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"Suzukaze" Mini-Missile Launchers Type 43

A Mini-Missile Launcher System developed by the Yugumo Corporation in YE 43.

History and Background

In YE 43, the Yugumo Corporation began to look at the weapon design lineages from Motoyoshi Fleet Yards. The primary purpose was to provide defense options for the evolving feet of the corporation and secondarily provide weapons options for sales made on the civilian market in the Yamatai Star Empire.

The Kaze(風) 1) series of weapons would be considered the first generation of Yugumo Corporation weapons development. The "Tachikaze" Point Defense Cannons Type 43 and "Yakaze" Series Anti-Starship Turrets Type 43 proceeded the “Suzukaze” Mini-Missile Launchers in development. The designer of the series of weapons was newly promoted Yugumo Fleetworks Senmu, Motoyoshi-Kotoku Sui provided initial designs and oversight for this project as well.

The inspirational linage of the design traces back to the Motoyoshi Fleet Yards produced Mini-Missile Launchers from YE 30, even though the final designs have strayed far from those older designs. However, these weapons are designed for launcher mounts on Small/Moderate Sized Starships and Small Craft.

“Suzukaze (涼風)” means “Cool Wind” in Yamataigo (邪馬台語).


The technology behind the “Suzukaze” Mini-Missile is very simple. The plasma produced in the Kaminari Quantum Foam Generators process is compressed for use in a warhead. Two gauges of missiles are produced, the smaller Anti-Armor “Soda Can” sized missile, and the larger Anti-Mecha “Big Can” missiles. The missiles are guided through the assistance of the craft or vessel's KAIMON (or MIKO for older designs). Other options using scalar field and distortion field detonation technology 2) are also produced in both delivery sizes.

On smaller craft and starships, the missiles are delivered from Yugumo Corporation facilities and larger ship classes that have fabrication capabilities.

On Star Army of Yamatai contracts, the system utilizes Aether plasma. 3)


The missiles are gray in color with the Yugumo Corporation logo stretched over the warhead cap. The very tips are color-coded. Star Army of Yamatai missiles are in the typical hull paint, and feature the same color-coding scheme. The cap features the Star Army Hinomaru rather than the Yugumo Corporation logo.

The missiles come in two gauges:

  • Anti-Armor: 150mm(height) x 60mm(diameter)
  • Anti-Mecha: 250mm(height) x 80mm(diameter)

General Information

General statistics for the “Suzukaze” Mini-Missile Launcher.

Year of Creation YE 43
Designer Motoyoshi-Kotoku Sui, Yugumo Corporation
Nomenclature Product dependant4) / Type 43
Alt. Nomenclature N.A
Manufacturer Yugumo Corporation
Fielded by Yugumo Corporation, Star Army of Yamatai
Availability Mass Production
Scale Starship or Small Craft Mounts
Price 250 KS (100 missile pack), 900 KS (Launcher Assembly)

Missiles are designed for use only in this system.

Missile SizeWarhead TypeTip ColorDamage RatingDamage TypeRange
Anti-ArmorCompressed PlasmaBlueTier 5 Plasma 100km (Atmosphere), 250,000km (Space)
Anti-MechaCompressed PlasmaBlueTier 6 Plasma 100km (Atmosphere), 250,000km (Space)
Anti-Armor5)Compressed Aether PlasmaBlueTier 6 Aether Plasma 100km (Atmosphere), 250,000km (Space)
Anti-Mecha6)Compressed Aether PlasmaBlueTier 7 Aether Plasma 100km (Atmosphere), 250,000km (Space)
Anti-ArmorScalar Burst7)RedScalar Field Effect Only Scalar Effect 100km (Atmosphere), 250,000km (Space)
Anti-MechaScalar Burst8)RedScalar Field Effect Only Scalar Effect 100km (Atmosphere), 250,000km (Space)
Anti-ArmorDistortion Detonator9)YellowTier 6Shield Piercing, Plasma 100km (Atmosphere), 250,000km (Space)
Anti-MechaDistortion Detonator10)YellowTier 7Shield Piercing, Plasma 100km (Atmosphere), 250,000km (Space)
Anti-Armor11)Distortion Detonator12)YellowTier 7Shield Piercing, Aether Plasma 100km (Atmosphere), 250,000km (Space)
Anti-Mecha13)Distortion Detonator14)YellowTier 8Shield Piercing, Aether Plasma 100km (Atmosphere), 250,000km (Space)
Rate of Fire Volleys of 3, 5 and 10 / Up to 50 RPS
Launcher Inventory Depends on ship/craft size

OOC Notes

Andrew created this article on 2021/02/01 13:33.

Products & Items Database
Product Categoriesweapons: missile launchers
Product Name"Suzukaze" Mini-Missile Launchers
NomenclatureType 43
ManufacturerYugumo Corporation, Yugumo Fleetworks
Year ReleasedYE 43
Price (KS)4 ,500.00 KS
DR v3 maxTier 8
it means “wind” in Yamataigo (邪馬台語)
Uses distortion fields similar to Integrated CFS Array to disrupt shielding
DR+1 for all missiles that use the superior compressed aether plasma technology
For example, would be Yu-Y1-W4300 if a Misha-Class was produced with this system in YE 43
9) , 10) , 12) , 14)
EMP-like effect against Distortion based systems, little hull damage

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