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Frontier Starport

The Frontier Starport was originally introduced in YE 32 as a standard facility complex for the Star Army of Yamatai. It was updated in YE 44.

Frontier Starport
Frontier Starport Cinematic Shot
Year of Creation YE 32
Designer Ketsurui Zaibatsu, Ketsurui Fleet Yards
Nomenclature Ke-P6-2A
Manufacturer Ketsurui Fleet Yards
Fielded by Star Army of Yamatai and Yamatai Star Empire
Availability Limited Production, As Needed.
Price Starting at 220,000,000 KS1)

History and Background

Original YE 32 Frontier Starport Old DOGA Is by Wes.The Frontier Starport was first developed by the Fourth Fleet of the Star Army of Yamatai in YE 32, while they were fortifying their hold on the Bard Cluster region of the Yamatai Star Empire. The design has since grown in popularity, and has become a standard for starports across the Yamatai Star Empire; they are used by both the military and civilians. The Frontier Starport design was given an update in YE 44, with plans to have all facilities updated by the middle or end of YE 45.


The Frontier Starport is not a pre-fabricated base, but rather a group of pre-fabricated structures and common designs. It is designed to be built as quickly as possible and brought operational in a timely manner. The design is consistent from location to location with some minor variations and customizations occasionally thrown in due to local requests. 2)


Each Frontier Starport should have a Star Army Communications Specialist assigned to be the contact for the starport.

Terminal Complex and Control Tower

The main building at the Frontier Starport is the Terminal Complex and Control Tower.

Terminal Complex and Control Tower
Nomenclature Ke-P6-M4400
Damage Rating Tier 15
Level Description
B Underground Cargo Facility, Systems Area, Connections to Landing Area Maintenance Bays
G Customs Enforcement, Cargo Handling and Elevators to Underground Cargo
1 Civilian and Star Army of Yamatai Terminals, Civilian and Star Army of Yamatai Power Armor Bays, Restaurants and Services
2 Star Army Emergency Services, Autonomous Medical Treatment Center
3 Starport Crew Residence and Support
4 Control Tower

Underground Cargo Facility

Cargo Lifts from the ground level deliver Cargo to the underground cargo facility. Star Army Logistics organizes the inspection, storage and distribution of Cargo that arrives at the facility. The cargo elevator can handle Standard Starship Cargo Containers up to SSCC Large.

Maximum capacity of the underground cargo facility would theoretically be one hundred SSCC Large or assortments of Standard Starship Cargo Containers of smaller sizes to that same volume.

Systems Area

The underground Systems area contains all subsystems for the Starport. It also has a Standard Computer Room that houses the Starport's MEGAMI.

Connections to Landing Area Maintenance Bays

Underground tunnels connect the Terminal Complex and Control Tower to the Underground Maintenance facilities beneath the landing area.

Civilian and Star Army Terminal Facilities

A comfortable terminal facility for the Star Army of Yamatai and civilians. The terminals have flight information for PAINT as well as any Star Army of Yamatai ships that are arriving or departing the facility. It features a comfortable polished gray and periwinkle blue color scheme, with ferns and other decorative plans and comfortable chairs for those waiting for flights.

PAINT ticket offices and information booths are located in the terminal. There is also a small area for personal luggage that is off loaded from crafts which is cycled on conveyor belts and secure storage lockers are available for those who don't want to carry their luggage around during layovers.

Passengers are welcome to connect to SYNC or PANTHEON depending on their access level. Various dining options and services are offered to passengers.

Common Services

Common Dining Options

Power Armor Bays

Emergency Services

Star Army Emergency Services have their operations office for starport on the second level. It also includes a Autonomous Medical Treatment Center designed to handle most medical emergencies at the starport. A small number of Hemosynthetic Reconstruction Tube are also placed in these facilities. A very small full-time staff of Doctors and Medics are usually on duty as well.

Starport Crew Residences and Support

Control Tower

On the very top level of the complex is the control tower. It serves as the command center for the entire starport and also handles all flight control and communications functions for arriving and departing vessels. The Control tower also usually coordinates with local Yomawari-Class NavComm Buoy to ensure proper information about the region is transmitted.

