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Ke-T9-W3300 - 30mm Gatling Turret

The Ke-T9-W3300 30mm Gatling Turret was developed to protect the Yusou Type 33 Grav-APC, it became available in YE 33.

Ke-T9-W3300 - 30mm Gatling Turret with drum detached

The turret has the following features

30mm Gatling Cannon

The 30mm Gatling Cannon is designed to be used against small armored targets. The barrels rotate to help keep them from overheating. It is a disintegrating belt fed, air cooled weapon. It fires Durandium Alloy sheathed chemically propelled rounds for maximum effectiveness.

  • Purpose: Anti-Personnel/Anti-Armor
  • Rate of Fire: 250 rounds/min
  • Muzzle Velocity: 1,175 m/s
  • Damage: 2 Armor DR
  • 1,000 round drum which mounts to bottom of turret

Dispenser Tubes

The turret has twenty-four dispenser tubes that can be loaded with a variety of single use cartridges or missiles.

Ke-T9-W3300F Flare (Starfire)

These are illumination flares, that when launched deploy a parachute to provide maximum illumination time. Burn time 3 minutes, 15,000 candlepower. They allow the craft to illuminate the landing area. They are not intended for use as a countermeasure as the Yusou does not have a heat signature significant for targeting. Launcher fires the flare 500 meters vertically.

Ke-T9-W3300S Smoke (Curtain)

These basically launch a modified Star Army Smokescreen Grenade, Type 30. They are intended to obscure the enemy's vision. They have an impact detonator so that they activate when they hit a solid object. The launcher can propel the grenade 100 meters.

Ke-T8-W3103L Laser Refracting Cloud (Duster)

The Ke-T8-W3103L Laser Refracting Cloud (Duster) intended to defeat laser targeting.

Ke-T8-W3103R Anti-Radar Chaff Dispenser (Streamer)

The Ke-T8-W3103R Anti-Radar Chaff Dispenser (Streamer) intended to defeat RADAR targeting.


These are the same kind of missiles used by the Ke-T8-W3101 Mini-Missile Launcher Pod.

  • Purpose: Anti-Armor
  • Damage: 2 Armor DR per missile
  • Range: 50 miles (80.47 km)

Ke-T9-W3300E Detector (Spotter)

Mounted on top of the turret, and on the vehicle it is mounted are a number of laser and RADAR detectors. Provide the operator with information regarding what kind of target lock is being made, and from which direction. The Detector also has a small video camera for visual observations.

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