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Katsuko-Class Colony Installation

The Katsuko is a prefabricated terrestrial base designed for transport by the Hummingbird-class Colony Ship. It is named after Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko.

About the Katsuko Installation

The aging design of the Horizon-class Colony Ship and the changing needs of the Star Army of Yamatai, the Katsuko Project was initiated in YE 28. With failed colonization attempts in the GE universe and concerns about the safety of colonists during the early stages of colonization it was addressed that a more prefabricated technology would be needed as well as more localized protection for the colony itself.

History and Background

With the initial idea of the project being presented by Shôshô Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko, it was taken on by the designers at Ketsurui Fleet Yards and eventually a prototype was in the making. The ship itself would essentially be two separate components: The colony installation and the Hummingbird Colony Delivery Vehicle.

The following was listed to be a high priority for design considerations:

  1. A totally self sustaining prefabricated colony base capable of being transported to selected destinations with as little post-landing construction as possible.
  2. A hauler capable of not only delivery but the defense of the colony craft during transport.
  3. A colony base that suits civilian and military needs.

Statistical Information

Dimensions and Crew Complement

  • Organizations Using This Vessel: Star Army of Yamatai
  • Type: Colony Installation
  • Class: Katsuko Colony Installation KE-CI-01a
  • Designer: Ketsurui Fleet Yards, Shôshô Motoyoshi Katsuko
  • Manufacturer: Ketsurui Fleet Yards, Yamatai, Luna Bianca Lunar Shipyards
  • Production: Produced as need for Hummingbird


  • 030 Command Staff
  • 300 Command Support Staff
  • 3,000 Technicians
  • 100 Crew Support Staff
  • 2,000 Planetary Soldiers
  • 3,000 Mindy Pilots
  • 20,000 Lamia Pilots (Stasis until needed)
  • 19,000 Civilian Colonists


Designed in conjunction with the Hummingbird CDC, the tri-domed Katsuko colony installation is made to fit on a X234 Docking mount. The triangular mount is located on the dorsal HCDC and the Katsuko's ventral triangular base. Three domes sit upon the triangular base and are the housings of the colony. Dome I and II are devoted to colony defense and are smaller than Dome III which houses the main colony. The three domes are aligned side by side and are capable of opening should the atmosphere be compatible. During transport the military installations in Dome I and II remain inactive. Dome III is a fairly large city with skyscrapers and can be a closed environmental system with simulated weather and conditions. Dome II has a small port off the side facing away from Dome II for supply ships and small YSA vessels.

  • Length: 3000m
  • Width: 1400m
  • Height: 2000m
  • Decks: Depends on building


  • Speed (STL): >0.001c (Ion/Gravition Engines for HCDC to Planet Flight). Slow.
  • Speed (FTL): No FTL Propulsion
  • Speed (Aerial): Capable of Hovering for 4hrs
  • Speed (Water): Capable of Water Landing
  • Landing: Water is the preferred medium for landing
  • Range (Distance): Designed mainly for HCDC to Planetary Flights
  • Range (Support): unlimited
  • Lifespan: 250 years
  • Refit Cycle: As Needed

Inside the Installation

Dome 1

Planetary Colony Command (PCC): A twelve deck military command center where internal and external security are monitored. Uplinks to orbital platforms, visiting starships and communications are central here. In wartime it serves as a logistical platform to launch ground, air and space attacks on the enemy.

Ground Force Barracks: Typical space efficient housing for ground forces. With easy access to armories and lifts to colony command.

Lift System: Similar to the lift system on starships, designed to go from dome to dome and are even compatible with other colony installations if there to be more than one on the same planet within a reasonable distance of each other.

Dome 2

Aux. Planetary Colony Command (A.PCC): A three deck military command center where internal and external security are monitored in the event of the main PCC is destroyed or disabled. Uplinks to orbital platforms, visiting starships and communications are central here. In wartime it serves as a logistical platform to launch ground, air and space attacks on the enemy.

Star Port: A expandable star port for smaller military and civilian craft capable of planetary flight. All freight and cargo vessels are searched, and handled by the colony military forces to maintain security and keep contraband and problems out of the colony.

Power Armor Bay(3): Similar to that onboard Star Army vessels. Complements of Mindy, Kylie and other power armor types can be launched from here at the command of the PCC or A.PCC to provide defense to the colony. Quick Launch ports from multiple levels of the sphere allow for near instantaneous launch times.

Dome 3

City: Similar to the cities found aboard the old Horizon colony ships. Skyscrapers range from 100 to 170 decks with lift systems. The sphere can be either open to the planetary elements (on more inhabitable planets) or have climate controlled interiors. Here the common civilian has everything they need to go about their daily lives.

Systems Descriptions

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Vehicle Complement

  • Lamia M1 Power Armor (20,000)
  • Mindy M2-1D Power Armor (3,000)
  • Other Power Armors and shuttles maybe included per special order to suit requirements.
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