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Motoyoshi Clan

The Motoyoshi Clan is part of the Yamatai Star Empire and was formed in YE 28.

Motoyoshi Clan
Capital Tokyo, Jiyuu III, Motoyoshi Colonial Sector
Leadership Motoyoshi-Ieyasu Taro and Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko
Government Type Imperialist Regional Government for the Motoyoshi Colonial Sector
Parent Government Yamatai Star Empire
Connections Ketsurui Clan, and Shimizu Clan
Formation YE 28
Current Year YE 45
Currency Bellflower Note(KS)
Custodians Andrew, Yuuki, Soresu

History and Background

The clan was formed by Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko and Shimizu-Motoyoshi Akina (清水本吉明菜) in YE 28. The clan has a rich history which is entwined in both the Yamatai Star Empire and the Star Army of Yamatai. It is the only clan other than the Ketsurui Clan to rule the Star Army of Yamatai. In YE 30, Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko became Empress when she succeeded Kitsurugi Uesu. Her time on the throne was short, and was ended with her own resignation after members of her clan deserted and betrayed the Yamatai Star Empire to form the United Outer Colonies. The part of the clan that remained in the Empire became affiliated with the Ketsurui Clan.

The clan remained separated into two parts; Yamatai no Motoyoshi and Jiyuu no Motoyoshi until YE 41 when Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko reunified the Clan. Her plans for the future unfolded quickly which brought the clan into a surge of rapid growth.

Imperial Standard

The flag features the clan flower, the Peony , which is also the clan's Mon (紋) a symbol prosperity(heion). It was adopted as a clan symbol in YE 34.

Secondary Flower: The Evening Orchid

A second flower symbol used is the Evening Orchid. It symbolizes refinement and is the flower of Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko.

The Evening Orchid
yoru no ran ka ni kakurete ya hana shiroshi - Yosa Buson (1716 ~ 1783)1)

The Clan Fruit: The Plum

The clan fruit is the Plum which symbolizes the protection against evil.

Clan Motto

“Seishin no chuujitsu” (It means “Spirit of Loyalty” in Yamataigo (邪馬台語).)


The Motoyoshi Clan follows the traditions of Yamataian Culture, however, they have adopted their own practices as well.

Traditional Holidays and Ceremonies

These holidays are celebrated, in addition to all other Holidays in the Yamatai Star Empire, by all members of the Motoyoshi Clan. Motoyoshi Mon

Tsukimi 2日8月 The celebration corresponds to the harvest moon of the destroyed colony at Taiie. Reminiscent of colonist farmers that worked the colony's fields it is a celebration of autumn that is still celebrated by the Motoyoshi. The celebration generally includes feasting within the volumetric captured images of the fallen world's moon, accompanied by soft flowing flute music and tranquil gurgles of water features.
Lantern Festival 17日2月 to 20日2月 Elaborately decorated lanterns made by clan members are put on display. These designs integrated with all kinds of creative expression; painting, flower arranging, carving and sculpture creating. Lantern displays are judged and the winners are honored by being permitted to keep their display up after the end of the festival until the next year.
Unity Festival 15日 3月 Added in YE 41, this festival celebrates the day of forgiveness between the Jiyuu no Motoyoshi and the Yamatai no Motoyoshi. Members of the Motoyoshi Clan gather to reflect on the healing of the divisions that nearly destroyed the clan. It is generally held at one of the Clans holdings on Jiyuu III or Yamatai (Planet).

Unifying Motoyoshi Philosophies

These unifying philosophies govern the actions of the Motoyoshi.

