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Jiyuu III

Jiyuu III is the third planet in the Jiyuu System. It is part of the Yamatai Star Empire. It is also the capital planet of the Motoyoshi Colonial Sector.

Flag of the Jiyuu System

Jiyuu (自由) means “Freedom” or “Liberty” in Yamataigo (邪馬台語).

Jiyuu has five moons which are: Azumi1), Amaterasu2) , Keina 3) , Kiku no Umi 4), and Nozomi no Umi 5).


The Jiyuu System was designated as M-1 by the YSS Akuro II, the Flagship of the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet in YE 29. Upon the review of scans from the rest of the Yugumo Cluster, the system was selected to become the Capital System of a new series of Colonies that would secure a new base of operations after the destruction of Taiie by the Sfrarabla Mishhuvurthyar Xhrafuklurp (SMX).

Jiyuu was chosen because of its strategic centrality to other systems in the cluster, making it a potential launching pad for defensive operations in the region. The system is also rich in resources, plenty of planets capable of supporting mining and industrial colonies as well as two inhabitable worlds to support full colonization efforts: Jiyuu III and Jiyuu IV.

The First Colony

An oil painting of Tamashii no Jiyuu, circa. YE 29

The first colony in the system was on Jiyuu III, which was called Tamashii no Jiyuu (“Soul of Freedom”), in YE 29. Settled by the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet and the Motoyoshi Clan, it became the home of millions of survivors from Taiie.

A Brief Independence

In YE 30, the Jiyuu System became the Capital System of the United Outer Colonies, which was intended to be a neutral peacekeeper nation, grounded on a philosophy promoting intergalactic peace through the cooperation of all nations in the known universe. In YE 33, Due to invasion and heavy bombings by the NMX, the Jiyuu System was evacuated by the Star Army of Yamatai.

In YE 34, the system was re-integrated into the Yamatai Star Empire and placed under the protection of Tenth Fleet.

A Return to Brilliance

An Oil Painting of Tokyo. Circa YE 41

In YE 34, the Sunflower Corporation began to restore sites on Jiyuu III and made massive improvements and additions to the infastructure of the planetary capital of Tokyo.

Then in YE 41, Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko, the former Taisho of the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet and the leader Motoyoshi Clan returned and placed a massive financial investment into the System. The former Sunflower Corporation was merged into the Yugumo Corporation and the Motoyoshi Clan funded initiatives to boost commercial and industrial activity in the system. Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko also made the System the home of the First Expeditionary Fleet.

Since YE 42, the cultural concept of the Jiyuuian has faded as the Motoyoshi Clan pushed their campaigns and agendas through platforms like the Yugumo Workers Federation which exposed the criminal activities of the Tange Clan and the former United Outer Colonies. After the Attempted Terrorist Attack at YE 42 Lantern Festival, hold out citizens in UMC Synthetic Bodies rushed to transfer to Minkan bodies to show respect to the restored Motoyoshi Clan and reject the agenda of the terrorists.

Further support for the Yamatai Star Empire came during the end days of the Kuvexian War, as that huge numbers of the planet's Star Army of Yamatai personnel were deployed with the First Expeditionary Fleet. Crowds gathered to hold vigil for the fleet during the intense Battle Of Glimmergold and celebrate the following Victory Day YE 43.

Capital of The Motoyoshi Colonial Sector

In YE 43, Jiyuu was made the capital of the Motoyoshi Colonial Sector region in the Yamatai Star Empire. For many in rang in a new era, one where the Motoyoshi Clan led them back to being a proud member world of the Empire. Through initiatives like the Yugumo Corporation which brought back employment and even attracted other Corporations to the region, the Yugumo Workers Federation, it brought millions of refugees that had been displaced across the Kikyo Sector back to their homes and attracted new colonists from other regions hopeful to thrive in the restored economy.

(Flag of the Motoyoshi Colonial Sector)


Jiyuu is the third planet in the Jiyuu System. It is a terrestrial planet and a life-supporting world. Jiyuu is covered by only 16% landmass consisting of continents and islands. The remaining surface is 84% water, 30% of which is solidified in ice. Jiyuu was selected for colonization because the planet did not require heavy terraforming, rather it nicely fit the profile of a Yamatai (Planet)-like planet.

Jiyuu III (Jiyuu)
Faction Yamatai Star Empire
Region Motoyoshi Colonial Sector
Clan of Influence Motoyoshi Clan
Governor Motoyoshi-Ieyasu Tetsuya
Capital City Tokyo
Population 1.2 Billion (YE 43 census)
Senator "Aegle" Health System

The Planet

The Capital World of the Motoyoshi Colonial Sector.

Jiyuu is a beautiful tropical world with a lush, diverse and prolific biosphere. The first colonists to come to the planet, mostly survivors from the destruction of Taiie, referred to the planet as a paradise. Scientists from the Yugumo Corporation completed a biological survey at the end of YE 42; they determined that despite the extreme bombing the planet received at the end of the Second Mishhuvurthyar War, the planet's ecosystem had fully recovered. They also verified that the projects led by Sunflower Corporation had successfully cleaned up the radiological damage done to the city of Tokyo.

(click to enlarge) The city of Tokyo can be seen to scale when enlarged.

Flora of Jiyuu III

The Flora of Jiyuu III is unique and diverse.

The Colonial Zone

A map of the Jiyuu III Colonial Zone. The Colonial Zone is the populated zone of the planet, in YE 42, when Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko returned to Jiyuu, she outlined the region as open for development. The remainder of the planet would remain a large ecological preserve.

Major Cities

Cities listed by size.6)

  1. Himawari/Atarashi Tokyo - Planetary Capital
  2. Hideyo Islands
  3. Yugumo City
  4. Sapporo
  5. Matsue
  6. Fujisawa
  7. Freedom City
  8. Ume City
  9. Toft
  10. Yui's Shrine
  11. Point Himiko

Jiyuu Fleet Depot

Jiyuu Fleet Depot is a huge Star Army of Yamatai planetary base in the Jiyuu System. The purpose of the depot is to serve as a far-eastern hub for Star Army Logistics in the Motoyoshi Colonial Sector.

pile of Star Army cargo


Jiyuu III is connected by PAINT to the rest of the Yamatai Star Empire. As of YE 43, Port Jiyuu is the major transportation HUB in the region. There are Starports located in all major cities except for Yui's Shrine which is only accessible by train and a private landing zone.

The planet is serviced by MagLev trains and all cities have the Tokyo Transportation Infastructure.

The trains were developed originally for use at REDACTED.

Cruising at 330km/hr during normal operation these trains transport personnel and cargo through the city and to other colonies on the planet. In addition to personnel transport cars, there have been flatbed cars added to the trains to assist with the movement of Standard Starship Cargo Containers and other cargo. During emergency or combat conditions the speeds of the trains can be increased to 440km/hr. The passenger cars are armored with starship-grade Durandium Alloy.


Jiyuu is the home of 1.2 Billion citizens of the Yamatai Star Empire. The population is a mix of Minkan, Nekovalkyrja, Lorath, Human and Nepleslian.


RP Opportunities

Some Roleplay Ideas.

Local Rumors

Maybe true, maybe not.

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安純 means “restful and pure” in Yamataigo (邪馬台語).
天照 means “shining over heaven”in Yamataigo (邪馬台語).
慶 means “prosperity” and to be “delighted” in Yamataigo (邪馬台語)
means “Chrysanthemum of the sea”in Yamataigo (邪馬台語)
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