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Juugoya Cooperative

The Juugoya Cooperative is an agricultural products corporation originally formed in early YE 35, composed of primarily Jiyuuian farmer sharecropping collectives based on Anisa System, as well as having sister operations on other planets across Yamataiian space with significant refugee populations – most notably Jiyuu III. It has since expanded rapidly to all corners of the empire, and quickly become a household name in supplying quality foodstuffs to civilian and military customers alike… largely due to its patriotic marketing tactics and commitment to quality (as well as having significant political pull with Jiyuu Senator Mochizuki Shiori). Originally a division of Peacekeeper Heavy Industries, it recently became the main agricultural product development arm of the greater Yugumo Corporation.

Company Statistics
Established YE 35
Motto “Feeding the Fight”
Director Yoshimura Hosaku
Parent Company Yugumo Corporation
Associated Faction Yamatai Star Empire
HeadQuarters Jiyuu III
Nomenclature ID JGC

About the Juugoya Cooperative

Originally one of numerous startups formed as direct result of the rapid expansion of farming cities and arable land authorized by the Senate of Yamatai in YE 34. By YE 37, it had absorbed many of its smaller competing rivals into a larger conglomerate that was able to finally grow beyond the borders of its home system and begin to supply the empire at large with bulk foodstuffs that were sustainably grown and also supported a good cause, as a portion of the profits were shared with the Jiyuuian refugee populations across the empire struggling to rebuild their lives. In YE 38, it became an official division of Peacekeeper Heavy Industries, bringing its farming expertise and much needed jobs back to the homeland to assist with raising food domestically for the burgeoning population of Jiyuu III, as well becoming an official supplier of ingredients used in the Star Army Field Rations, Type 38 for the Star Army of Yamatai.

When parent company PHI was consolidated back into the Motoyoshi Hanei Kaisha in YE 41, the more agricultural-focused Juugoya division was turned into a subsidiary of the greater Yugumo Corporation, and moved it's main corporate headquarters from Anisa to Jiyuu III. This would allow them to focus more heavily on managing the burgeoning farming operations centered around the refugee-built city of Atarashi Tokyo, as well as creating a research arm to develop new methodologies and technology for ensuring that the Yugumo cluster is as self-sufficient as possible in feeding its people (and by extension the fighting force of First Expeditionary Fleet).

It was also later that year when news of the disastrous Battle of Hanako's Star hit SYNC, that the shrewd CEO of the Cooperative remembered the old saying that “obstacles can be opportunities”. This tragic loss of a large portion of the Yamatai breadbasket created an opening for his uniquely placed organization to make a bold move to gain significant market share while also maintaining the company's patriotic, feel-good rhetoric. Marketing teams worked overtime to rebrand the company's motto into a catchy new ad campaign, and, sponsored by a sizeable government grant from the Senate Subcommittee on Agriculture (pushed by Senator Mochizuki Shiori), acquired media rights to broadcast it far and wide and inspire loyal consumers and a potential new generation of share-croppers to “Feed the Fight!” against the Kuvexians with Juugoya.


The company's new headquarters is officially on Jiyuu III, which was the company's first expansion primarily centered around developing and exploiting the relatively untouched arable land near Atarashi (New) Tokyo. It employs nearly 50 million in the production of various staple foodstuffs, as well as a heavy emphasis on fishing & aquaculture due to the proximity to the Motoyoshi Channel. Most of its food production is kept within the immediate Yugumo cluster rather than exported, in order to meet the growing needs of its population and the First Expeditionary Fleet via supplying the nearby Jiyuu Fleet Depot.

Other Facilities

The company directly owns thousands upon thousands of acres of land and water rights on Anisa System that it then rents out to tenant farmers. The main base of operations is in the largest farming city named Tsukimi, where well over 100 million former Jiyuuian refugees are employed under the company's profit sharing cooperative. Much of its food is exported through the local White Harbor Station to the rest of the empire via a sizable contract with Trinary Star Shipping, a division of Murasaki Keiretsu.

Juugoya is constantly looking to acquire massive parcels of planetary real estate across the Yamatai Star Empire, upon which it duplicates its successful sharecropping model: a series of purpose-built towns & homesteads that function to both comfortably house and provide work for willing tenant farmers.

As part of the Yugumo Corporation's sustainability initiatives, construction of homesteads has begun on the following worlds around the cluster:

Land rights are being acquired for future expansions on the following planets:


There's no fancy high technology gadgets here! The core of Juugoya's offerings are the basic, essential foodstuffs of the Yamataiian diet (and increasingly others as well), priced at bulk rates and shipped anywhere they are needed. They are a big supplier of kitchens, restaurants, supermarket chains and produce stores, as well as increasingly being used in the Star Army of Yamatai's ship galleys and its Star Army Field Rations, Type 38. They also offer small amounts of direct retail purchasing from participants at the various Farmer's Markets that are sponsored in the corporate towns on local planets where they operate. Though Juugoya recycles most of their spare biomass, they have also been known to offer it to others for sale for energy generation purposes (such as that of Bacterial Charge Pack tech).

Juugoya offers foods such as:

  • Rice (Koshihikari, Bismati, Jasmine, Brown, White, etc.)
  • Beans (Lentils, Chickpeas, Navy, Adzuki, Soybeans/Edamame, etc.) They also make their own Miso.
  • Fresh Fruits (Oranges, Grapes, Apples, Pears, etc.)
  • Fresh Vegetables (Potatoes, Tomatoes, Broccoli, Spinach, Peas, Bok Choy, etc.)
  • Herbs for seasonings
  • Field Honey (from their apiaries)
  • Nuts & Seeds (Sesame, chestnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts, pistachios, etc.)
  • Eggs & Chicken (free-range)
  • Milk (Cow and Goat) & Butter
  • Ham & Bacon
  • Beef (grass-fed)
  • Fish & Shellfish

Future Projects

Development is ongoing to use the nearby islands near Atarashi Tokyo on Jiyuu III for large-scale aquaculture.

Negotiations are underway to expand operations into the largely untapped Nepleslian market, considering the abundance of free land in places like the Nepleslian Colonial Expanse. Most notably among them is Porpoise & Shinjiyuu, of which the CEO has a personal interest due to their high amount of former UOC refugees residing there.

OOC Notes

  • Juugoya (十​五​夜) is the name of the harvest moon viewing time in traditional Yamataiian culture.

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