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Tokyo Brewing Company

The Tokyo Brewing Company is a corporate venture by the Yugumo Corporation. It is a Craft Brewery with headquarters located in the Nabari District of the Tsu Agriculutral Zone. It was established in late YE 42. The grand opening occurred a few months later, also in YE 421).

History and Background

Brewpub InteriorFor years Motoyoshi-Ieyasu Taro had a passion for crafted beer. The usually imported brands from the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia had a tendency of hit-and-miss performance in terms of desired taste to his palette. In YE 42 he conceived the first ideas for the Tokyo Brewing Company with the intention of growing a brand of beer in the Yamatai Star Empire. He wanted a brand that would produce quality ales and lagers from the highest quality of ingredients possible. In YE 43, the Tokyo Brewing Company opened several locations across the Yamatai Star Empire and celebrated a successful first year of business.

In YE 44 the company continued to see success and plans were established to expand the venture's product lines for YE 45.


There are three types of breweries run by the Tokyo Brewing Company:

  • Regional Craft Breweries (1 Million to 9 Million Barrels per Year)
  • Microbreweries (15,000 Barrels per Year)
  • BrewPub Locations (Microbreweries with Pub Locations that serve food)

Company Profile

Company Information for the Tokyo Brewing Company.

Tokyo Brewing Company
Hasegawa Nobuhito - Spokesperson
Hasegawa Nobuhito
Motto “Living, Pouring, Brewing”
Shachō and Brewmasters Motoyoshi Tachiko and Motoyoshi-Ieyasu Taro
Operations Master Brewer Ishikawa Matsusuke
YE Established YE 42
Headquarters Nabari District, Jiyuu III
Parent Company Yugumo Corporation
Faction Yamatai Star Empire
Product Symbol Yu (Same as Yugumo Corporation )


Here is the contact list for the Tokyo Brewing Company.

Contacts for Tokyo Brewing Company
Picture Name Position
Hasegawa Nobuhito Hasegawa Nobuhito Spokesperson, Model, Contact
Ishikawa Matsusuke Master Brewer


The Headquarters is a combination regional craft brewery and office space that officially opened in the Nabari District of the Tsu Agricultural Zone in YE 42. The main brewery is expected to produce roughly seven million barrels of beer a year and it primarily serves the greater Tokyo region. It is the location where most recipes are developed that are produced at all the company's breweries and brewpub locations across the Yamatai Star Empire.

The Departments at Headquarters are:

  • Future Brew - R&D and Test Brews.
  • Taste Panel - Quality Control and Standards.
  • Production - Brewing and Bottling.
  • Administration - Management.

Other Locations and Outlets

The Tokyo Brewing Company has several locations. All Star Army of Yamatai locations have vetted employees only.

Star Army Ships

Tokyo Brewing Company brews are often available in the Star Army Ship's Store and Standard Star Army Crew Lounge on most Star Army of Yamatai ships.

Regional Craft Breweries

Tasting Panel RoomRegional Craft Brewery locations produce up to 9 million barrels of beer a year. They include a retail storefront.


Microbreweries brew up to 15,000 Barrels per year. They also include a retail storefront.


Brewpubs generally have small-scale brewing apparatus. They generally don't even produce enough beer for consumption at the location. It is more for show and brewpubs all serve food.

Brewpub Food Menus:

Ingredients and Sources

The Tokyo Brewing Company uses the freshest and highest quality ingredients availible.

Tokyo Purity Law

The Tokyo Beer Purity Law also known as the Jiyuu Beer Purity Law , which was adopted as a regional brewing guideline in the Motoyoshi Colonial Sector in YE 42 3) states that:

  • Beer may only be brewed using barley or other malted grains, hops, yeast and water.
  • Flavored Beers are permitted to use natural ingredients.
  • Artificially flavored beverages must be sold as “Malted Beverages”.


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