nearly the same. Male and female mate. The female becomes pregnant, carries the child for 18 months, and bears the child.

Norians can live approximately 1600 years with some individuals reaching even 1700 years of age. Adulthood is considered to begin around the age of eighteen years.

Body Transfer and Recreational Husk Use

The Norians do possess body transfer technology through integrated digital essence (IDE), somewhat similar to the Soul Transfer that is used by the Yamatai Star Empire. The technology is limited to the social elite and military and is not available to every citizen. Citizens often enlist in the military to gain access to technology.

The Elite started using husks (temporary bodies) to engage in sexual relations for recreation with other species to prevent what they consider to be spiritual contamination and risk of procreation out of species. This however came to a stop when they joined the Yamatai Star Empire, in accordance with their laws.

It has also been utilized to augment their natural lifespan.


The Norians have a complex culture that has been intensely impacted by the loss of their homeworlds.

Unifying Concepts

Unifying concepts of the Norian Culture.

Phaloam:The Metacognitive Pursuit

As a society, Norians have become very concerned about their ability to be aware of their own awareness and the cultivation of their thoughts through the pursuit of wisdom. Understanding one's place in the world, where they have come from, what one is, and where one is going are commonly the questions asked by another or one's self. This, while it may seem simple is far from it. Philosophical debate is perfectly acceptable and is rarely put at a lower priority than any other obligation, save for religion which is considered part of the cultivation of the self. Philosophical interaction is considered to be at the center of improvement, or in some cases solidification of self.

Nathaul: The Quest for Knowledge

While closely partnered with Phaloam. Nathaul is the belief that the gaining of knowledge by education enhances a Norian's ability to contribute to society. Uneducated individuals are generally at the fringes of society and carry out job functions that are in service to those who are educated. The uneducated are also not able to vote, attend government, or join the military.


The Norian religion is based on the worship of gods called builders, focused mainly on the builder known as Unya who is considered in mythology to be the creator of all the universes. 8)


Norian civilian clothing tends to be very colorful and expressive and is generally made from synthetic fabrics and materials. Traditional garments vary from Sari-style dresses for the females and robes for the males, while more modern clothing takes on many different styles and appearances. The influence of clothing styles from both Ayenee and the Yamatai Star Empire have become more popular over time. Those Norians who have visited or been on Yamatai (Planet) since YE 21 tend to choose fashions from the region of Xiuluria where they have blended in with existing elven populations.

After joining the Yamatai Star Empire in YE 44 officially, Norian military attire is that of the Star Army of Yamatai. Some veterans however will wear their old uniforms from no longer existing Norian military units.


The Norian diet is generally vegetarian, with a few members of the population who have decided to ingest meats often with some discomfort due to their herbivore digestive system. Since most Norian flora was destroyed, their culinary preferences have adapted to consume Yamataian Food and Drink. Some Norians have also found interest in the consumption of Lorath Food with the intense spices and flavors being in tune with some of those originally found on their worlds.

Some examples of traditional Norian Food and Drink. It is the hope of the Norian people to restore some of these foods by substituting ingredients found in the Kikyo Sector or restoring plants and animals from their genetic archives in their new home.


The Norian language known as Nira'las is very complex, and while the language has both a spoken and written expression there is often a loss of translation or feeling when it comes to the subjects of conversation. Norians frequently use their telepathic link with each other to transmit visual cues and empathic information during communication.


Norian telepathy is highly advanced, it operates in specialized bond channels called vespers. Telepathy is a very important part of the Norian language.


Norian naming has changed over the years, their traditional names tend to be similar to other elven cultures utilizing very eloquent vowel combinations. Since their colonization of Ayenee, and their contact with the NDI and the Yamatai Star Empire they have been known to utilize their naming conventions. Nine French Boys - Fantasy Name Generator is a popularly used too.

Traditional Norian Name Examples:


The Norian people have traditionally been a part of an Absolute Monarchy, with Conservatism and Authoritarianism practices. Since joining the Yamatai Star Empire in YE 44 they have officially adopted their system of politics with plans to have representation on the Senate of Yamatai with a culturally significant regional or planetary government.


Norians developed technology similar and in some areas higher than that of the Yamatai Star Empire, much of which has been lost to the devastating war which resulted in the loss of their homeworld. Surviving members of the species with technical knowledge will undoubtedly participate in making contributions to their future settlements and to the Yamatai Star Empire as a whole.

One difference between Norian technology and that of their new benefactors is that Norian ship technology was based on the breeding and development of highly complex living vessels called Leviathans which utilized a more biological form of intelligence called a Mindhive which has a similar operation and expression to the PANTHEON hierarchy. Many of these ships and mindhives were not recoverable after damage received in their departure from their home universe and Ayenee. It is likely the same technology may be renewed depending on political and military integration from the Yamatai Star Empire.

Dimensional Energies

Norians previously achieved access to dimensionally siphoned energy sources similar to Aether, however grave consequences were realized when that energy was being pulled from a dimension that was inhabited by horrific violent creatures. The consequences led to the collapse of the Norian nation after decades of war. Those with knowledge of this have been sworn to secrecy and have vowed to prevent other nations from making the same mistakes that they made.


The Norians are a part of the economy of the Yamatai Star Empire and utilize the KS.

OOC Notes

Andrew created this article on 2022/10/10 09:57.

  • Some modifications have been made to better fit this species into the SARPiverse, and strays slightly from the similar Ayenee document.
  • Approved by Wes in this thread.
  • Norian art by Wes in Stable Diffusion.
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They handle β€œradiation” much better than other humanoids
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