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Virtual Collective Experience

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The Virtual Collective Experience (VCE) is a full immersion interactive digital environment primarily used for recreation. It became active in YE 34.


The VCE is a multi-tiered interactive infrastructure. VCE operates within the SYNC, and can be access by a variety of means. The original purpose of VCE was to be an improved holographic game interface and it can be used as such. But Taichimora Entertainment Technologies (TET) chose to take the experience to the next level. VCE embraces the digital aspect of most Yamataians. Users connect into a specific digital creation where they can interact with other users, simulated beings, and the environment. The VCE has a number of large scale digital realms. Each of which has a specific set of rules and paradigms. The realms can operate in real time or accelerated time. In addition to the standard realms, users can create small landscapes for their own use, or to share with others. This has lead to VCE also being used a means of holding virtual conferences.


Manufacturer: Taichimora Entertainment Technologies (TET) Nomenclature: Te-P1-1a Designer: Tamahagane Corporation R&D


After being acquired by the Tamahagane Corporation, TET was looking for a way to re-emerge in the Entertainment sector. The field of interactive gaming seemed the best. Holographic games enjoyed limited success. So the Tamahagane Corporation R&D chose to make the experience more realistic to the user.

They began design work in YE 33, and using a variety of prototypes worked to address a number of technical issues. The VCE was released into production in YE 34.


There are two kinds of environments within the VCE. Realms which are large continuous experiences. The other types are Landscapes which are temporary experiences.

More details on Realms and Landscapes:


Realms are persistent environments. They are funded and maintained by a sponsor. TET operates several but others can be operated by other companies or organizations.


Landscapes are user created environments. They can be created by an individual access the VCE, and requesting a landscape. It can be formed from publicly available data. They can also incorporate works of fiction. The user can specify other parameters for the landscape. A landscape can be open ended or have a designated goal. The user can specify if the environment is public or private.


A user can create a private landscape using their favorite game by uploading their game data. They can then have the VCE create the environment using the data. These are by default private and can not be opened to the public at large. In fact the landscape limited to the number of players that the game is intended for. Once they have updated the data, they can choose to play the game as intended or freestyle.


It is also possible to create a landscape by the user downloading their memories of a specific event into the VCE. Of course the landscape would be user centric since they were unaware of what is happening in locations they are not present.

It is however possible to create a collective experience by downloading the memories of several people in a specific event, and get a more complete experience.

The user's memories can be accessed by the HALO, which is a slow process. Or they can submit a request via the VCE to connect with their most recent mental backup, and download the specific set of memories which can be accomplished quickly.


Avatar selection is up to the user, however, some environments offer a specific set of species, etc.



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