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Yuuko's Undies

Yuuko's Undies is usually a fancy store with purple interior walls and decorated with neon green lights all over the place, with glowing stands that hold all sorts of cute, sexy, and fancy undergarments for ladies. There's usually some rave-type dance music playing lowly in the background. The saleswomen are often exotically dressed, with wild, colorful hair.

Simple Panty5 KSFull CoverageCotton
Lovely Undies10 KSLow-Cut panty with heart pattern (animal patterns also available)Cotton
Mesh Panties15 KSLow-Cut, somewhat see-throughStretchy
Boyshort15 KSBoyshort-style pantyStretchy
Thong15 KSThongStretchy
Hipster15 KSHipster-style pantyStretchy
Security Panty75 KSZaps hands if the little heart on the front isn't pushed before removal.Lace
Bliss Panty100 KSRemote control low-noise high intensity massager. 5 year battery life.Cotton
Open Panty25 KSHas an opening in the bottom for a sexy feel and easy accessLace
Lovely Simple Bra40 KSStandard, no underwire with heart patternCotton
Bra40 KSFront-ReleaseLace
Stockings20 KSThigh-HighStretchy
Fancy Stockings30 KSThigh-High, lacedStretchy
Fishnet Stockings20 KSThigh-HighStretchy

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