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Kagami's Burgers & Fries is a Nepleslian-style burger restaurant with a Yamataian twist. It was founded in YE 44 and is a Yugumo Corporation venture.

History and Background

Kagami's With Fast Food giants like Neppies Burger Restaurant popular in the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia, and further represented in some Yamataian videos games played by Motoyoshi Eidan. The young Motoyoshi Clan prodigy through his uncle Motoyoshi-Ieyasu Taro wanted to make a Nepleslian-style burger chain with a Yamataian twist on the food and service. In YE 44, the new burger restaurant would see its first location opening in Tokyo, which would just be the first of many across the Kikyo Sector.

Following in the footsteps of other successful Yugumo Corporation ventures like Takeda House,Tokyo Brewing Company and Kikyo Pie Company who had vetted locations in the Star Army of Yamatai promised successes for the brand.

For efficiency of resources, most Kagami's are found in locations that also have a Kikyo Pie Company establishment.

In 44.7, a notable visit to one of Kagami's locations in Tokyo was made by Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko and her niece Motoyoshi-Igarashi Yue after a test race on their Extreme class Hover Boards.1)

Company Profile

Company Information on Kagami's Burgers & Fries.

Kagami's Burgers & Fries
Kagami's Logo
Kaneshiro Matabei - Spokesperson
Kaneshiro Matabei
“The Galaxy's Burger.”
Established YE 44
CEO and Executive Chef Motoyoshi Eidan and Motoyoshi-Ieyasu Taro
Parent Company Yugumo Corporation
Associated Faction Yamatai Star Empire
Headquarters Tokyo, Jiyuu III
Product Symbol Yu(Like all of Yugumo Corporation)


The contact, spokesperson, and model for this company is Kaneshiro Matabei.


Kagami's shares a corporate headquarters with Kikyo Pie Company in Tokyo.

The Menu

Kagami's is known for its simple, yet delicious menu that includes a lot of tasty offerings.

Signature Burgers

Delicious 100% Kameyama Ground Beef Burgers or Tastey Yasai (Vegetarian) Burgers.

Funky City Classic

Almost traditional featuring, named after Funky City:

  • Fresh Toppings produced in Tsu, standard with crisp lettuce, tomatoes, onion
  • 2 x slices of cheddar cheese.
  • A dollop of our signature top-secret Kagami sauce.
  • Price: 2KS

Kameyama Teriyaki Burger

A tasty treat great on any day:

  • 1 x 114g 100% Kameyama Ground Beef Burger.
  • Fresh Toppings produced in Tsu, standard with a juicy slice of tomato.
  • Our house-made Teriyaki Sauce, and mayonnaise.
  • Price: 2KS

Hideyo Island Tropical Burger

Named after the Hideyo Islands, a great retreat to the tropics:

  • 2 x 114g 100% Kameyama Ground Beef Burgers.
  • 2 x grilled Iga District pineapple rings.
  • Fresh Toppings produced in Tsu, standard with a slice of onion and tomato.
  • Price: 2KS

Katsuko's Salmon Burger

Named after Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko, and added after her trip to one of Kagami's locations in YE 442):

  • 1 x 116g Shima District Farmed salmon patty.
  • Fresh Toppings produced in Tsu, standard with crisp lettuce, tomatoes, onion
  • 1 x Slice of Tofu Cheese.
  • Teriyaki or Herbed Mayonnaise choice of dressing.

Freedom City Yasai Burger

Named after the Freedom City on Jiyuu III:

  • 2 x 114g 100% Tsu Veggie Burgers.
  • Fresh Toppings produced in Tsu, standard with crisp lettuce, tomatoes, onion
  • 2 x Slices of Tofu Cheese
  • A dollop of our signature top-secret Kagami sauce.
  • Price: 2KS

Kagami's Choice: Make Your Own Burger

An entire galaxy of choices, choose from:


  • 114g 100% Kameyama Ground Beef Burger.
  • 114g 100% Tsu Yasai Veggie Burgers.
  • 114g 100% Kameyama pork cutlet burger.

Cheese Slices:

Fresh Toppings produced in Tsu; lettuce, tomato, onion, pickled daikon, avocado, caramelized onions and mushrooms, and hot spicy peppers. 3)

Choose from additional condiments: Kagami's Signature Secret Sauce, Homemade Ketchup, Mustard, Mayonnaise, and Various Relishes.

  • Price: Starts at 2KS (Includes 2 patties) , additional 1KS per additional pattie.
  • Kameyama Bacon is an additional 0.50KS for two slices.


Kagami's features several exciting sides to go with your burger.


With a choice between potato or yam fries hand-cut and deep-fried in peanut oil you can't go wrong. There is always an extra pile shoved in the bag just to feed the hungry crowd.

  • Price: 1KS per 110g.

Shaker Add-ons

Shake some seasoning love into your fries:

  • butter and shoyu shaker.
  • aonori seasoning shaker.
  • garlic and Truffle seasoning shaker.
  • Price: 0.25 KS per shaker.


The best damn stuff you can slurp up a straw in the entire Kagami Galaxy.


Kagami's offers authentic Tokyo Brewing Company soda, including:

Fresh Pressed Ades

Offering a variety of lemonade, limeade and orangeade flavors. Flavors rotate frequently and vary from location to location.

  • Price: 1KS

Galactic Spin Thick Milkshakes

Kagami's offers a variety of different milkshakes varying on location and availability. Common flavors include, but are not limited to:

  • Price: 1.25KS

The Brew

Most locations also offer a selection of TBC's Beer and other Products.

  • Price: Bottle (755mL) - 2 KS
  • Price: Can (325mL) - 1 KS


Kagami's also has a wide variety of juices for customers to drink and those are

  • Price: 1.00KS


Kagami's currently does not deliver, but plans to when the new delivery app for the Yugumo Corporation is released.


Here are some people who work for, or have worked for, Kagami's Burgers & Fries:

OOC Notes

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