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KAIMON/Ascendant Companion

The KAIMON/Ascendant Companion is a drone used by the Yugumo Corporation. It is a special tool and companion provided to all employees when they join the company. It became available in YE 43.

About the KAIMON/Ascendant Companion

A multifunction assistant drone issued to Yugumo Corporation employees.

KAIMON/Ascendant Companion
Year Released YE 43
Designer Yugumo Corporation
Nomenclature Yu-O2-2A
Manufacturer Yugumo Corporation
Brand KAIMON/Ascendant
Fielded by Yugumo Corporation
Range 22 hours primary power
Maintenance Cycle Monthly
Lifespan More than 25 years with proper maintenance
Damage Rating (Version 3) Tier 2
Production Level Mass Production
Pricing Internal-Use Only, 8,500 KS
Sorakagami Aerospace Operations Suite +3400 KS Factory, +4250 KS Retrofit


In YE 43, the Yugumo Corporation released the KAIMON sentient AI electronics suite. Employees were equipped with the company uniform which had various integrated electronics (through Dataweave) and compatibility with the new system. The Yugumo Corporation wished to extend those electronics, as well as provide employees with AI companionship to assist with tasks, maintain morale, and provide real-time tracking to task completion and project management. The KAIMON/Ascendant Companion design was produced and it more than filled the expectations of the company, as that provides each and every employee with an individual experience with a KAIMON AI. It also would provide feedback and experience to systems higher in the hierarchy in a greater capacity. It even provides a low-level defense system for employees in the field.

In late YE 44 this model was extensively upgraded to the 2A model. As this drone was only used internally by Yugumo Corporation before the upgrade was released, all existing units had been upgraded before the beginning of YE 45.


The KAIMON/Ascendant Companion is a sphere-shaped drone that is 25cm in diameter. It has a small compartment for docking tools, with a small robotic arm that can be extended. The system also includes a small graviton beam system, that has a circular aperture on one side of the drone, which can assist with moving objects of up to 200kg. Using its volumetric projection system it can adapt its visual appearance to look like a small animal (a bird is a popular choice).


The KAIMON/Ascendant Companion is a sphere-shaped drone that is 25cm (≈10 inches) in diameter.


The Companion provides the user with:

  • A programmable Sentient AI system, that becomes an assistant and companion to the employee.
  • A variety of programmable appearances and disguises. (It can use Solid Volumetrics to appear as a variety of animals such as birds, or even fictional cartoon-like characters)
  • Programmable personality.
  • Full use of the KAIMON-Passage level sensors and communications. Includes uplink module to SYNC and civilian levels of PANTHEON. Also includes audio and visual recording options for dictation and meetings. Features an extended sensor suite.
  • Expanded use of the projected datapad system included in the company uniform.
  • A small graviton beam system, that has a circular aperture on one side of the drone, which can assist with moving objects of up to 200kg.
  • Solid Volumetrics to project interactive terminals and displays.
  • Air compressor and vacuum pump:
    • Pneumatic and hydraulic pumps with (very small) reservoirs.
    • Replaceable-cartridge high-flow air filter/purifier, with humidifier/dehumidifer/heater/cooler/fan and ozone generator.
    • Replaceable-cartridge water filter/purifier/carbonator/desalinator.
    • Water heater/chiller with pressurized steam system.
    • 3m extendable/retractable intake hoses with covers and multi-stage filtration: one each for air, water, and miscellaneous fluids.
    • Self-cleaning system.
  • 3 Independently-aimable RGB/IR/UV headlamps with high power, wide beam/flood, and narrow beam/spot modes.
  • High powered, high-definition, ultra-wide-band stereo speakers.
  • Real-time tracking and project management tools for the Yugumo Corporation.
  • Panic modes with strobe, siren, and emergency beacon functions.
  • Privacy-mode for off-hours companionship.
  • Personal computer mode for running applications, playing games, and text, voice, and video communications.
  • Secure small1), lighted, watertight and vacuum-sealed, insulated, and padded internal storage space.
  • Charging and data port for when out of range of the wireless recharging system or communications network.

The KAIMON/Ascendant Companion can communicate in Trade (language) and Yamataigo (邪馬台語) by default, with optional language pack downloads available.

Arms and Attachment Storage

Six small, retractable, articulated functional robotic arms, emerging from the rear but forward facing, with reconfigurable, three-fingered-with-mutually-opposed-thumb grippers that can lend an extra hand to carry documents, or other small objects, are evenly, radially spaced around central sensor and projector. They are capable of reaching behind, above, below, and to the sides of the drone, as well as forwards, thanks to multiple degrees of freedom.

Six wedge-shaped storage bins, each much larger than the small storage area on the lower front, in the rear are arranged in a circular configuration in the spaces between the arms. They are airtight, waterproof, pressurized to an adjustable atmosphere, and protected by the drone's light armor. They have an external lock override for the owner or authorized technicians in the event the drone is non-responsive. These double as the housing for the drone's various attachment packages, and are each able to interface with a specific attachment package2).

