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Yugumo Corporation Titles and Organization

In YE 41, when Yugumo Corporation was formed, the Kaisha (Corporation)'s Kaichō originally used legacy Motoyoshi Hanei Kaisha. However, in YE 42, it was established that new titles would be assigned within the corporate structure.


Yugumo Corporation titles for management and employees are based on Japanese Corporate Titles. Those for Yugumo Keisatsu officers are based on Japanese Law Enforcement Ranks. Ranks and ratings for the Merchant Spacy are adaptations of standard Seafarer's Professions and Ranks.

Senior Management

The top management group, comprising jōmu and above is often referred to collectively as “senior management” (幹部 or 重役; kambu or juyaku in Yamataigo (邪馬台語):

Trade (language) Yamataigo (邪馬台語) Insignia Equivalent SAoY Pay Grade
Chairman Kaicho (会長) Kaicho Rank Insignia Taisho
Vice chairman Fuku-kaicho (副会長) Fuku-Kaicho Rank Insignia Chujo
President Shachō (社長) Shacho Rank Insignia Shôshô
Senior Executive Vice President Fuku-shachō (副社長) Fuku-Shacho Rank Insignia Taisa
Executive Vice President Senmu (専務) Senmu Rank Insignia Chusa
Senior Vice President Jōmu (常務) Jomu Rank Insignia Shosa


The Kaichō (Chairman) of the corporation is the head of the Motoyoshi Clan; the Kaicho also serves as the official founder of the corporation in official matters.


Those closest to, and whose council is most trusted by are named Fuku-Kaichō (Vice Chairman) of Yugumo Corporation. They wield considerable influence, and are considered to be speaking for the Kaichō in their absence.


The Shachō (President) handles the day to day business of Yugumo Corporation or one of its subsidiaries or ventures, and acts on behalf of the Kaichō where needed. The Shachō is responsible for all of the Divisions of the company. The head of a particular subunit is referred to as a Shachō even if they possess a higher rank within Yugumo Corporation as a whole.


Fuku-Shachō are generally direct assistant executives to the higher echelons, or oversee day-to-day operations of the company as a whole, through their supervision of the Senmu and Jōmu.


Senmu oversee entire divisions of a company or are the first line assistants to the Shachō. This level of organization is not seen in smaller subsidiaries, and most senmu work at Yugumo Corporation itself, rather than in its subunits.


Jōmu are responsible for overseeing the day to day operations of all of the Bu within a division. Much like the Senmu, only the largest units under Yugumo Corporation have this level of organization.

Lower Management

Lower management are more involved in the supervision of individual employees and day-to-day operations than executive strategy, although Bucho and higher ranked personnel are shikko yakuin (執行役員), or officers of the company.

Trade (language) Yamataigo (邪馬台語) Insignia Equivalent SAoY Pay Grade
Vice president Buchō (部長) Bucho Rank Insignia Taii
Junior vice president Jichō (次長) Jicho Rank Insignia Chui
Section head Kachō (課長) Kacho Rank Insignia Shoi
Team Leader Kakarichō (係長) Kakaricho Rank Insignia Shoi Kohosei


The Buchō (General Managers) handle the Bu (Departments) of the company. The Buchō report to the Jōmu if their company has them, otherwise, they report to the Shachō.


Jichō directly assist Buchō by overseeing the day to day management of all of the Ka (sections) beneath the Bu (Department), and supervise the Section Leaders below them. They are only found in larger units such as Yugumo Corporation itself.


The Kachō (Section Leaders) lead the Ka (sections) of the Bu (departments).


Kakarichō (Team Leaders) are entry level executives who are typically project managers on teams within the sections.


Line supervisors without executive authority and are called shunin (主任). They are ranked according to their years of seniority.

Trade (language) Yamataigo (邪馬台語) Insignia Equivalent SAoY Pay Grade
Superior Chief Jōtō Shunin (上等主任) Jōtō Shunin Rank Insignia Jôtô Heisho
First-Class Chief Ittō Shunin (一等主任) Ittō Shunin Rank Insignia Ittô Heisho
Second-Class Chief Nitō Shunin (二等主任) Nitō Shunin Rank Insignia Nitô Heisho
Third-Class Chief Santō Shunin (三等主任) Santō Shunin Rank Insignia No SAoY equvalent. Pay is same as prior grade. Most employees of this rank are management interns.


Employees without management or supervisory responsibilities are referred to as shain (社員), and primarily differentiated by years of seniority:

Trade (language) Yamataigo (邪馬台語) Insignia Equivalent SAoY Pay Grade
Superior Staff Jōtō Shain (上等社員) Jōtō Shain Rank Insignia Jôtô Hei
First-Class Staff Ittō Shain (一等社員) Ittō Shain Rank Insignia Ittô Hei
Second-Class Staff Nitō Shain (二等社員) Nitō Shain Rank Insignia Nitô Hei
Third-Class Staff Santō Shain (三等社員) Santō Shain Rank Insignia Santô Hei
Fourth-Class Staff Yontō Shain (四等社員) Yontō Shain Rank Insignia Yontô Hei

Keisatsu Officers

The Yugumo Keisatsu has their own rank structure. It is based on equivalent ranks, as above, with identical pay grades.

Merchant Spacy

The Yugumo Merchant Spacy has its own titles and organization tied to these ranks and pay grades. They are used by captains in the Yugumo Corporate Fleet as well as those working for Takeda Fleet.


Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko is the Kaichō of Yugumo Corporation and all of its subsidiaries and ventures. Her closest confidants and partners take the role of Fuku-Kaichō. Each individual subsidiary or venture is operated by a Shachō who is nominally in charge of that company but must defer to the Kaichō and Fuku-Kaichō. It is of note that the head of a particular subsidiary or venture are referred to as “Shachō” in that capacity, even if they possess one of the higher ranks in Yugumo Corporation as a whole. Buchō and above are considered officers of their company who make strategic decisions independently, and have broad authority where they are not given specific instruction by senior personnel.

Rank Insignia

Yugumo Corporation rank pins are issued in pairs. They are made of etched and enameled Osmiridium and feature nanocircuitry with the individual's Yugumo Corporation identification and psychometric and biometric checksums, and are thus unique to the individual. They are not sold on the market, but cost 500 KS to have manufactured. Reissues for losses that were not incurred in the line of duty will be debited from the individual's pay. An individual may purchase extra rank pins at cost from the company.

Keisatsu Badge

Made of similar materials and having the same nanocircuitry, a Keisatsu Badge also has the officer's badge number visibly engraved on the front. They cost 700 KS to have manufactured, and have similar replacement policies as rank insignia. However, an officer cannot purchase extra badges.

OOC Notes

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  • Rank Pins, Security Badge, Branch Patches, and Yugumo Corporation Logo by Yuuki.
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