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The Secure Yamataian Network Communications (SYNC) is the civilian network designed to handle planetary, interplanetary, and interstellar communications. In YE 34 it became the primary network for all Yamatai Star Empire civilian communications.


The SYNC is a heuristic encrypted meta-communications electronic network, a multi-tiered system of networked artificial intelligences and subsystems. SYNC is designed to handle all forms of telecommunications, computer networking. It has different levels of access to ensure security and privacy. It is a high-tech Empire-wide equivalent of today's Internet. All computers that access the system must be authenticated to have higher levels of access. Otherwise they default to public (minimal) clearance.

The SYNC is capable of being tied into other networks such as PANTHEON and InterNep. However, the user must have appropriate access to those other networks to gain access.


With Emrys Industries securing a government contract to setup and maintain communication satellite networks in YE 34, they needed a way to manage the network. Emrys Industries worked with the Scientific Studies Service (SSS) to develop the network. The SYNC is the result of that effort and was expanded to cover communications throughout the Empire.


The SYNC establishes a node by the installation of a Ge-H2-E3300 - Senkun Dual Quantum Computer System or equivalent at a central location in a star system. More powerful computers can also be used. The node can be orbital or planetary.

Due to the scope of SYNC a separate division was established called SYNC Systems to manage the network.


The SYNC can be accessed by these systems.


The SYNC is comprised of SYNC Nodes.

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