The control tower is manned similarly to a starship bridge, including a command chair for the Starport's Commander.

The control tower has priority access to the Starport's MEGAMI and its integrated suite of sensors and the Star Army Standard Communications Array.

Landing Area and Underground Maintenance Bays

The operations area of the Frontier Starport.

Landing Area and Underground Maintenance Bays
Nomenclature Ke-P6-M4401
Level Description
Damage Rating Tier 15
G Landing Platforms and Tarmac Services
B Underground Maintenance Bays

Landing Area

A large tarmac area consisting of eight landing platforms, staging areas as well as transit lanes that accommodate the arriving and departing starships. In YE 44 the previously installed anti-gravity systems were upgraded and Scalable Graviton Beam Projector Array were added to assist damaged ships with positioning control.

Star Army Emergency Services runs ground control operations for firefighting and medical response when required.

Underground Maintenance Bays and Hangars

Underground FacilitiesEach of the eight landing platforms is equipped with an elevator designed to bring the craft down to the underground maintenance bays and then back up to the surface. These underground maintenance bays serve as small shipyards for smaller Star Army of Yamatai vessels; generally the Plumeria-class (2E) Medium Gunship or smaller landing capable ships and small craft. Star Army Technician, Ketsurui Fleet Yards Technicians as well as Technicians from Yugumo Fleetworks are generally present at most Starports.

The dimensions of each underground bay are 325m long x 250m wide x 125m tall.

Additional sheltered cargo elevators and Cargo transit corridors lead to the main underground cargo facility. This was upgraded in YE 44, as the previous YE 32 build had the cargo divided into four underground cargo facilities instead of one central one.


The following defensive systems protect the Frontier Starport.

YE 44 upgrade:

YE 32 version:

Starport Standard Vehicle Compliment

Fukuro-Class ShuttleSmall craft units are stored in an underground hangar facility at the south end of the landing area. They have elevators to transport them to the surface for launch and recovery.

Ground Units

Standard Sub-Systems

Frontier Starports are equipped with the following subsystems.

Armored Building and Integrated Armor Systems

The buildings are composed of a Zesuaium frame with interlocking Yamataium plating. Interior compartments are coated in Yarvex. Xiulurium coating is applied to reduce sensor signatures to make base structures harder to detect by enemy craft.

  • Advanced Damage Control - Ketsurui Fleet Yards brought in Hemosynthologist, Shinichiro Tomoko onto the design team to testbed a new capillary system for the interlocking Yamataium hull. Standardly Star Army of Yamatai ships have capillaries which deliver hemosynth to interlocking Yamataium plating which boosts the annealing properties of Yamataium . In the update design the system has a tweak where the femtomachinery components are programmed to respond to osmotic conditions. A breach or damage to the armor creates a concentration gradient, which the fetomachinery is triggered to increase replication and flow along the gradient towards the damaged areas.

Power Systems

The Starport is equipped with several decentralized Aether powerplants. An integrated capacitor system includes up to three days of emergency power as a backup system. There are also interfaces for portable aether generators in the event it is required.

Electronics System

The Frontier Starport is equipped with a MEGAMI level PANTHEON suite with a fully array of integrated sensor systems and a Star Army Standard Communications Array.

A KAIMON-Prime Gate system is provided for civilian use and gateways to SYNC. It also serves as a backup in the event MEGAMI is damaged or inoperable.

Life Support and Emergency Systems

OOC Notes

This page was originally created by Wes on 2011/06/18 12:23. Andrew updated this article on 2022/11/14 15:58.

  • Original DOGA Art by Wes.
  • LSTV Art by Kai
  • Starport Interiors and Cinematic shot done in Midjourney by Andrew.
  • Fukuro-Class Shuttle illustration is a commissioned artwork by Adam Kop.
  • Update approved by Wes on 2022/11/17.3)
Star Army Logistics
Supply ClassificationClass N - MISC
First UsedYE 32
Last ReviewYE 44
Places of the SARPiverse
Place Categoriesmilitary facility

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