Motoyoshi Kazue

Imperialists As of YE 34, the Motoyoshi have become strict imperialists, their vision for the Yamatai Star Empire is for the re-centralization of absolute control to the throne and the Star Army of Yamatai. They believe that the Senate should maintain an advisory role to the throne but not be granted actual power. Despite their desire for re-centralization of power, they do support the Ketsurui Clan and the current rule of Empress Himiko I even though they do not back some of the more democratic policies of the current rule, specifically the policies which were triggered by the formation of the United Outer Colonies.
The Imperial Way See Imperial Way Faction. The Motoyoshi support a movement referred to as 'The Imperial Way'(皇道派) which desires a more military-minded government. They believe that a stronger military-backed government will free the empire from liberal-minded politicians seeking the decentralization of power. This has been supported in the past via the formation of the original Bakufu prior to its corruption.
Nekovalkyrja Supporters The Motoyoshi believe that the Nekovalkyrja are the greatest species in the known universe. They do believe in intergalactic cooperation, however under asymmetrical terms. They believe that the Yamatai Star Empire has made too many concessions in the intergalactic community, blaming some of the clan's own previous policies for some of the problem. The clan is not completely against other species or nations, believing that there are several nations who have relations with the empire that are beneficial, however, there are several to which they hold a vehement animosity such as the Freespacers. Since YE 40, through relations with the Lorath Matriarchy2), the Iron Company and the Mining Guild much has changed.
Star Army of Yamatai Tradition The clan has entrenched its upholding and belief that the military elite is a necessary and needed echelon of power within the Empire. Military leaders such as Mistress-Taisho Ketsurui Yui and Taisho Kessaku Irim are regarded in the highest of honors, along with their own Taisho Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko. The Motoyoshi believe that the military's elite echelons should remain untainted by liberal-minded politics.
The Mistress-Taisho The Motoyoshi strongly support the Mistress-Taisho Ketsurui Yui and her direct leadership over the Star Army of Yamatai. Many Motoyoshi has an almost spiritual view of Yui, seeing her as the guiding force of Nekovalkyrja power and philosophy.
Sensou Sensou ( 戦争) - War is the expression of Imperial power and justice. It is the fundamental protection of the Empire and the Star Army of Yamatai is the most prestigious way of life for Nekovalkyrja. The Motoyoshi view war as an art-form in which must be executed with strategy, courage, and ferocity. To play a role in the evisceration of the empire's enemies is a high honor and should be conducted with grace and power to achieve victory in the name of the Empress.
Unorthodox Measures The Motoyoshi strategy in warfare tends to be unorthodox at times. Utilizing units and personnel in actions that are outside of their normal conduct to gain an advantage.

The Clan Virtues

The Motoyoshi philosophies are very reminiscent but not limited to the Confucian ways of thought. Motoyoshi Kazumi

Clan Virtues
The State of Virtue The Motoyoshi are very concerned about the nature of its members. With the clan's past, the leadership is very concerned with its own practices as well as those within their influence. Members are expected display : integrity, honor, honesty, loyalty, kindness and forgiveness while being reverent and respectful to those who are their superiors and peers. The clan also promotes the self imposition of shame, for individuals to be able to judge their own actions to be right or wrong and seek or inflict measures to correct their actions when in error.
True Relationships The clan's beliefs state that the highest of relationships is the one that exists between Nekovalkyrja and the Yamatai Star Empire in which the soldier serves as the imperial hand and that their actions, therefore, reflect the Empire. Focus is also placed upon the relationship between Nekovalkyrja and their clan in which altruism is to be cultivated between members.
Loyalty After the corruption created by the Jiyuu no Motoyoshi a great intensity was placed upon the Motoyoshi's loyalty. Loyalty to the Empire is place first and foremost, then loyalty to the clan and the military.
Self Improvement Within the clan, it is encouraged for members to seek to expand themselves as individuals. The greatest focus is placed upon the achievement of rank within the Star Army of Yamatai and to excel within one's occupation however, members are also encouraged to divulge in philosophy, literature, and creative arts.
Place in Society The Motoyoshi believe that the clan's true place is to provide strength to the Imperial Family, to serve as dedicated soldiers within the Star Army of Yamatai. In general, civilian life is discouraged unless that career path is considered still within the higher service of the Empire or the Clan.

Incorporated Species

The Motoyoshi Clan is completely Yamataian with representatives of the following species:

Leadership and Clan Structure

The Motoyoshi Clan is the only clan other than the Ketsurui Clan to have had an Empress of Yamatai.3) The Clan adheres to an Imperial structure even though they may or may not be evident in the line of succession with Ketsurui Clan, in which Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko became apart of after the abduction of the throne in YE 30.4)

Ketsurui-Motoyoshi KatsukoThis is the clan's leadership structure as of YE 44:

Motoyoshi Leadership Structure
Title Name Imperial Title Notes Bakufu
Clan Leader Motoyoshi-Ieyasu Taro None “Whisper” of Leadership, Leader of Ieyasu Cadet Branch Yes
Clan Leader Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko Jōkōgō Heika5) Ruled the Yamatai Star Empire in YE 30 Yes
Clan Elder Shimizu-Motoyoshi Akina (清水本吉明菜) None Spouse of Katsuko and Leader of the Shimizu Clan Yes
Clan Elder Motoyoshi Eri None Fiance of Katsuko Yes
Clan Elder Kage Yaichiro None Fiance of Katsuko Undecided
Clan Elder Motoyoshi-Kotoku Sui None Leader of Kotoku Cadet Branch Yes
Clan Elder Motoyoshi Kazue None NONE MIA
Clan Elder Motoyoshi-Yamada Ayano None Leader of Yamada Cadet Branch Yes
Clan Elder Motoyoshi-Igarashi Yuka None Leader of Igarashi Cadet Branch Yes
Heirs Apparent
Title Name Imperial Title Notes Bakufu
1st Heiress Motoyoshi Kaoru naishinnō (Princess) N/A Yes
2nd Heiress Motoyoshi, Kazumi naishinnō (Princess) N/A Yes
3rd Heiress Motoyoshi Tachiko naishinnō (Princess) N/A Yes
Future Heiress Motoyoshi Kuroko naishinnō (Princess) N/A Yes
Future Heir Motoyoshi Eidan shinnō (Prince) N/A Yes
Cadet Heiress Motoyoshi-Igarashi Yue None Heiress of Igarashi Cadet Branch Yes
Note: All children of Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko may use shinnō (Prince) or naishinnō (Princess)

The Motoyoshi Clan is a large clan with many cadet branches, adopted members, and supporters.

