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Emrys Industries Scythe Mines

Emrys Industries A TC Company

Manufacturer: Emrys Industries Seeing an opportunity to tap into an almost unexplored area of the explosives market, Emrys Industries began developing a variety of mines to fulfill the role of area denial and protection. With the ability to be detonated by sensor or remote, these mines provide a vital tool for soldiers on the modern battlefield.

All Mines

The standard size of each individual mine is 30 cm x 18 cm x 5cm. They have a slightly curved front that gives the mine a effective arc of 60 degrees. To add a degree of idiot-proofing the front of the mine is clearly marked “This side toward enemy”. The mine is planted on a solid surface by either a pair of fold out spikes that are built into each mine and lock into place by twisting or by small adhesive pads that pop out of the bottom next to where the spikes unfold. This allows the mine to be placed on almost any surface, from the ground, to the side of a tree, or the floor, walls or ceiling of a building. The bottom portion of the mine allows a tilt of either 20 degrees up or down. Both motion and thermal sensors allow the mine to detect activity out too 30 meters when set to automatically detonate and can distinguish between humanoid targets and local wildlife. Usually the default range for the mine to self detonate is 10 meters, but the person setting the explosives can change it to as close as 2 meters to the max range of the sensors. Alternately the mine can be set off with a radio detonator instead of using the mine’s built in sensors. The mine has a built in battery for the operation of the built in sensors and the radio receiver built into the mine. The mine has a battery life of 168 hours (7 days) and can be recharged or replaced.

All mines come in a set of two with a carrying case, a detonator with selectable input for up to four mines, two extra mine batteries, one 5-slot battery recharger and one instruction manual for proper use. Price of mines depends on the type, additional options cost extra.

Additional Equipment Options:

Demolition Board:

Can control up to 250 mines, the board is the size and shape of a normal laptop. User can input a map of the local area and the Board will display the location of all the mines it controls, their field of fire, when the mines detects contacts and where, and allow the user to detonate one, all, and any number of mines in-between. The Demo-Board is necessary with the sensor array packages and can be linked with other Demo-Boards.

Price: 2,000 KS

Sensor Array

Includes Electromagnetic and Audio sensors. Allows for greater detection capabilities. Ranges for each sensor are as followed;

Electromagnetic: 2 Kilometers Audio: 300 meters

Sensor Arrays come in bundles of 4 or individually and can be reused. They have a rechargeable battery life of 168 hours or can be hooked to a generator for power. The batteries can be exchanged if the situation doesn’t allow for a generator. The Array is on top of a 1 meter pole that has fold out legs that can either be stuck in the ground like spikes or rest evenly on hard surfaces. Each of the four legs is adjustable for uneven terrain.

Price (4 sensor bundle): 5,000 KS Price (Individual sensors): 1,500 KS Price (Additional Battery): 200 KS Price (5-slot Battery recharger) 500 KS

Additional Radio Detonator

Standard detonator that comes with a set of mines.

Price: 50 KS

Additional Mine Batteries

Standard batteries found in most Scythe mines.

Price (Pack of 10): 150 KS Price (Individual): 20 KS 5-slot Recharger: 50 KS

Standard Mine

Like the Claymores of old, this mine has a layer of high explosives which is used to launch a couple thousand ball bearings at everything within its arc of fire. The mine’s most effective range is under 50 meters with 100 meters being the furthest that the mine could reasonably be expected to inflict casualties on an enemy. There still exists a possibility of inflicting damage out too 250 meters depending on the terrain, but even on an open field it is unlikely. Due to using high explosives as a propellant there is a minimum safe distance behind the mine of 5 meters as recommended by the manufacturer.

Range: Effective: 50m, Long: 100m, Extreme: 250 2 DR Armor Scale Price (for a standard set): 200 KS Price ( Individual Mines): 100 KS

Plasma Mine

When the standard mine won’t cut it, this is the next step up. Consisting of multiple ionization chambers with small amounts of compressed helium liquid, when the mine detonates the helium is ionized and launched forward by a powerful magnetic field created at the back of the mine at the time of detonation. The plasma emerges like a wave of fire that splashes against any targets within the blast field. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the mine, it has a shorter range then the standard mine and does less damage at longer ranges. The recommended safe zone behind plasma mines is 10 meters.

Range: Effective: 40m Long: 80m (Effective Range): 4 DR Armor Scale (Long range): 1 DRArmor Scale Price (For a standard set): 1,000 KS Price (Individual Mines): 500 KS

OOC Notes

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