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Jiyuu Maritime Fleet

The Jiyuu Maritime Fleet is a subsidiary venture of the Yugumo Corporation specializing in tourism and entertainment founded in early YE 43.

A Passion of the Evening Orchid

Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko has always had a passion for the sea, dating back to her time spent on Taiie. It was no surprise when she became aware of the availability of Viking-style Longships in the Big Salvage Swap Meet of YE 42, she reached out to the Yugumo Corporation's Fuku-Kaichō Motoyoshi-Igarashi Yuka to acquire these vessels. Originally the plan was to add the ships to her own personal collection of sailing ships which included the The Dream of Taii, a galleon-style sailing ship that had become a favorite vacation location for members of the Motoyoshi Clan.

In an overwhelming response, a hundred of the vessels were acquired. (See: Interest in Viking-style Longships) Since the number of these vessels were so high, it was decided that the Yugumo Corporation would utilize this fleet of vessels to offer tours of the Motoyoshi Channel and Maritime adventures on Jiyuu III.

The venture would provide guided sailing adventures and rentals around Tokyo harbor.

Jiyuu Maritime Fleet
Viking Longship Fleet
Directors Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko and Motoyoshi Kaoru
Faction Yamatai Star Empire
Product Symbol Yu (Same as Yugumo Corporation)
Ships 90 Longships1)
Employees: ≅ 500-700


The Jiyuu Maritime Fleet follows the same corporate structure as all wholly-owned subsidiaries of Yugumo Corporation.

It employs people from the Yugumo Workers Federation to crew the ships and related ticket sales and support roles.


The company's headquarters is on Jiyuu III, in Tokyo in an office building owned by Yugumo Corporation.


The Jiyuu Maritime Fleet offers several packages for its patrons. Star Army of Yamatai personnel are given a 30% discount.

Channel Tours

Two-hour sailings around Tokyo and the Motoyoshi Channel, which includes views of Jiyuu Jo start around 120 KS per person.

All Sailings during the Lantern Festival add 50KS to all prices.

Picinic Lunch

A special add-on to the Channel Tours includes a gourmet picnic lunch provided by Takeda House on a rotating menu, starts at 300KS (including the sailing) per person. Dinner options are offered on evening cruises but start at 430KS per person.


Custom rental packages are available. Please contact the Yugumo Corporation a head of time to inquire and to make future bookings.

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All naming conventions are proceeded with MSS (Motoyoshi Sailing Ship), 10 additional ships are reserved for the Motoyoshi Clan and are kept manned and sailing around Jiyuu Jo's island.

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