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A Traditional Yamataian Izakaya serving bar snacks and comfort food. Tachi's was founded in YE 42 in the wake of the initial success of Takeda House as a more down-to-earth, everyday concept to complement Takeda House's haute cuisine.

About Tachi's

After Takeda House became an overnight success, filling a void that existed at the highest echelon of dining, Motoyoshi Tachiko decided to enter a different market and chose the humble, but perennial Izakaya. While Takeda House provided an outlet for Tachiko's creative expression, she still desired the simple, hearty pleasure of unpretentious, satisfying food. Yamatai is lousy with izakaya, the traditonal bar and restaurant catering to the Salaryman returning home after a day's work, each one with its own personality and story, and Tachiko was inspired by them to create a new experience.

General Information

Motto “Irasshaimasu! Itadakimasu!”
Shachō and Executive Chef Motoyoshi Tachiko
Headquarters Tokyo, Jiyuu III
Parent Company Yugumo Corporation
Faction Yamatai Star Empire
Product Symbol Iz


Tachi's headquarters is in an adjacent suite of the same office building in Tokyo as Takeda House. They share home office staff.


Tachi's restaurants are modeled after their traditional counterparts. They are small and cozy, usually seating no more than 12-20, with most of the seating at the bar with the open kitchen immediately behind.


Tachi's is structured like any other Yugumo Corporation venture. The company's founder Motoyoshi Tachiko is the Shachō and Executive Chef.


Tachi's menu varies slightly by location and day, but in general serve a broad slice of traditional Yamataian bar and comfort food.


Otsumami (Yamataigo: お摘み) are small snacks. These are served in snack bowls per table of diners or at the bar to share. Otsumami served is cook's fiat.

Price: Included in otōshi (mandatory appetizer/seating fee)

  • Atarime / Ika Ichiya-boshi - Dried squid
  • Ei-hire - dried skate
  • Hijiki Seaweed
  • Various Cheeses
  • Peanuts or other types of nuts (almonds, mixed nuts, etc.)
  • Potato chips or fried potato sticks
  • Arare - crackers made primarily from rice flour with other ingredients
  • Tatami Iwashi - small dried sardines pressed into a cracker-like square form


Sakana (Yamataigo: 肴), also called or Shukō (Yamataigo: 酒肴) are Yamataian snack foods that are eaten as an accompinament to alcohol. This list is representative, but not exhaustive. Many, if not all of these, and others not listed are available most of the time.

Price: 1-2 KS per plate.


Yōshoku (Yamataigo: 洋食) are Yamataian comfort foods. They are more substantial than the bar snacks, and in the evening patrons relaxing after work generally order them after they finish drinking alcohol as the last course. During the day, they make quick and filling lunches for patrons on the go.

Price: 2-5 KS per plate

Bar Menu

Drinks are priced from 1-3 KS each. Entire bottles may be purchased.

  • Beer
    • Draft
    • Bottled
    • Ochahai (green, black, or oolong)
    • Lemon sawā
  • Wine
  • Whisky


Except for the largest locations, Tachi's Izakaya is staffed by a single chef, sometimes with an assistant cook or two, and one to three servers. One or two kitchen assistants help with tables and dishes. Tachi's chefs are paid 25-50,000 KS per year, depending on prior experience, education, and time with the company, as well as the size of the location. An assistant cook makes about half the lower end to middle of that.


Staff at Tachi's wear traditional, deep indigo Samue, with matching Tabi and Zori. Servers and kitchen assistants wear white head scarfs, and chefs and assistant cooks wear a short, tubular, brimless hat that matches the deep indigo of the rest of the clothing. All employees wear white half-aprons with a wide pocket in front.


All sentient, non-management personnel of Tachi's must be members of, and are represented by the Yugumo Workers Federation. The Yugumo Workers Federation ensures that all training and safety regulations are followed, and represents the employees in arbitrating any disputes they may have with Yugumo Corporation. Until YE 44, Tachi's relied heavily on semi-sentient android drones.

Dining at Tachi's

Customers either sit on tatami mats and dine from low tables, as in the traditional Yamataian style or sit on chairs and drink/dine from high-top tables. Tachi's offers a choice of both as well as seating by the bar.

Diners are required to remove their shoes at the entrance. There there are shoe lockers in the entryway for this purpose. When a customer puts their shoes in a locker, they take an electronic key out of the slot in the door and take it to their table as a token to pay.

Once seated, customers are given an oshibori (wet towel) to clean their hands; the towels are cold in summer and hot in winter. Next, a small snack appetizer, called an otōshi, will be served. It costs 2 KS per person. Typically this is a small serving of a dish specially prepared for the purpose that day, and rotates regularly, sometimes during a single day. This is charged onto the bill in lieu of an entry fee.

Food and drink are ordered throughout the course of the session as desired. Food is usually served as it is prepared, brought to the table as they are finished in the kitchen, rather than in the order that they are requested, and some dishes may arrive faster than others, with faster-cooking dishes coming out first, and the bill is added up at the end of the session. Food items are usually shared by everyone at the table. There is no need to order everything at one go, and it is customary to place multiple orders as the evening proceeds.

When ready to leave, a customer takes their shoe-locker-key to the cash register near the exit to pay. The tab is kept with the staff, and they will tally the bill when the customer is ready to pay.

Tachi's offers nomi-hōdai (“all you can drink”) and tabe-hōdai (“all you can eat”) formats as well as à la carte. For a set price per person (15-30 KS), customers can continue ordering as much food and/or drink as they wish, usually with a time limit of two or three hours. The otōshi fee is waived for customers purchasing one of these packages.


In YE 43 Yugumo Corporation took over management of Tachi's budget amid internal restructuring. The original 2,000,000 KS investment was returned to Takeda Foundation.

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