The arms and bins may rotate around the central core of the unit around its forward-rear axis, to ensure an equipped arm is in the optimal position to employ its attachments.


The Companion's attachments come in wedge-shaped, sealed units that are hot swappable into the appropriate storage port. When the appropriate attachment unit is slotted in behind its corresponding arm, it equips that arm with the ability to deploy those tools in addition to its gripper-manipulator. Attachment positions are numbered zero through five, corresponding to their nomenclature, beginning at the top of the unit and proceeding clockwise relative to looking at the unit's front.

Powered-Multitool-Utility Attachment

Powered-Multitool-Utility Attachment, Yu-O1-M4400 (750 KS):

  • Tools may operate in electric, hydraulic, or pneumatic modes.
  • Assorted drill bits, burrs, and brushes.
  • Assorted screwdrivers, sockets, hex keys, and other drivers, with precision torque limiter.
  • Needlenose and blunt pliers, wire cutter/stripper, and shears.
  • Reciprocating and circular saws with assorted blades, files, and grinders.
  • Reciprocating impact device with blunt, chisel, and awl points.

Electrical-Data-Electronic Attachment

Electrical-Data-Electronic Attachment, Yu-O1-M4401 (1000 KS):

  • Multispectrum RGB/IR/UV flashlight with high power, wide beam/flood, and narrow beam/spot modes
  • Multispectrum RGB/IR/UV laser pointer and burning/cutting laser
  • Dataport Access Tool (universal self-configuring)
  • Logic probe.
  • Multimeter.
  • Microchip/RF tag programmer and destroyer.
  • Precision soldering iron with refillable internal solder dispenser.

Engineering-Construction-Industrial Attachment

Engineering-Construction-Industrial Attachment, Yu-O1-M4402 (1500 KS):

  • Small precision plasma torch for cutting, brazing, welding, or firestarting:
    • Refillable flux dispenser3).
    • Replaceable gas reservoir4).
  • Electric arc cutter and welder with refillable flux dispenser5).
  • Refillable Molecure Tape dispenser6).
  • Ministruct with very limited storage space.
  • Extendable/retractable articulated endoscopy body (1.5m):
    • 1-1000x 3D optical microscope.
    • RGB/IR/UV halo light.
    • Ultrasound transducer head.
  • Extendable magnetic part retriever.

Pneumatics-Vacuum-Hydraulics Attachment

Pneumatics-Vacuum-Hydraulics Attachment, Yu-O1-M4403 (750 KS):

  • Air and water pressurization tanks for pumps (very small).
  • Fluid/powder/aerosol sprayer/painter combo
    • Assorted nozzles
    • Swappable storage reservoirs, self cleaning system, variable mixing valve7).
    • May spray air, water, and other fluids from intakes or pressure tanks.
  • Pneumatic dart and ball-bearing launcher:
    • 0.1-3mm continuously-variable-diameter bore.
    • Reloadable internal magazine, capacity varies with dart or ball-bearing size.
    • Range varies with dart size, maximum about 15m.
  • Specimen collector with six sealable, removable, and replaceable specimen containment tubes8).
  • Hydraulic manifold connector.
  • Vacuum cleaner and blower with multiple attachments and filtration. Removable debris chamber, autonomously emptiable.

Medical-Emergency-Aid Attachment

Medical-Emergency-Aid Attachment, Yu-O1-M4404 (2500 KS):

  • Pulse rate, respiration rate, pulse oxygen, blood pressure, and skin temperature probe.
  • Emergency defibrillator.
  • Emergency intubation and ventilation.
  • Laser scalpel/ablator/cauterizer.
  • Multisensor probe net for EEG, EKG, ECG with refillable Molecure Tape dispenser9).
  • Dispenser/applicators for MedicaGel and Liquid Bandage.
  • Hypospray injector with six selectable removable/replaceable reservoirs10).
  • Remote biomonitor telemetry interface.
  • Heat/cold/vibration pressure and massage therapy applicator unit with infrared and ultrasonic capability.
  • Foam splint spray dispenser (single use refillable reservoir11)).

Safety-Security-Survival Attachment

Safety-Security-Survival Attachment, Yu-O1-M4405 (2000 KS):

  • Electrical stun weapon
  • Universal Fire Extinguisher 🧯 with single-use replaceable reservoir13).
  • Flare launcher with reloadable internal 2-capacity magazine14).
  • Parabolic and laser directional microphones, with sonar and laser rangefinders.
  • High-intensity discharge flashlight with general illumination, signaling, emergency strobe, and blinding weapon modes.
  • Refillable magnesium spark wheel.
  • Refillable smoke projector, with realtime color and thermal-opacity selection.

Propulsion and Range

The KAIMON/Ascendant Companion has a built-in anti-gravity system, and micro-thrusters for maneuvering, station-keeping, and attitude control. It can sustain speeds of up to 25-35km/hour (atmospheric in 1G).

The system recharges wirelessly when in the field of influence of higher KAIMON systems. It holds a charge in its capacitor system of sustaining roughly 22 hours of continual use outside of the recharge range. Additional capacitor modules can also be carried by the user for additional operational life with swap-out.

