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Yugumo Keisatsu

The Yugumo Keisatu are the security force for the Yugumo Corporation. They also provide security for the Motoyoshi Clan. Their organization was founded in YE 43.

Yūgumo (夕雲) means “Evening Clouds” in Yamataigo (邪馬台語). Keisatsu(警察) means “Police” in Yamataigo (邪馬台語).

History and Background

With the expansion of the Yugumo Corporation operations in early YE 43 and the construction of Port Jiyuu , it was decided that the corporation needed a dedicated security force to handle law enforcement and protecton duties in their facilities. The project was led by Motoyoshi-Ieyasu Tetsuya as one of his first corporate contributions after becoming a Shachō. Being a veteran of the Star Army of Yamatai and part of the Star Army Reserve, Tetsuya saw this as an ideal opportunity for others who were in the Star Army Reserve to have gainful employment in their post-Star Army of Yamatai careers and had the Yugumo Workers Federation gear their Human Resources towards recruitment of reservists and retired and former Yamatai National Police personnel.

During the project planning, Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko and Motoyoshi-Ieyasu Taro stepped in with a request for an elite division to be formed to provide protection services for the Motoyoshi Clan. The result would be a departure from the traditional samurai attachments, but a modern elite protection force that could provide services to the upper echelons of the Motoyoshi Clan that were not serving in the Star Army of Yamatai.


Information about the Yugumo Keisatsu.

Established YE 43
Headquarters Port Jiyuu
Faction Yamatai Star Empire
Parent Organization Yugumo Corporation and the Motoyoshi Clan
Leadership Shacho Rank Insignia Shachō Motoyoshi-Ieyasu Tetsuya
Rank Structure Yugumo Keisatsu Titles and Organization

Motoyoshi Keibi

The Motoyoshi Keibi are the elite security force devoted to the protection of the members of the Motoyoshi Clan. They are generally selected from the best recruits that apply for positions in the Yuugumo Keisatsu. Most recruits here are active Star Army Reserve, so they possess many of the Star Army Common Skills and have trained in the Martial Arts, often Sora-Mai or another form.

They often forego the usual Type 43 Yugumo Corporation Uniforms in favor of similarly structured tailored1) black suits that are custom cut to allow for an increased freedom of movement in comparison to a normal business suit or a signature black mandarin-style dress with garter-style holster. The Dataweave integration allows for the same electronics integrations as the normal uniform. During times of high alert, or during field deployment they do wear MYPAT gear. They wear a lapel-style pin with the mon of the Motoyoshi Clan on it.

The Motoyoshi Keibi standardly carry the Yugumo E2 Energy Pistol and a katana. They sometimes wear dark sunglasses with KAIMON connected HUD enhancements. For particularly sensitive protective details, they are more heavily armed, as are threat response teams.


Their detachment office is located in Asagumo-jo.

General Security Force

The General Security Force of the Yugumo Keisatsu provides security for Yugumo Corporation facilities and ships. They are trained in basic combat and are often members of the Star Army Reserve that were recruited by the Yugumo Workers Federation. They perform patrols, guard key locations such as KAIMON chambers, and provide protection services for employees of the Yugumo Corporation. They are capable of performing basic investigation services but report to the Motoyoshi Keibi. They often are involved in anti-pirate operations for the corporation as well, in which case they are more heavily armed, with some even equipped with power armor.

They wear the standard Type 43 Yugumo Corporation Uniforms with a numbered Osmiridium badge2) instead of the corporate logo, and a black Brassard on their shoulder with the Yamataigo (邪馬台語) for the name of their organization. They are armed with a Yugumo E2 Energy Pistol, and additional security and police gear.

Their headquarters is located in the Red Sector of Port Jiyuu with several detachment offices in Asagumo City, Tokyo and other key locations in the Motoyoshi Colonial Sector.

Merchant Spacy Kaihei

Keisatsu personnel assigned to shipboard duty are called the Kaihei (Yamataigo: 海兵), which roughly translates into Trade as “Marines.” They have unique titles for their rank structure.

Yugumo Keisatsu Resources

Resources for the Yugumo Keisatsu.


Facilities include:


Ships Included:

Notable Personnel

Notable Personnel in the Yugumo Keisatsu.

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with the same encrypted biometric nanocircuitry as the rank pins

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