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Yugumo Fleetworks

The Yugumo Corporation developed its Yugumo Fleetworks brand and shipyard division during YE 42, but the official branding of their designs did not start until YE 43.

History and Background

The Yugumo Fleetworks brand uses the main company logo and refers to their line of starships, small craft, space stations, and their respective subsystem designs. Beyond the branding, Yugumo Fleetworks also applies to the actual production division that produces the branded products. The Yugumo Corporation's corporate lineage started with Motoyoshi Fleet Yards in YE 29 and then Motoyoshi Hanei Kaisha in YE 34. Shipbuilding is a passion of Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko, over the years she has contributed several designs used by the Star Army of Yamatai; like the Chiharu-class Flagship “D” refit, the Takumi-Class Expeditionary Command Cruiser, the Ascendancy-class Flagship and the Hummingbird-class Colony Ship.

The reason the branding and division were not made immediately when the company was founded in YE 41, is because Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko demanded that the company have a direction for their design ethos, a unique aesthetic, and an understanding of the local market before the brand would be launched. In YE 42, development finally headed in a satisfactory direction with the designs of the Misha-Class Explorer, Asuga-Class Tug and Shuryoku-Class Super Freighter, in response Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko authorized the creation of Yugumo Fleetworks.The full brand and division were then activated in early YE 43.

Design Ethos

Misha-Class Explorer 1A The majority of Yugumo Corporation upper management is active-duty or retired Star Army of Yamatai personnel. So their ideas of what qualified as a powerful example of Yamataian design mostly revolved around Star Army Starship Classes. Motoyoshi Fleet Yards designs tended to be bulky and industrial which was a turn off for Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko from the beginning, she had no desire to bring back the YE 30s look to anything the new corporation built.

The company's first shipbuilding project came in YE 42, it revolved around the idea of using salvage from the Ayana-Class Escort which they had an abundance of in storage. The design that resulted, after several different variations was the Misha-Class Explorer. The design boasted a sleek maritime-esque hull, stylized CDD Nacelles with a notable taste of Sakura-class Light Gunship molded into its shape.

Further development came with the modified Misha-Class Explorer, the ISS Shiori. It would be the first ship produced by the Yugumo Corporation that would have the blue-black gradient hull pattern that would become standard on future ship designs. It was fielded in YE 42, on designs such as the Shuryoku-Class Super Freighter and Asuga-Class Tug. As of YE 43 it had become the standard and was named Yūzuki which translates to (夕月, ”Evening Moon”) in Yamataigo (邪馬台語).

General Information

General Information about this division and brand of Yugumo Corporation.

Yugumo Fleetworks
“Colonial Ingenuity and Imperial Quality”
Brand/Division Parent Yugumo Corporation
Product Symbol Yu
Headquarters Amatsu-Motoyoshi "Port Hachidori"
Products Space Stations, Starships, Small Craft and their respective Subsystems and Components
Fuku-Kaicho Rank Insignia Fuku-Kaicho Motoyoshi-Igarashi Yuka
Senmu Rank Insignia Semu Motoyoshi-Kotoku Sui


Facilities used to make products for the Yugumo Fleetworks brand.

Facility Name Location Type Purpose
Amatsu-Motoyoshi "Port Hachidori" Jiyuu System Ge-H2-1a - Amatsu-Class Spaceport Civilian Space Station and Shipyard
Port Jiyuu Jiyuu System Ge-H1-7A - Kōdaina Minato-Class Orbital Installation Future HQ and Main Production 1)
Old Motoyoshi Fleet Yards Orbital Shipyards Jiyuu System, Tange System, and Koukotsu System Orbital Shipyards 2) Inactive
Keiyō City Industrial Locations
Hoshi II Production Facility Keiyō City, Shugosha System Factory Propulsion Factory
MIKO Technologies Keiyō City, Shugosha System Factory Electronic Systems Factory
Joint Venture Test Factory Keiyō City, Shugosha System Factory Joint Production with Ketsurui Fleet Yards
Bakemono Refinery Keiyō City, Shugosha System Refinery Processing Facility
Tsuyosa Gas Terminal and Processing Plant Keiyō City, Shugosha System Refinery Processing, Recieving and Storage Facility
Keiyō Polymers and Ceramics Plant Keiyō City, Shugosha System Factory Factory
Juugoya Agrochemical Plant Keiyō City, Shugosha System Factory Chemical Production and Storage
Adlich Catheral Locations at Nemesis Bastion High Clearance Star Army of Yamatai vetted personnel Only
YC Logistics R&D Adlich Catheral, Nemesis Bastion Laboratory R&D Facility
YC Materials Research Adlich Catheral, Nemesis Bastion Laboratory R&D Facility
YC Advanced Agriculture Lab Adlich Catheral, Nemesis Bastion Laboratory R&D Facility
YC Advanced Propulsion Lab Adlich Catheral, Nemesis Bastion Laboratory R&D Facility
Jiyuu III Genetic Vault Adlich Catheral, Nemesis Bastion Genetic Vault


Products branded under the fleet works brand.