It can be charged through a charging port compatible with most mobile power generator systems.


The subsystems and construction of this drone.

Hull Construction

The hull and frame of the drone are made of very thin Durandium Alloy. Its inner systems bay is lined with Yarvex and Yarvex Foam.

Power Systems

The system uses a rechargeable capacitor system that recharges wirelessly when in the field of influence of higher KAIMON systems. It holds a charge in its capacitor system of sustaining roughly 22 hours of continual use outside of the recharge range.

Electronics Suite

The drone is equipped with KAIMON-Passage along with its integrated communications and sensor systems. ELECTRA may be activated for qualified operators.

The Sorakagami Aerospace Operations Suite is available as an option, allowing the drone to participate in joint aerospace operations.

Expanded Sensors

In addition to the KAIMON sensor suite, the drone has even more sensor capability:

  • Multi-domain electromagnetic and RF spectrum and signal analyzer, ionizing radiation detector/analyzer.
  • 3D omnidirectional-binaural microphones, ultra-wide-band, with audio spectrum analyzer, noise cancellation, and passive and active sonar modes.
  • Ultra-high definition 3D camera array, extendable/retractable articulated, with thermographic imaging, low light, infrared, and ultraviolet, 1-20x digital and optical zoom, wide-angle, and macro, light level sensor, visual spectrum analyzer
  • Ambient temperature, pressure, relative humidity, air quality/particulate, oxygen, carbon monoxide and dioxide, volatile compound sensors, chemical and biological/pathogen detector/analyzers, gas chromatograph-mass spectrometer

Propulsion Systems

The KAIMON/Ascendant Companion has a built-in anti-gravity system, and micro-thrusters for maneuvering, station-keeping, and attitude control. It can sustain speeds of up to 25km/hour, and about 10kt underwater.

Electromagnetic Shielding

The drone uses a basic electromagnetic shielding system in conjunction with its Solid Volumetrics to project a bubble around itself, and its user, for small-scale protection from attack. 15)

Anti-Tamper Systems

The drone will create an internal systems overload if it is tampered with. The KAIMON-Passage system will also clear its memory.

Explosive Self-Destruct

The drone can be set to explosively overload on tamper or by remote command or programmed criteria, with selective power up to Tier 4 damage in a 2.5m radius, less one damage tier per additional 2.5m range, down to Tier 0 at the outermost radius.

Energy Pulse Weapon

The drone is capable of emitting a short-lived directed energy pulse.

  • Discharge color: Bright Blue.
  • Pulse-Mode: Damage Rating (Version 3) Tier 1.
  • Heavy-Mode: Damage Rating (Version 3) Tier 2. (Only in the presence of continuous recharge from higher KAIMON system)
  • Capacity: 75 shots in pulse-mode. 16)
  • Range: 100m (with accuracy) 200m (maximum)
  • Rate of Fire: 1 pulse per 2 seconds.

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Adding Your Companion to your Inventory

You can add a cool table to your character inventory. An example of a functional one is Motoyoshi Taro's KAIMON Ascendant Companion.

^  <name of your character>'s KAIMON Ascendant Companion  ^^
^  [[corp:yugumo_corporation:drones:kaimon_ascendant_companion|]]  ^^
^  Image of Most Used Projection   | Description of the most Used Projection, the Companion's personality and relationship with its owner. |
^  Attachments  | The listed added attachments.  |
^  Access  | [[corp:yugumo_corporation:systems:kaimon|]] Network, [[stararmy:systems:pantheon|]] (Only for those in the [[stararmy:start]].|
Taro's KAIMON Ascendant Companion
KAIMON/Ascendant Companion
Most used projection is a green frog that wears a top hat. It is often seen hanging out on Taro's right shoulder. Taro has named his Companion Chimon, which means gate to wisdom in Yamataigo. Chimon's personality is bubbly and fun-loving, often known for making funny quips to brighten even the darkest of situations.
Attachments Fully Loaded
Products & Items Database
Product Categoriesrobots
Product NameKAIMON Ascendant Companion
ManufacturerYugumo Corporation, KAIMON/Ascendant
Year ReleasedYE 43
Price (KS)8 ,500.00 KS
DR v3 maxTier 2
Mass (kg)10 kg
Making doubling up impossible
3) , 5)
standard coils
Replacements: Yu-O1-M4402-M2, 15KS
6) , 9)
standard rolls
Reservoirs: Yu-O1-M4403-M1, 15JS
Replacements: Yu-O1-M4404-M2, 12KS for 6
Replacements: Yu-O1-M4404-M2, 18KS for 6
Refill: Yu-O1-M4404-V1, 25KS
Replacements: Yu-O1-M4405-W1, 100KS per box of 100
Replacements: Yu-O1-M4405-V1, 25KS
Flares: Yu-O1-M4405-W2, 25KS per box of 100
Damage Rating (Version 3) Tier 2, Tier 1 when extended around user.
When not in range of wireless recharge.

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