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Libra Star Fortress is equipped with the STATCOM Network, or Station Communications Network which provides station occupants access to a variety of communication systems. STATCOM exists outside of PANTHEON network, but is compatible and is allowed controlled interface with PANTHEON. STATCOM terminals are found in all living quarters, in public areas, most work areas, business can request a terminal, all LSR Carriages, and Stations. STATCOM was created to help route the volume of communications in the most efficient fashion.

STATCOM Network provides the following types of access:

Type Access Service
Public All Personnel Access to Public News and Entertainment
Private All Personnel On-Station Communications
Private All Personnel Off-Station Communications
Secure Military Access to PANTHEON Network


STATCOM can access the following:


STATCOM provides access to the following private communications:


This system allows point to point communications, or person to person communications. Privacy is handled by Biometric authorization, for most cases voice print analysis is sufficient, but the sender or the user can set their preferences for a higher degree. Communications can be text, audio, or video. A person can accept an incoming message or have the message stored to take at a later time.


Off Station communications is controlled by the stations communications capability and bandwith. This system allows communications to and from points off the station. This can be other ships, planets or stations. Outgoing messages are queue up and are transmitted based on Priority, bandwidth allowances, and destination. Low priority outgoing traffic normally goes out at scheduled intervals. Persons with access to the highest priority levels can have person to person communications by Subspace Communications. Incoming messages are received by the stations primary communications array, and then routed to the STATCOM Network for delivery.


Access to Secure PANTHEON network, commensurate to rank and position. Authentication required for all access.


Terminals can be wall mounted, or mounted on consoles. They have the following features:

  • Touch screen display for video and user input.
  • Integrated Stereo speakers and microphone.
  • Thumbprint reader
  • Dataport

OOC Notes

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