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Yomawari-Class NavComm Buoy

The Yomawari-Class Navigation and Communication (NavComm) Buoy is a navigational aid and communications relay system launched by the Yugumo Corporation in YE 43.

Yomawari (夜警) means “Night Watchman” in Yamataigo (邪馬台語).

History and Background

In YE 43, the Yugumo Corporation wanted to start an initiative to make transit through the Kikyo Sector, especially in the Motoyoshi Colonial Sector for civilians as well as their own corporate fleet. The hope was to create a multi-purpose navigational buoy that could provide transit information, warnings, and access to news networks for ships traveling through various star systems and areas of space. The system would also assist with the relay of communications to those vessels with limited communications range and to provide signal boosting.

The Yugumo Corporation also offered the systems to Sunavi Corporation to assist with their transport operations. The Yugumo Corporation also allows the Star Army of Yamatai access to the buoys that it controls.1)

Common Placements

These buoys are generally placed in the following areas:

  • At the edge Star Systems and borders.
  • In nebulas where there are gas mining or other resource extraction processes in effect.
  • In asteroid belts marking the edges of resource claims and prospecting zones.
  • To mark the frequently used transit corridors, spacelanes, and cargo lines.
  • To mark in transit hazards such as wrecks, debris fields, battlefields, and hostile areas.
  • In orbital systems, staging areas, etc.

About the Yomawari-Class NavComm Buoy

Yomawari-Class NavComm Buoy
Year Released YE 43
Designer: Yu-O1-1A
Nomenclature: None
Manufacturer: Yugumo Corporation
Brand: Yugumo Fleetworks
Fielded by: Yugumo Corporation, Sunavi Corporation, Yamatai Star Empire, Civilian Market
Damage Rating (Version 3) Tier 4
Production Level Mass Production
Pricing 12,500KS


This is an automated buoy with no crew or ability to support an occupant.


The dimensions of this buoy.

  • Length: 1.5 meters
  • Width: 1.8 meters
  • Height: 3 meters

Propulsion and Range

The general performance data for this NavComm buoy.

  • Sublight Engines: 0.15c
  • Range: Theoretically Unlimited
  • Lifespan: 50 years
  • Refit Cycle: Every 5 years or as needed.


The Yomawari-Class NavComm Buoy is a small compact, tower-shaped buoy with a stout base where its engines are located. It has the typical Yūzuki2) paint job associated with the Yugumo Fleetworks Design Ethos.


The Yomawari-Class NavComm buoy is generally seen deployed in-networks where they perform their task in-network with other buoys of the same design. They are positioned by ships owned by the Yugumo Corporation, Sunavi Corporation and are open for purchase on the civilian market.

The buoy provides the following information:

  • Provides positioning and navigational data, local time, and date.
  • Provides telemetry data for local interstellar objects,
  • Provides warnings about other hazards;
    • such as hostile forces in the area, pirate activity, debris fields, war zones, etc.
  • Provides access to KAIMON, SYNC and civilian level PANTHEON for those with authorized access.
  • Updated sensor scans of an area.

When located at the edge of Star Systems it also provides:

  • Local government information.
  • In-system navigational data such as speed limits and accepted spacelanes.
  • Information about local starports, space-stations, and other destinations.
  • Local communications frequencies and channels.

The systems transmit data in Trade (language) and Yamataigo (邪馬台語).

They also can serve as a booster or relay for communications using their integrated systems included with KAIMON.


The subsystems and construction of this buoy.

Hull Construction

The hull and frame of the Yomawari-Class NavComm Buoy are made of Durandium Alloy. Its inner systems bay is lined with Yarvex and Yarvex Foam.

Power Systems

The buoy utilizes a small quantum foam generator and capacitor system. It also has a backup solar sail system that can be deployed if that system becomes damaged.

Electronics Suite

The Yomawari-Class NavComm Buoy is equipped with KAIMON-Gate along with its integrated communications and sensor systems.

Propulsion Systems

This NavComm buoy is equipped with a small set of Hoshi III Series Multi-stage Turbo Plasma Drives as well as Maneuvering Thrusters (ion thrusters) that are used primarily for attitude adjustment, docking, and station keeping.

Electromagnetic Shielding

The NavComm buoy uses basic electromagnetic shielding to project a bubble around itself for protection against collisions with debris, low-level basic attacks, and interference. The system is not designed for combat, it just provides basic protections against the hazards of space.

Anti-Tamper Systems

This NavComm buoy has anti-tamper systems which are designed to destroy the buoy and its internal systems through an overload of the power generator, or through integrated explosive charges if the main power system is offline and the buoy is compromised.

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Products & Items Database
Product Categoriesmiscellaneous
Product NameYomawari-Class NavComm Buoy
ManufacturerYugumo Corporation, Yugumo Fleetworks
Year ReleasedYE 43
Price (KS)12 ,500.00 KS

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