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Yugumo Standard Armory

The Yugumo Standard Armory is a starship interior developed by the Yugumo Corporation in YE 45.

History and Background

In YE 45, the Yugumo Corporation's Yugumo Fleetworks division sought to continue the standardization of its interior modules for the ships it produced. The standard armory was designed for use on Yugumo Merchant Spacy vessels but it was progressively added to all Yugumo Fleetworks products as the standard.

Product Information

The product information for the Yugumo Standard Armory.

Yugumo Standard Armory
Year of Creation YE 45
Designer Yugumo Fleetworks
Nomenclature Type 45
Manufacturer Yugumo Fleetworks
Fielded by Yugumo Corporation,Yugumo Merchant Spacy
Availability Mass Production

Standard Armory

The Yugumo Standard Armory is a secure and highly specialized compartment or area within a spaceship designed for the storage, maintenance, and distribution of various weapons and related equipment. It serves as a crucial component of a starship's defensive and offensive capabilities, ensuring the crew has access to the necessary tools to protect the ship, engage in combat, or defend against potential threats during their interstellar journeys. Armory compartments are sold empty to non-Yamatai Star Empire clients unless special agreements state otherwise.

Location and Access

The armory is strategically located within the starship, typically near the ship's bridge or other critical areas to ensure quick access during emergencies. Access to the armory is restricted and requires a specialized clearance, usually granted to security personnel or designated officers responsible for the ship's defense. The armory is heavily fortified with reinforced bulkheads, Forcefield-Nested Isolation Doors, and KAIMON monitoring to prevent unauthorized access and potential theft of weaponry. Biometric scans are required to enter the armory.

Redundancy and Resupply

Starships often have multiple armories distributed throughout the ship, ensuring that security personnel can access weaponry and equipment quickly regardless of their location. Periodic resupply missions or restocking from onboard fabrication and factory areas may be necessary to maintain the armory's inventory.


Inventories of a Standard Armory

Weaponry and Equipment

The armory contains a diverse array of weapons and defensive equipment to suit various situations, including energy weapons, projectile weapons, explosives, and non-lethal options like stun guns. Maintenance stations with specialized tools and equipment are available for routine inspections and repairs of weapons. Protective gear, such as body armor, helmets, and shields, are stored here to outfit security personnel.

Ammunition and Supplies

Ammunition and power cells for energy weapons are stored in secure containers to prevent accidents and unauthorized access. Additional supplies like grenades, medical kits, and communication devices may be kept in the armory to support combat operations and emergencies.

Sample Inventory


The Magazine is a heavily armored, static-free vault located inside the armory, or in key locations containing Kinetic Penetrator Ammunition for the "Taihō" Scalable Mass Driver and missiles for the "Suzukaze" Mini-Missile Launchers Type 43, as well as any other ammunition for the ship's loadout. It is connected to an automated feed system for quick and easy access during combat.

The magazine is secured behind Forcefield-Nested Isolation Doors and access-controlled. Other than during resupply or repair, it is not necessary to enter the magazine.

Armory Lockers

A smaller version of the Standard Armory, that fits into a small locker compartment. Placed in key areas around Yugumo Fleetworks ships such as on the bridge are secure lockers containing emergency weaponry in case of an emergency on the ship such as a boarding action. They are hidden behind locking, sliding bulkhead panels, that, like the locker itself, may only be opened by authorized personnel. A biometric Scan or 'emergency key' is required for access.

On board a Yugumo Corporate Fleet vessel, each locker contains:

Sample Locker Inventory

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Written with the assistance of ChatGPT. Art is done by Andrew in Midjourney.

Products & Items Database
Product Categoriesinteriors
Product NameYugumo Standard Armory
NomenclatureType 45
ManufacturerYugumo Fleetworks, Yugumo Corporation
Year ReleasedYE 45
It is expected your ship will have a custom inventory upon design

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