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Star Army Daisy Portable Charging Unit

The Ke-T9-G3302 SADPCU was developed as an option for the Yusou Type 33 Grav-APC became available in YE 33.

About the Ke-T9-G3302

The Ke-T9-G3302 was designed for use in the Yusou Type 33 Grav-APC. However, it later was determined that it could also be installed in certain modules of the Type 33 Prefab Outpost Modules.

Each Ke-T9-G3302 has two retractable power cords for charging the capacitor system on the Daisy M6 Infantry Power Armor. The unit does not have a power supply and must be installed and connected to the power system.

Charging unit

Using the Ke-T9-G3302

To activate the unit, the soldier pulls one of the two cables out and connects it to their armor. This switched the unit on. The unit then supplies charge voltage and monitors the progress. A digital display shows time remaining and percentage of charge. Once the capacitor is fully charged the cable disconnects and is automatically retracted. The user can also hit the release button on the unit to interrupt the charge cycle.

Charging requires 30 minutes to fully charge a depleted capacitor.

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