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Motoyoshi-cho is the Core Administrative District of Tokyo. It is located in the heart of the Old City, or Himawari Tokyo and is the First District. The district was built on the same site as the first Colony on Jiyuu III, which was called Tamashii no Jiyuu (β€œSoul of Freedom”) in YE 29. The district is often referred to as the capital district and is a place where you can generally spot politicians, young professionals, and Star Army of Yamatai personnel.

The district was named in honor of Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko and the Motoyoshi Clan.

Motoyoshi-Cho as a Landmark

Tourist pamphlets, magazines, and advertisements for Tokyo and Jiyuu III often feature photographs of this district for its unique architecture and historic locations.

Notable Locations

The following notable locations are in Motoyoshi-cho:

Imperial Blossom Dome

Imperial Blossom Dome is the new home of the Motoyoshi Colonial Sector Regional Government as well as the Planetary Government for Jiyuu III.

The Former Colonies Capital Dome and Buildings

The Former Capital Buildings of the United Outer Colonies. The entire campus was destroyed during the Second Mishhuvurthyar War and was restored by Sunflower Corporation and Yugumo Corporation. The campus consists of the former Assembly building, which is the main dome and three office towers arranged around it and connected by enclosed corridors. While the exterior was restored to the original specifications, the interior spaces were converted into office space for use for regional offices of the Yamatai Star Empire. It also holds the regional offices for the Motoyoshi Colonial Sector and the Government of Jiyuu III. It was destroyed during a terrorist attack in YE 441).

The exterior space is noted for its lush tropical gardens, elegant fountains and water features, and public walking paths often used on historical tours.

The following Departments have regional offices that are located on the campus:

Motoyoshi-Cho Bunkers and Transportation HUB

During the Second Mishhuvurthyar War, the United Outer Colonies built extensive deep bunkers underneath this district of Tokyo. Designed to house a majority of the population and essentially become a city underground during an emergency, the bunkers were built like massive underground cathedrals. When Sunflower Corporation and Yugumo Corporation began work on the restoration of the city, the bunkers were worked into the city's underground Transportation Infastructure.

In YE 42, with the threat of the Kuvexian War looming over the region, Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko had the bunkers restocked and prepared for possible use again. She had the bunkers updated so that they were outfitted and supplied similar to the H Bunker on other Yamatai Star Empire worlds.

First Expeditionary Fleet Administration Buildings

While most of the First Expeditionary Fleet's Administration functions are carried out from Gemini Star Fortress, Fort Tokyo and Jiyuu Jo there are several buildings which have been built in this district, which serve as more of a population facing office structure for the fleet.

Star Army Personnel Command operates a large scale recruiting office, and Star Army News Distribution and Reporting Agency maintains an active media and broadcasting center here.

The Tokyo Administration Block

Taking up a large block of space, the Tokyo Administration buildings operated by the Yugumo Corporation are the headquarters for the municipal government of Tokyo. The buildings host the City Council, The Office of the Mayor and City Department Offices. The grounds of the administration block have extensive tropical gardens, rock gardens, and art displays that often attract tourists.

Orphan's Village

While under the control of the United Outer Colonies, the colonies passed the Spirit of Taiie War Orphan Act which was designed to protect the orphaned children from the destruction of the Taiie Colony. The village which consists of schools, residence buildings, commercial outlets, and other entertainment-related facilities suffered damage during the Second Mishhuvurthyar War and was restored with the rest of the city. Now managed by the Motoyoshi Clan and the Yugumo Corporation, Micro-apartment complexes were added and the village is being utilized to house refugees, particularly orphans displaced by the Kuvexian War.

Imperial Park

A large mixed terrain park space that surrounds an artificial lake constructed by the city's engineers. Consisting of mixed areas of groomed grass, and forested walking trails it is a space which the Motoyoshi Clan has funded and had influence over since their return to the colonies in YE 42. The park is a good place to spot local politicians and members of the Motoyoshi Clan during breaks and recesses in the local government and regional offices of Yamatai Star Empire. The park includes several public walking trails, playgrounds and sports facilities for citizens who wish to use them. The created lake features a small sand beach that has a lifeguard on duty during daytime hours which is funded by the Yugumo Corporation. Dock areas are provided at the lake for small pleasure craft and recreational fishing.

The Mercy of Empress Ketsurui Himiko I Statue

A statue of the likeness of Empress Himiko I which was placed in her honor and in recognition of her mercy and generosity when the Yamatai Star Empire reabsorbed the colonies after the devastation they suffered during the Second Mishhuvurthyar War.

Motoyoshi House

Under the ownership of the Motoyoshi Clan and Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko, Motoyoshi House's construction began in YE 42 and is promised to be one of the more elaborate properties owned by the clan.

Adlich's Pub

An upscale pub establishment named after the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet's decorated Taisa, Corro Adlich who was captured and assumed killed during the Battle of Murf. The pub is a frequent gathering place for both civilians and members of the Star Army of Yamatai.

Tokyo Starport

A Frontier Starport that serves as one of Tokyo's transportation HUBs.

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