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Aether Generator

An Aether Generator is an energy-providing device powered by Aether. It is the primary power source employed by the Star Army of Yamatai.

See: Aether

β€œHanako nodded, and went over to inspect the main aether generator. It was a two-story structure taking up the middle of the engine room, that resembled two tall, finely machined metal flowers facing one another. Each β€œpetal” was a heavily armored panel that connected to the one beside it by means of a central Zesuaium frame. Three of the panels had been blown loose by the massive blast that anti-matter had caused during the battle. Hanako crawled up a warped ladder and took a look at the inside of the generator, where the dimensional energy was harnessed. Things weren't bad inside, considering the circumstances. It would probably run; it just needed the exterior panels replaced, along with its electronic control interface.”

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