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Ke-T8-E3100 Basic Sensors Package

The Ke-T8-E3100 was developed for use on the Ke-T8 "Kuma" Multi-role Shuttle and became available in YE 31.



Class: Ke-T8-E3100 Type: Sensors Designers: Ketsurui Fleet Yards Manufacturer: Ketsurui Fleet Yards, Scientific Studies Service, Geshrinari Shipyards Production: Mass Production

The Ke-T8-E3100 provides the following capabilities:

Short Range

Multi-Band Radar

Long range band Used for navigation and avoiding obstacles.

  • Max range: 100,000 km (60,000 miles)

Short range band This is for precision ground mapping, used for planetary navigation.

  • Max range: 180 km (30 miles)

Radar altimeter

Used to determine the altitude of the shuttle. It transmits a radar pulse from the bottom of the shuttle, and measures the time it takes for the pulse to return.

  • Max elevation 9,146.34 meters (30,000 ft)

Laser Range Finder

This is used by the Kuma during docking and landing maneuvers to provide precise measurements. The system is accurate to 2 cm, and provides rate of closure.

Long Range

  • Long-range gravimetric and magnetic resonance, distortion, and interferometry sensors and spectrometers
  • Electromagnetic trans-space flux sensors and imaging scanners

Subspace Mass Detector

  • Range of 20 LY
  • Faster than light

Inertial Navigation

This is a basic inertial navigation system which is used as a vital component of the navigation system and allows the shuttle to perform dead reckoning.

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