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Keiyō City

Keiyō is a heavy industrial city on, Shugosha I, the first planet of the Shugosha System. It is part of the Yamatai Star Empire.

Keiyō refers to Tokyo and Leaf in Yamataigo (邪馬台語). 1)

Keiyo Industrial City

About Keiyō City

In YE 42, the Yugumo Corporation at the direction of the Motoyoshi Clan began to invest in the resource-rich Shugosha System. Namiko City, the largest of the Dome Colonies on Shugosha I, named after the YSS Namiko was ideal for expansion as that it had been built in one of the larger craters on the planet's surface with plenty of relatively flat stable ground available for construction.

Like most of the colonies in the Shugosha System and Siren System, Keiyō would be built with industrial processing and resource extraction in mind. The already toxic, hydrocarbon-rich atmosphere of the planet meant there was little concern for the environment when it came to large-scale and heavy industrial development. The Yugumo Corporation went ahead with large scale plans for a Heavy Industrial Colony and moved the residential inhabitants of Namiko City to the New Namiko Dome Colony which would be constructed just a short distance away and connected by high-speed train.

With the Kuvexian War in full swing the Yugumo Corporation, Star Army Military Industrial Complex and Yamatai Star Empire needed all the secure resources they could manage to harvest and process. It didn't take long for the smokestacks, chemical towers and processing facilities to stretch upwards in reach towards the stars.


People do not live in the City of Keiyō, they commute from the nearby New Namiko Colony.


There are many modes of transportation in Keiyō City.

Keiyo Industrial City


The Heavy Industrial City of Keiyō is serviced by MagLev trains.

The trains were developed originally for use at REDACTED.

Cruising at 330km/hr during normal operation these trains transport personnel and cargo through the city and to other colonies on the planet. In addition to personnel transport cars, there have been flatbed cars added to the trains to assist with the movement of Standard Starship Cargo Containers and other cargo. During emergency or combat conditions the speeds of the trains can be increased to 440km/hr.

The passenger cars are armored with starship-grade Durandium Alloy.

Keiyō Starport

A modified Frontier Starport has been placed in the city.

Frontier Starport The Starport has been upgraded to include massive cargo terminals, liquid and gas storage. Additional emergency services such as fire fighting equipment and personnel as well as hazardous materials specialists have been allocated to the staff at this starport.

This starport is part of PAINT.

Tokyo-Style Underground Transit

Where possible, the roads, railways, and other transit systems have been placed underground much like the Tokyo Infastructure.

Notable Locations

A City of Heavy Industry and hard-working people.

KFY Ground Vehicle Facility

A massive production and assembly facility for ground vehicles is the beginning of a multi-phase project for Ketsurui Fleet Yards. The includes complete fabrication and manufacturing of needed components, the assembly and quality testing of those components and the assembled product. Unlike shipboard fabrication facilities, thousands of units can be produced and packaged here. A design office on-site also manages research and development of future products.

The facility offers tours to non-restricted areas and a field testing range where daredevils and risk junkies can play crash up derby in a controlled and protected environment. The events include a yearly competition where departments of the facility create golem-type vehicles of mashed and chopped components to battle it out for a trophy.

Units produced here:

Hoshi II Series Turbo Plasma Drive Production Facility

A manufacturing and production facility for the Yugumo Corporation core-line product, the Hoshi II Series Turbo Plasma Drives. The plant employs thousands of colonists, devoted to the steady production of the drives for active starship production, part stockpiles, and repair facilities.

Teams of devoted and vetted Star Army of Yamatai approved engineers and specialists work on the restricted Turbo Aether Plasma version of the drives for use on military ships.

Finalized modules are transferred to an orbital testing and fielding facility for quality testing and proving before they are shipped to shipyards and depots.

KFY Prefab Plant

Ketsurui Fleet Yards has a manufacturing facility for Type 33 Prefab Outpost Modules. The open yard which adjoins the facility has row upon row of modules that are in various stages of construction and are being prepared to be sent to the frontline worlds where the Kuvexian War rages on.

