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Yusou Type 33 Grav-APC

The Type 33 Grav-Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) or Yusou was developed as an inexpensive alternative to shuttles to deliver and extract personnel from a landing zone. It became available in YE 33.

About the Grav-APC

The Grav-APC concept came about as a way to make deploying and recovering personnel safer. The Grav-APC being propelled by anti-grav is virtually silent. At night it is nearly invisible since there is no engine plume. Additionally the Yusou is painted in RADAR absorbent material to reduce its RADAR return.

The Grav-APC is limited to operating within a gravity well, its optimum operating area is in the lower atmosphere. Above fifty miles, the performance begins to fall off, and it caps out at around 400 miles on a 1G world.

It comes in two versions, the 1a which is Fusion powered, and the 2a which is Aether powered. The 1a is more popular since it is unaffected by anti-aether fields, and does not show up on aether detection.

The rear area is easily configurable, allowing it to have fabric seating added or removed as necessary. Straps can be attached to the ceiling to allow Power Armor clad soldiers to stand safely.

Grav APC with Camouflage paint scheme


The Yusou has a hexagonal body. It has an armored plated windscreen for visual flight. It features a large door that also serves as a loading ramp. Two turrets are visible on the top. There are six landing lights, three on each side near the bottom for to illuminate the landing area. On either side is either a Star Army Hinomaru or the owning organization's logo. The Yusou has two head light assemblies on the front of the craft. On either side of the vehicle are rungs to allow personnel to climb up the sides of the APC to get access to the turrets.

Statistics and Performance


Class: Ke-T9-1a/2a Type: Transport Designers: Ketsurui Fleet Yards Manufacturer: Ketsurui Fleet Yards Production: Mass Production


Length: 11.5 meters ( 37.72 feet) Height: 3.5 meters ( 11.48 feet) Width: 5 meters ( 16.4 feet)


The Grav-APC is an nimble craft.

  • Atmospheric: Cruise: 3,062 kmph (1,903 mph)(Below 35,000 feet)
  • Trans-atmospheric: 6,125 kmph (3,806 mph)
  • Max acceleration: 15 g's (150 m/s²) 0 to 3,062 kmph in 5.66 seconds


  • Crew: 2 (Pilot, Gunner)
  • Pax: 60 unarmored seated, 80 unarmored standing, 30 armored.

Damage Capacity

See Damage Rating (Version 3) for an explanation of the damage system.

  • Hull: 16 (Armor scale)
  • Shields: 16 (Threshold 2)

Inside the Grav APC


Most of the interior of the Yusou is open space for carrying personnel or equipment. It is divided into two sections, the forward section or flight deck where the Pilot and Gunner sit. There are two acceleration chairs with control consoles in front of them. Under the flight deck is a storage area for emergency equipment. There are two modules that protrude from the floor. One is the generator and life support systems on the left. and the sensor and computer array on the right.

The passenger area is 3.5 m (11.48 ft) wide, and 7.5 m (24.6 ft) long. The floor to ceiling clearance is 2.75 m (8.2 ft)) Note: Clearance is less under the turrets (2.5 m).

There are six sets of lamps for lighting the passenger area. They have two lamps, a white for day use, and red for night operations.

The Grav-APC can be fitted with twenty fabric seats which provide sitting space for up to 60 unarmored persons.

The rear of the area is the doorway. The bottom half lowers and serves as a ramp, while the top half lift ups and provides cover to those entering or exiting.


Star Army Blue Paint Scheme

Ke-T9-H3300 - Armored Hull

The Yusou features a KFY Monocoque constructed hull made of Durandium Alloy. It is painted in RADAR absorbent material to help minimize its RADAR signature.

Ke-T8-E3100 Sensors

The Yusou uses a KFY Ke-T8-E3100 Basic Sensors Package for its sensor system.

Ke-G2-E3100 - Computer

The Yusou uses a pair of Isolated Computer Pad in an array for its control system.

Computer Array

Ke-T8-E3104 - Communications

The Yusou uses the Ke-T8-E3104 Communications array. It does not have the subspace capability though.

Ke-T9-E3300 Light Assembly

The Yusou has two head lamp assemblies, which have two modes of operation. They have white lamps for use in safe locations, and infra-red lamps for use in combat areas.

Ke-T9-G33xx - Power

The Yusou features one of two types of generators depending on the model.

Ke-T9-G3300 - Fusion Generator (1a only)

This KFY fusion generator provides the 1a version with power, it is equipped with 10 days worth of fuel in a replaceable module. This model is most commonly found in the forward operating theaters.

Ke-T9-G3301 - Aether Generator (2a only)

This KFY Aether Generator provides the 2a version of the Yusou with power. Typically used in areas where aether detection is not an issue, such are rear operating areas.

Ke-T9-P3300 - Anti-Gravity Modules

The Yusou has sixteen KFY anti-gravity modules which operate in synch to lift and propel the craft. There are eight in the floor and eight in the ceiling. The craft can make a survivable landing with only six modules operating normally.

Ke-T9-S3300 - Shield Generators

The Yusou employs a pair of linked KFY shield projectors. They are configured so that the Yusou can drop the rear shield for loading and unloading while protecting the forward section.

Ke-T8-V3300 - Environmental

The Yusou features a KFY basic atmosphere and gravity system.

Ke-T9-W3300 - Weapons

The Yusou features two Ke-T9-W3300 - 30mm Gatling Turrets for defense.

  • 30mm Gatling Cannon 2 Armor DR
  • Mini-Missiles 2 Armor DR per missile

APC Rear View

Bottom view showing landing skids and lamps

Emergency Equipment

Stored under the center of the flight deck is a Type 31B Survival kit and a Type 31 Medical Kit 31B.

Survival Kit

There are eight Star Army First Aid Kit, Type 32s mounted in convenient locations.

Fire Aid Kit

Located on either side of the passenger area a F.O.A.M. extinguisher is mounted on the wall.

Fire Extinguisher


Star Army Logistics
Supply ClassificationClass C - VEHICLES AND POWER ARMOR
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Product NameYusou Type 33 Grav-APC
ManufacturerKetsurui Fleet Yards

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