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KAIMON/Ascendant, formally 海門優勢電気機械革新実験室 (Kaimon yūsei denki kikai kakushin jikken-shitsu, Yamataigo for Seagate Ascendant Electromechanical Innovation Laboratories) is the software, electronics, robotics, mechatronics, and computer technology division of Yugumo Corporation and the successor to Motoyoshi Fleet Yards's Satori Ascendant Electronics division. They are the brand manufacturer of KAIMON products.

About KAIMON/Ascendant

General Information about the KAIMON/Ascendant Company.

“The Stars of the Yamatai Frontier”
Faction Yamatai Star Empire
Parent Company Yugumo Corporation
Product Symbol Yu
Shacho Rank Insignia Shachō Itatski Sachiko
Fuku-Shacho Rank Insignia Fuku-Shachō Takeda Sayako
OOC Managers Andrew, Yuuki, Charaa

History and Background

In late YE 44, Yugumo Corporation was examining how its various products and brands fit together. With the exception of Yugumo Fleetworks, they had eliminated their subdivision brands in contrast to their corporate predecessor. Given the success of KAIMON products, even greater than their prior offerings, the board decided to establish a new subsidiary brand.


KAIMON/Ascendant Headquarters is located in downtown Asagumo City on Port Jiyuu. It is a shining, silver-and-black, narrow, cylindrical spire 64 stories tall, with interlocking hexagonal windows coiling around its metallic exterior in a helical pattern.


The company operates the following facilities:


KAIMON/Ascendant shares the corporate structure of the Yugumo Corporation.

OOC Notes

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