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Motoyoshi Colonial Sector

The Motoyoshi Colonial Sector refers to both the region of space in the galactic-Eastern frontier of the Kikyo Sector and the Imperialist State of the Yamatai Star Empire under the governance of the Motoyoshi Clan that became recognized in YE 43.

Local Star Map

History and Background

The Fifth Expeditionary Fleet originally mapped and colonized the region in YE 30, it was only shortly under the flag of the Yamatai Star Empire before it was usurped into the United Outer Colonies, which failed due to corruption and the Second Mishhuvurthyar War.1).

The Motoyoshi Colonial Sector was officially named in YE 43 and was previously referred to as the Yugumo Cluster. It was named in regard to the Motoyoshi Clan which returned to the region in YE 41 to promote and cultivate stability and continues to cultivate the Yamatai Star Empire claimed regions as an Imperialist State under their rule.

Natural Features and Territorial Boundaries

The Motoyoshi Colonial Sector's natural boundaries are the northern fringes of the Yugumo Nebula to the north along the Kingdom of Neshaten border, then south to the Tange System and Miyamae System. The Ayumi Nebula to the south and southwest, as well as the old Fifth Expeditionary Fleet defense line that runs up just to the west of Mitsuya System and the Yuuki System (E-6) with the Akuro Nebula forming the northwestern boundary.

The Nebulae

The Motoyoshi Colonial Sector includes the Akuro Nebula, Yugumo Nebula, Ayumi Nebula. The Creepy Passage provides a natural, useful covert transit corridor through the Akuro Nebula and Yugumo Nebula. The Misato's Passage provides a transit corridor from the Tange System to the Miyamae System through the Ayumi Nebula.

Star Systems

Regional Governments

The New Motoyoshi Bakufu Logo The Motoyoshi Bakufu3), also known as the Imperialist Regional Government of the Motoyoshi Colonial Sector was formed in YE 43. The government is a clan-appointed body that consists of the planetary governors of the worlds claimed by the Yamatai Star Empire, other local leaders, and is led by the planetary governor of Jiyuu III4). They are responsible for the creation of regional laws, and management of local government departments, and serve as a unified voice for their citizens. They often cooperate with the elected Senators to the Senate of Yamatai to ensure the views of their constituents are properly represented.

Emphasis was placed on this body in YE 44 following the resignation of Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko as the Imperial Premier and her report of United Outer Colonies-like liberal politics being represented in the Senate of Yamatai by Iemochi Seinosuke.5)6)7) It triggered the body of the regional government to begin seeking protection and identification as an Imperial State devoted to the ideals of the Yamatai Star Empire under the rule of Empress. Politicians inside of the government have also tried to stress the threat of liberal politics in the region due to the connection to Tange terrorism.

Independant Governance of Mitsuya and Miyamae

Miyamae System and Mitsuya System both have small planetary governments which frequently interact with the other powers in the region.

Major Corporations

Corporate Entities operating in the region include:

The Presence of the Star Army of Yamatai

The Star Army of Yamatai has Expeditionary Fleets that operate in this region:

The First Expeditionary Fleet has its headquarters at Gemini Star Fortress in the Jiyuu System.

As of YE 44, the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet has its homeport at Gemini Star Fortress in the Jiyuu System and shares the First Expeditionary Fleet Bases.


See Culture in the Motoyoshi Colonial Sector for more information on the culture of this region of the Yamatai Star Empire.


The Region is connected to the rest of the Yamatai Star Empire by PAINT. It is operated by the Yugumo Corporation.

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