The Divested

Over time, some Motoyoshi have been stripped of their title and status:

Dishonored Motoyoshi
Title Name Imperial Title Notes Bakufu
Traitor Motoyoshi Kiyoko former naishinnō (Princess)6) Killed in YE 447) No
Burden Motoyoshi Tio former shinnō (Prince)8) Internal Clan Sentence - Life in service of the Star Army of Yamatai9) No
Traitor Koyanagi Mayumi None Killed in YE 4310) No


The New Motoyoshi Bakufu Logo The Motoyoshi Bakufu11), also known as the Imperialist Regional Government of the Motoyoshi Colonial Sector was formed in YE 43. The government is a clan-appointed body that consists of the planetary governors of the worlds claimed by the Yamatai Star Empire, other local leaders, and is led by the planetary governor of Jiyuu III12). They are responsible for the creation of regional laws, and management of local government departments, and serve as a unified voice for their citizens. They often cooperate with the elected Senators to the Senate of Yamatai to ensure the views of their constituents are properly represented.

Emphasis was placed on this body in YE 44 following the resignation of Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko as the Imperial Premier and her report of United Outer Colonies-like liberal politics being represented in the Senate of Yamatai by Iemochi Seinosuke.13)14)15) It triggered the body of the regional government to begin seeking protection and identification as an Imperial State devoted to the ideals of the Yamatai Star Empire under the rule of Empress. Politicians inside of the government have also tried to stress the threat of liberal politics in the region due to the connection to Tange terrorism.


Yugumo Corporation Logo The Yugumo Corporation is a major corporate entity operating in the Yamatai Star Empire. It serves as the successor to previous Motoyoshi Clan-run corporations such as; Motoyoshi Fleet Yards and Motoyoshi Hanei Kaisha. The company serves as an umbrella and unified operations platform for several smaller brands and ventures mostly concentrated in the Motoyoshi Colonial Sector, but also across the entire Yamatai Star Empire. The Yugumo Corporation was founded on 3日 5月 41年

In addition to the company's handle on its subsidiary and venture brands, it serves as part of the Star Army Military Industrial Complex and has several contracts with the Star Army of Yamatai. They serve as an in-network associate with Ketsurui Zaibatsu and its subsidiaries to build under contract primarily for the First Expeditionary Fleet.

The company serves as the primary manager and operator of the Yamatai Star Empire colonies in the Motoyoshi Colonial Sector.


The Motoyoshi Clan has developed relationships with the following groups:

The Motoyoshi Clan has developed enemies with the following groups:


The Motoyoshi Clan's influence and power are concentrated within the Motoyoshi Colonial Sector. The Colonial Sector is located in the galactic-east of the Kikyo Sector and is sometimes referred to as the Eastern Yamatai Star Empire. The region is known for its rich resources and hard-working citizens and has been under the colonial management of the clan's Yugumo Corporation since YE 41 which marked the Motoyosh Clan's return to the region.

The Motoyoshi Clan has a deep connection to the region as refugees settled it from the Bard Cluster and survivors of the Battle Of Taiie. To return to the region after the fall of the failed nation of the United Outer Colonies and play a vital role in the new stability and prosperity of its people is regarded as an honor and a duty, due to rouge members of the clan have been responsible for a tremendous loss of life and the emergence of Tange terrorism.

The Bard Cluster

The Bard Cluster holds special importance to the Motoyoshi Clan. The region was explored and colonized by the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet and served as their home up until the Battle Of Taiie in YE 29, which resulted in the destruction of the Taiie. The Taiie Nebula was left as the remains of their home. The Clan and citizens in the Motoyoshi Colonial Sector make pilgrimages to the nebula during Tsukimi held every year on 2日8月 of the Yamataian Calendar.


We welcome new members. The character requirements are:

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OOC Information

It was updated by Andrew on 10/20/2022. Some of the information is older than the wiki.

An evening orchid, Hidden in its scent, The flower’s whiteness
Empress Emerita see Empress Michiko reference
6) , 8)
stripped of title in YE 30 for treason to the United Outer Colonies

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