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Mitsuya System

The Mitsuya System is a neutral and Independent star system located in the Motoyoshi Colonial Sector.

The System was named after the Mitsuya tributary family of the Motoyoshi Clan. A notable member of this tributary was Motoyoshi Saito.

Mitsuya means β€œThree Arrows” in Yamataigo (ι‚ͺ馬台θͺž).


The System Flag for the neutral Mitsuya System.


The Mitsuya System is one of many that was surveyed and claimed for the Yamatai Star Empire by the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet in YE 29. The system was ideal due to it having two naturally life-supporting worlds, which is rare in the Kikyo Sector.

The YSS Yugumo II, a Takumi-Class Expeditionary Command Cruiser from the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet led a joint exploration mission, with the Lorath Self Defense Force to Mitsuya in early YE 30.1) The second planet in the system was colonized by the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet shortly after. A Katsuko-Class Colony Installation was placed on the surface.

Later in YE 30, the Mitsuya System joined the short-lived nation of the United Outer Colonies like most of the systems in the Yugumo Cluster. Mochizuki Ayumi was elected as the system's representative in the Government of the United Outer Colonies.2)

The UCS Vanguard led another exploration mission to the Mitsuya System in YE 30 to investigate secondary colony sites. 3)

In YE 31, with the outbreak of the Second Mishhuvurthyar War, the United Outer Colonies Peacekeeping Forces established a military base on the second planet. The rest of the colony's population was evacuated that same year.

The year after the establishment of the United Outer Colonies Peacekeeping Forces base, the First Battle Of Mitsuya occurred in the sixth month of YE 32. Lord Sprufnikkamazzar ordered an attack on the United Outer Colonies at the Mitsuya System. His orders were to attack the population, take captives, and leave the system without holding it. The NMX 17th Fleet, under the command of Tthugornaigh 4) on the XSS Perseverance 5), led the offensive. The engagement was short as that the United Outer Colonies Peacekeeping Forces in the system were caught off guard.6)

Nearly a year later in the Second Battle Of Mitsuya, the Mitsuya System was attacked again by a combined force of the Sfrarabla Mishhuvurthyar Xhrafuklurp (SMX) and NMX. Most of the United Outer Colonies Peacekeeping Forces survivors were evacuated by the YSS Eucharis and Task Force Torch. The YSS Eucharis and Task Force Torch returned to Yamatai Star Empire territory after the battle.7)

In YE 35 the Scientific Studies Service (SSS) deployed a Bisen Lighthouse on the surface of the second planet at the request of the Star Army of Yamatai.

The System briefly fell under the control of the Lorath Matriarchy in YE 36, but no developments were made in the system. When the majority of the Lorath Matriarchy left in Project Checkout in YE 39, the system became Independent again as that the Yamatai Star Empire had no interest in the abandoned war-torn system.

As of YE 43 the system remains mostly abandoned, the Bisen Lighthouse is still in place on Mitsuya II. In their discussions, Motoyoshi-Igarashi Yuka of the Yugumo Corporation and Kai Kenshin of Ryu Keiretsu discussed possible opportunities in the Mitsuya System during the formal meetings between their companies. 8)

The Mitsuya System

The astronomical bodies of the Mitsuya System.

The Mitsuya Star

The heart of the system.

The Mitsuya Star
System Registry Motoyoshi-K-102
Star Name Mitsuya
Type K (Spectral Class)
Surface Temperature 4,500 K
Average Mass (Yamatai Comparison) 0.8
Yerkes Luminosity Type V
Number of Planets 5

Mitsuya I

Mitsuya I is a rocky terrestrial world that suffers from its near-star position in the system. It is extremely hot and is known for its violent volcanic activity. At one time there was an automated lava pump mining facility on this planet that was operated by the United Outer Colonies. It has not been operational since YE 32.

Mitsuya I has no moons.

Mitsuya II

Mitsuya II is a Yamatai (Planet)-like life-supporting terrestrial world. The planet suffered some ecological damage during the extreme bombings during the First Battle Of Mitsuya and the Second Battle Of Mitsuya. The bombed-out remains of the United Outer Colonies Colony of Kioku no Seijin (Memory of Seijin) still exist on the planet which have been undisturbed since YE 33. There is a Bisen Lighthouse which is staffed by the Scientific Studies Service (SSS) which was placed in YE 35.

Mitsuya II has one unamed moon Mitsuya IIA.

Mitsuya III

Mitsuya III is a terrestrial planet and is classified as a water world. It is life-supporting but not yet colonized. 99% of the planet's surface is covered in water, with 26% of that being ice. The United Outer Colonies briefly had water mining and aquaculture facilities on the planet until YE 32 when it was abandoned. The abandoned facilities remain undisturbed on the surface. The majority of the water covered world has not been explored or surveyed.

Mitsuya III has two unnamed moons; Mitsuya IIIA and Mitsuya IIIB.

Mitsuya IV

Mitsuya IV is a methane giant, a blue-green world with massive planetary rings. Not much else is known about this planet.

Mitsuya IV has seven unnamed moons; Mitsuya IVA through Mitsuya IVG.

Mitsuya V

Mitsuya V is a terrestrial ice planet with a thin carbon dioxide atmosphere. It has not been explored.


The Mitsuya System is only reachable by starship or other spacecraft.


The only inhabitants of the planets in this system currently is the crew of the Bisen Lighthouse on the second planet.


The Characters that are located here:9)

Nothing found

RP Opportunities

  • Start an Independent plot here.
  • Visit the Bisen Lighthouse on Mitsuya II.
  • Explore the ruins of the Kioku no Seijin (Memory of Seijin) Colony.
  • Sail the untamed seas of Mitsuya III.

Local Rumors

Maybe True, Maybe not.

  • There is a sentient aquatic species living on Mitsuya III.
  • The abandoned Kioku no Seijin (Memory of Seijin) Colony has hidden treasures.

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