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YTP Entertainment

YTP Entertainment, or “Yugumo-Tokyo Productions” is a entertainment and record label conglomerate founded in YE 43. It is a venture company of the Yugumo Corporation. It operates and serves as a record label, talent agency, music production company, concert company, product merchant, and music publishing house.

Its creation brought together pop groups from across the Motoyoshi Colonial Sector and the Yamatai Star Empire under the umbrella of a well funded corporate venture to encourage their success in the entertainment industry.

About YTP Entertainment

General Information about the YTP Entertainment Company.

YTP Entertainment
“The Stars of the Yamatai Frontier”
Faction Yamatai Star Empire
Parent Company Yugumo Corporation
Product Symbol Yu
Shacho Rank Insignia Shachō Motoyoshi Kaoru, Motoyoshi Tachiko and Motoyoshi-Igarashi Yue
OOC Managers Andrew

History and Background

In early YE 43, Motoyoshi Kaoru and Motoyoshi Tachiko, the daughters of Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko, came together to collaborate on another venture company for the Yugumo Corporation. They wanted to promote the music they were passionate about, so they assembled a team from within the Yugumo Corporation to form YTP Entertainment. The infamous party girls of the Motoyoshi Clan put the wheels in motion and the Yugumo Corporation came through with the rest. The two sisters even convinced their bookworm sister Motoyoshi Naoko to join them on the project in hopes to bring her out of her shell.

The goal of YTP Entertainment was to provide the investment and future in artists of Yamataian pop and other genres of music. They were quick to pull in some established groups that were already formed and working under other smaller labels and started to work with them to promote and improve their chances of success in the entertainment industry.


YTP Entertainment's Headquarters is located in downtown Asagumo City on Port Jiyuu. It is a sixty-level skyscraper with tinted purple Transparent Durandium windows that overlook the city. Being located in the entertainment district, the building is known for its nighttime use of volumetric light shows and promotions of their concerts and entertainment groups. Its rooftop exclusive nightclub frequently hosts exclusive shows and high-end parties.

In YE 44, the company built a second headquarters in downtown Tokyo since Port Jiyuu will be utilized for colonization.


The company operates the following facilities:


YTP Entertainment shares the corporate structure of the Yugumo Corporation.

Notable Groups

Hit groups and Notable Performers.

YTP Entertainment Notable Groups and Stars
Group/Star Name Founded Home Studio Hit Song
Trouble Nekos Founded in YE 40 Tokyo Production Lab and Recording Studios Tokyo Dream1)
Midnight Infinity Founded in YE 43 Main Production and Recording Studios Lonely2)
N Quiver Founded in YE 43 Yamatai Talent “Burst” Studios I Need You3)
Kumo Smiles Founded in YE 43 Tokyo Production Lab and Recording Studios Terror Girls

Performance and Talent Search Schedule

To be announced.


The company is currently working on several product lines to support fans of their featured groups.

OOC Notes

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