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Yugumo-Motoyoshi Design Collective (OOC)

This article is about the Out-of-Character Management of the Yugumo Corporation.

The Dev Crew

The Dev Crew of the Yugumo Corporation includes but is not limited to the following.


The official Yugumo Corporation managers are listed as Andrew, Yuuki, Charaa (Intern) and Toshiro.

Leadership goals:

  • To be true leaders and not bosses.
  • To help keep Yugumo Corporation uniform but open to new ideas.
  • To glorify our Dev Team and Think Tank.
  • To help make new leaders.

The Dev Team

These are people who are developing or have developed things for the Yugumo Corporation. It also includes members of the group's think tank:

The Think Tank and Collective

The way things work is that when someone designs or is working on a design for the Yugumo Corporation they are never alone. While they are submitting their work and their ideas in which they get to take full credit. They are also working with the members of the Dev Team and Think Tank to assist with the development of ideas, formatting of pages, keeping to company policies, and the addition of art to their submissions. Even when Andrew or Yuuki is working on something it is going in front of the Dev Team and Think Tank ahead of time.


  • To help people get their ideas into articles and submit them.
  • To provide a collective oversight to avoid “Me”ism.
  • Create products that are good for Yugumo Corporation that fit into the SARPiverse.
  • To limit abandoned WIP articles - If someone cannot finish something, it can be passed to another team member.
  • Assist Devs if they encounter issues at the review they cannot fix (brainstorming, help to reformulate).
  • To reach out and help other Devs on the site who need help with something. (Cultivating Community)




The Dev Team and Think Tank generally meet in real time on Discord.

OOC Notes

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