Starships and Space Stations

#Product ImagePageNomenclaturePrice (KS)Description
1Tengumo-Class Space StationYU-H1-1A850 ,000 ,000.00 KShe Tengumo-Class Space Station is a mobile space station developed by the Yugumo Corporation in late YE 45.
2Kodoku-Class Mining and Processing FacilityMh-H1-1A1 ,350 ,000 ,000.00 KSA Mining and Processing Starbase
3Asuga-Class TugYu-L1-1A600 ,000.00 KSAn Automated Logistics Tug Ship.
4Daikoku-Class Agricultural ShipYu-L4-1A149.90 KSAn enormous agricultural ship.
5Misha-Class ExplorerYu-Y1-1C330 ,000.00 KSAn Explorer Class of Starship.
6Seiza-Class Cargo Hauler (1B)Yu-L3-1B530 ,000.00 KSA medium cargo hauler. A refit of the original Seiza Hauler.
7Shuryoku-Class Super FreighterYu-L2-1A830 ,000.00 KSA Super Freighter with both civilian and Star Army of Yamatai designs.
8Starchaser III-Class FerryYu-Y2-1A485 ,500.00 KSA civilian transport ship designed for PAINT.
9Tanya-Class Expeditionary Heavy CruiserYu-C1-1A3 ,578 ,000.00 KSA capital exploration ship with considerable small craft hangar capacity.
10Yūgure-class Merchant DestroyerYu-D1-1A500 ,000.00 KSA merchant destroyer class ship; for pirate hunting and asset protection


#Product ImagePageNomenclaturePrice (KS)Description
1Forcefield-Nested Isolation DoorsType 42Forcefield-Nested Isolation Doors are a security door system equipped with forcefields.
2Hoshi II Series Turbo Plasma DrivesType 42A series of Turbo Plasma Drives for starships and other craft.
3Hoshi III Series Multi-stage Turbo Plasma DrivesType 457 ,000.00 KSA propulsion system by the Yugumo Corporation.
4Kaminari Quantum Foam GeneratorsType 42 - Kaminari Quantum Foam GeneratorsQuantum Foam power generators for starships and other craft.
5MIARA Ground Mobility SystemSee Nomenclature CatalogA ground mobility system intended for use by legged mecha and power armor.
6Mizu II Series Continuum Distortion DrivesType 42 - Continuum Distortion DrivesA series of CDD Propulsion Systems for starships and other craft.
7Yugumo Standard Life Support SystemsType 43 Life Support System500.00 KSA Standardized Life Support Subsystem
8Yugumo Fabrication SystemsYu-H1-E4500 / Type 45The heart of Nanomanufacturing on Yugumo Fleetworks vessels. Nanofabrication machines used on starships are highly advanced and sophisticated devices designed to create and manipulate matter at the nanoscale. These machines are crucial for a variety of purposes, ranging from repairing equipment and manufacturing spare parts to generating specialized materials and constructing intricate components. Nanofabrication machines are incredibly compact, making efficient use of limited onboard space. They are designed to fit within the confines of a starship while still offering versatile functionality. Fabrication chambers vary in size and construction.
9Yugumo Standard Emergency SystemsSee Nomenclature ListEmergency and damage control systems for starships.
10Yumeoibito Hyperspace Fold DriveType 42A series of hyperspace drives for starships and other craft
11Chōuryū Subsurface Torpedo/Sensor PlatformSee Nomenclature Catalog12 ,500.00 KSA launch and control system for subsurface torpedoes


