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Yugumo Workers Federation

The Yugumo Workers Federation is an association of workers and their families in the Yugumo Cluster and Outer Colonies of the Yamatai Star Empire that was formed in YE 41. It is an organization that assists workers through the contract process with Yugumo Corporation and represents the workers and their families promoting better living conditions and safe working environments in the resource sector of the region's industry.

Yugumo Workers Federation Logo

About the Yugumo Workers Federation

The Federation was started at the suggestion of Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko and the Motoyoshi Clan and was purposed to represent the citizens employed by the Yugumo Corporation. It gradually expanded in its first year of operation to become a political platform for the address of infrastructure and living conditions of the colonies. Over 60% of the total population of the Outer Colonies of the Yamatai Star Empire work in the resource extraction or related industry.

The Yugumo Corporation has used the interaction with the Yugumo Workers Federation to help prioritize its efforts to restore life to colonies that were ravaged in the Second Mishhuvurthyar War. Meanwhile, the Motoyoshi Clan has benefited from its ties to the Yugumo Workers Federation to recruit, promote political and social agenda and push support for their Pro-Imperial agenda, Yamatai Star Empire and Empress Himiko I.

The strength and majority of the Yugumo Workers Federation represents a very hard-working population of citizens in the Yamatai Star Empire and has a strong presence in the Siren System, Shugosha System and Jiyuu System. With so many colonies geared towards valuable resource extraction ventures that have been used for the Kuvexian War, it has accelerated restoration efforts, restored the economy, increased mobility with the expansion of PAINT and in turn fostered more and more support. At the end of the day, increased employment and a better economy has reduced insurgency, reduced separatist support and helped increase the loyalty of many colonists to the Yamatai Star Empire.

“…as we've worked to restore the local economy and employment, the level of insurgency has dropped over sixty percent and is continuing to decline. We've attributed the substantial decline also to the now solid presence of the First Expeditionary Fleet patrols…” ~ Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko (See: Resolutions of The Ghost- Episode 3:Forty-Two).


More Information about the Yugumo Workers Federation.


Green Sector, Port Siren is where the current Headquarters for the Yugumo Workers Foundation is located.

Other Offices

Other offices are listed below:

Locations of Importance

Services Offered to Members

The Yugumo Workers Federation offers the following services to its membership.

Yugumo Corporation

Services related to the Yugumo Corporation.

Motoyoshi Clan

Services related in affiliation with the Motoyoshi Clan.

  • Assistance with the recruitment process.
  • Representation to the motoyoshi_bakufu.

Outer Colonies of Yamatai

Services Related to the Outer Colonies of the Yamatai Star Empire.

  • Representation to regional government departments in Motoyoshi-Cho Tokyo - Jiyuu III, Jiyuu System.
  • Long-term compensation assistance for injured workers or the families of workers killed on the job.
  • Relocation assistance in the Yugumo Cluster.
  • Consultation and Representation for living conditions in the Yugumo Cluster, especially mining and resource extraction colonies.

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