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YE 45 Yugumo Corporation Designs Wanted List

This is a list for the Yugumo-Motoyoshi Design Collective (OOC) of designs wanted for YE 45. As the year goes on more designs will be added.

List of Wanted Designs and Projects

This is a list of wanted designs for the Yugumo Corporation.

  • New Yugumo Standard Interiors for Ships and Bases. (High Priority) - Also some of the ones that were made on the fly are stubs.
  • Standardized Ship Systems
  • A Yugumo Corporation Starbase/Shipyard. - A civilian base - Smaller than the Minato.
  • New Art (Existing Model was lost) of the Asuga-Class Tug with an update made so that there is a Star Army version and a Yugumo Civilian Version.
  • Update of all ships to the Hoshi III engines, the Subsurface and Aerospace Operations, etc, KAIMON (I see some still mention the Miko).
  • New Ventures (Restaurants, Shops, etc)
  • Hoverboard line of accessories to complement Charaa's hoverboard designs. Maybe expand the current product range.
  • Development of Scientific Gear and Colonization Equipment at Port Jiyuu during transit for the Colonization Mission.


  • Improvements to existing technology and products are a higher priority than new technology this year.

Other Wanted Projects

Other wanted projects.

OOC Notes

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