MIKO Technologies

The primary facility for the manufacturing and production of the Yugumo Corporation's MIKO Electronics Suite and its Add-on Packages. They are actively involved in the assembly of new units and the repair of damaged ones. Often times the programming division of this facility comes up with new and improved Add-on Packages and fun little perks like electronic games and other entertainment features for what is now the civilian mainstay product for integrated electronics for the ships they produce.

Joint Venture Test Factory

A Restricted joint operation between Ketsurui Fleet Yards and Yugumo Corporation, to test the limits and possible extensions for the new Nodal Liquid Conduit System. In addition to the creation of various accessories and Star Army Equipment, simulations are done to test various damage control and repair methods. The point of this facility was to test the upper limits of the system and see how complicated it's fabrication ability could become. The facility hopes to increase automation and improve supply chain challenges on Star Army of Yamatai ships.

Mindy and Daisy Production Facility

Ketsurui Fleet Yards has built a large scale, ground-based production and assembly facility for the Ke-M2 "Mindy" Series of Power Armor and M6-2A "Daisy II" Planetary Power Armor as well as all of their components and accessories.

Mindy Armor Illustration

More Notable Places

Keiyō is a true symbol of the work ethic of brave colonists in the United Outer Colonies of Yamatai.

Keiyo Industrial City

Bakemono Refinery

The Yugumo Corporation didn't want to have all of its eggs in one basket when it came to refineries that served its asteroid mining operations in the Torimodosu Belt. While it was acceptable to transport unprocessed ore and regolith to Port Siren, the corporation found it strategically important to have other facilities. So the Bakemono Refinery was built as apart of Keiyō City. Bakemono means “Monster” in Yamataigo (邪馬台語), which is an adequate way to describe this gigantic industrial complex used to separate valuable metals and elements from asteroids harvested in the belt.

Tsuyosa Gas Terminal and Processing Plant

The Yugumo Corporation has a massive number of gas extraction facilities in the Yugumo and neighboring Akuro nebulas. Gas transports deliver harvested nebular gas for sorting and processing at the Tsuyosa Gas Terminal and Processing Plant. Tsuyosa which means “power” in Yamataigo (邪馬台語) is suitable for the massive burn-off tower in which waste gases are burned off from the facility. When active the towering torch chimney is constantly burning and creating flares when pockets of the atmosphere's hydrocarbons are ignited.

This facility includes massive chemical holding tanks for warehousing finalized purified products for export to the market.

Keiyō Polymers and Ceramics Plant

A facility owned by the Yugumo Corporation used for the manufacture of ceramics and polymers for industrial and shipbuilding uses. Valuable superconductors and semiconductors are just some of the many products produced here. Materials research laboratories are included in this factory, where scientists work towards the development of new materials.

Juugoya Agrochemical Plant

Operated by the Juugoya Cooperative of the Yugumo Corporation, this facility produces fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides for use on the Cooperative's farms in places like the Jiyuu System.

Star Army Managed Cloning Facility

Several Mass Cloning Facility, Type 30 have been placed under the management of the Star Army of Yamatai, which is used to help bolster workforce population numbers during wartime.

Other Spaces and Places

Keiyō City has some interesting places and spaces.

Break Zones

Small dome environments kept to Yamatai (Planet) standard are scattered throughout the city. They provide a green oasis away from the rough working environment of the heavily industrialized city. From a lunchtime walk through well-managed gardens, to a company picnic, these break zones are apart of everyday life for those who work in Keiyō.

Namiko Worker's Memorial

The Namiko Worker's Memorial was placed in YE 42, it is managed by the Yugumo Corporation, and a gift from the Motoyoshi Clan. It is a massive memorial that depicts the scene of workers holding traditional pickaxes and other tools around a large chunk of an asteroid. Interactive volumetric displays tell the story of the struggle of the Namiko City workers who struggled during the attacks of the Second Mishhuvurthyar War. The names of known victims and their families are etched into the asteroid sculpture.

Defense Grid

The defense grid for Keiyo is controlled by Fate Bastion.

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