Nothing found


#Product ImagePageNomenclatureDescription
1Shiori Style Standard ArmoryType 42A standard starship armory
2Yugumo Standard BridgeType 45Yugumo Standard Bridge describes the Yugumo Fleetworks standardized stations and components in bridge design for the Yugumo Corporation. While each class of ship tends to have its own unique bridge design these are the common things found on the bridge as of YE 45.
3Yugumo Standard Combined Launch BayType 45The Combined Launch Bay is a vital and well-organized section of a Yugumo Fleetworks designs, It facilitates the deployment and retrieval of various small craft, drones, and equipment, including power armor like the Yoru no Tenshi 'Tenshi II' Light Mechanized Power Armor. The launch bay is generally strategically located within the vessel, typically toward the aft and/or ventral positions for ease of access and operational efficiency.
4Yugumo Standard Fabrication and Factory AreasType 45The factory and fabrication area on a Yugumo Fleetworks vessel is a crucial facility where various manufacturing and assembly processes take place to produce and maintain components, equipment, and systems necessary for the functioning of the ship. This area is often a hub of activity, combining technology and skilled Engine Rating Crew and Engine Officers to ensure the ship remains operational, efficient, and adaptable during long journeys through the Kagami Galaxy.
5Yugumo Standard Interior Transportation SystemsType 45The standard shipboard and space station transit systems for the Yugumo Corporation. Introduced in YE 45. Includes Passageways, Lifts and Light Rail Transit.
6Yugumo Standard Laundry FacilityType 45Yugumo Standard Laundry Facility is a starship interior developed by the Yugumo Corporation in YE 45.
7Yugumo Standard Licensed Crew QuartersType 45The Yugumo Licensed Crew Quarters are a starship interior developed by the Yugumo Corporation in YE 45.
8Yugumo Standard Modular Crew Entertainment LoungeType 45A modular compartment devoted to crew entertainment. It is a starship interior developed by the Yugumo Corporation in YE 45.
9Yugumo Standard Rated Crew BunkroomType 45The Yugumo Rated Crew Bunkrooms are a starship interior developed by the Yugumo Corporation in YE 45.
10Yugumo Standard Rated Crew Showers and BathhouseType 45Yugumo Standard Rated Crew Showers and Bathhouse is a starship interior developed by the Yugumo Corporation in YE 45.
11Yugumo Standard Shipmaster's CabinType 45The Yugumo Shipmaster's Cabin is a starship interior developed by the Yugumo Corporation in YE 45.
12Yugumo Standard WardroomType 45Yugumo Standard Wardroom is a starship interior developed by the Yugumo Corporation in YE 45.
13Yugumo Celestial OasisType 45The Celestial Oasis is a breathtakingly beautiful aquatic paradise, its design seamlessly merging advanced technology with natural aesthetics. The pool itself is vast, stretching over several levels of the station, accessible from a moon pool. The water's hue shifts between mesmerizing shades of deep azure and cosmic indigo, mimicking the ever-changing colors of the universe outside the station's windows. Fiber-optic stars are embedded in the ceiling, creating a celestial panorama that seems to extend into infinity.
14Misha-Class BridgeYu-Y1-M4200An advanced 6+1 starship bridge
15Yugumo Harmony of Paper and StarsType 45The Origami Observatory is a breathtaking and unique space within the Tengumo-Class Space Station, designed to celebrate the art of origami in a modern manner.
16Yugumo Nohscape OdysseyType 45The Nohscape Odyssey is a Noh Theatre developed by the Yugumo Corporation in YE 45 for the Tengumo-Class Space Station.
17Yugumo Sakura Serenity HavenType 45The Sakura Serenity Haven is a breathtaking and tranquil oasis within the Tengumo-Class Space Station. This exquisite space has been meticulously designed to replicate the serene beauty of a traditional Yamataian garden, complete with cherry blossom trees (sakura) that are in full bloom several times a year due to a carefully managed environment.
18Yugumo Standard Adaptive Gravity GymType 45The Yugumo Standard Adaptive Gravity Gym is a starship interior developed by the Yugumo Corporation in YE 45.
19Yugumo Standard Anthroform Drone BerthType 42Berth for Drones and Subsentient Android Crew
20Yugumo Standard ArmoryType 45The Yugumo Standard Armory is a secure and highly specialized compartment or area within a spaceship designed for the storage, maintenance, and distribution of various weapons and related equipment. It serves as a crucial component of a starship's defensive and offensive capabilities, ensuring the crew has access to the necessary tools to protect the ship, engage in combat, or defend against potential threats during their interstellar journeys. Armory compartments are sold empty to non-Yamatai Star Empire clients unless special agreements state otherwise.
21Yugumo Standard Cargo BayType 45The Yugumo Standard Cargo Bay is a crucial and versatile space designed to store and transport various goods, equipment, and supplies across the vast expanse of the Kagami Galaxy. It serves as the logistical heart of the starship or space station, ensuring that essential materials and resources are readily available for missions, trade, exploration, and survival in the depths of space. The cargo bay is typically located in the central or lower section of the starship, often near the ship's center of mass for stability.
22Yugumo Standard Damage Control AlcovesType 45A standard damage control alcove used by the Yugumo Fleetworks that was first produced in YE 44. It was updated in YE 45. They replaced the lockers. Alcove sizes and their inventory vary by ship or base design.
23Yugumo Standard Dining HallType 45Yugumo Standard Dining Hall is a starship interior developed by the Yugumo Corporation in YE 45.
24Yugumo Standard First Aid LockersType 42A standard first aid locker
25Yugumo Standard GalleyType 45Yugumo Standard Galley is a starship interior developed by the Yugumo Corporation in YE 45.
26Yugumo Standard Housekeeping ClosetsType 42A standard housekeeping closet
27Yugumo Standard Housekeeping LockersType 45Yugumo Standard Housekeeping Lockers on a starship serve as storage spaces dedicated to the organization and maintenance of cleaning supplies, equipment, and tools necessary to keep the ship clean and well-maintained. These lockers are a crucial part of ensuring the health, safety, and overall functionality of the vessel. They are utilized by Support Staff.
28Yugumo Standard MagazineA standard magazine for starship weapons
29Yugumo Standard Medical BayType 45The Yugumo Standard Medical Bay (Medbay) is a starship interior developed by the Yugumo Corporation in YE 45.
30Yugumo Standard Survival LockersType 42A standard survival locker

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