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Scalable Graviton Beam Projector

Originally developed for Project THOUGHT by Kage Yaichiro, this component emits a controlled beam of gravitons allowing the manipulation of objects in space. Typically used for towing or moving vessels, this technology has been notably scaled down to where it can be used by smaller vehicles such as starfighters, tugs, aircraft, the occasional vehicle, etc.

Though secretly used by Project THOUGHT's development team at Nishitama; this component is openly used by the Yamatai Star Empire, and its various agencies.


As part of his secret Project THOUGHT program, Kage Yaichiro was pondering a way to increase the reaction time of a Power Armor or Mecha's limbs by any way possible, and investigated a concept of using graviton beam projectors instead of conventional joints to eliminate friction. The first step toward this goal was redesigning the tried and true KFY Graviton Beam Projector.

Though it resulted from Project THOUGHT, the resulting unit had so much potential in Yaichiro's eyes that he saw fit to submit it to KFY under a different nomenclature, giving it the standard Ke-R3200 (completely omitting the ship-specific center digits) due to the fact it could be fitted to so many possible craft and devices.

Basic Description

The Scalable Graviton Beam Projector can be concealed behind various kinds of metal and still operate, though when exposed, the actual device Yaichiro designed looks like a blue lens mounted in a grey circular mounting bracket. The lens has an iris inside capable of focusing the gravitons in its target, while the lens itself can tilt in the mounting bracket roughly 30 degrees in any direction to track targets. Generally, the thickness of the Projector is 40% that of its diameter up to half a meter in diameter, to retain this 30 degree freedom. The lens and mounting bracket can be any color, and can be made optionally luminescent.

The unit is not only far more efficient for its size, but has superior focusing and targeting abilities. The design can be increased in scale from a minimum size, with a predictable increase in both maximum energy consumption and output. The design also allows the adjusting of the strength of the beam. The end result is the ability to project gravitons to pull an object toward the source of the beam, hold it at a fixed distance from the beam, or otherwise manipulate its position.

Statistical Data


Diameter: 5 cm (2 inches) or larger Thickness: 2 cm (0.8 inches) or larger

NOTE: Thickness is typically 40% of diameter to permit roughly 30 degrees of tilt in any direction for targeting. Once the lens gets roughly half a meter across, however, thickness will increase more than the lens' diameter with power. By the time the lens is a meter wide, thickness will approach 50% of diameter to handle the greater mass it is designed for.

Intended Uses


The recommended uses for this unit vary widely. In addition to being useful in full-sized ships if needed, the unit is also potentially useful in other ways…

  • On the rear of Power Armor, Mecha, or Starfighters; to tow damaged allies, Escape/SS Pods, or captured enemy craft from the battlefield
  • On industrial or cargo bay equipment to better manipulate cargo
  • On the front of government vehicles to aid in β€œgrabbing” enemy vehicles or suspects on foot without dangerous maneuvers like PIT
  • On the bottom of aircraft to capture ground-based targets like enemy vehicles or suspects on foot
  • As a portable system to allow infantry or unarmored soldiers/police to scale buildings or quickly travel in Zero-G environments


The above uses and more were the reasons the technology was released to KFY, but the original intentions of producing the unit were quite different and more complex.

  • Use in frictionless gravity or gravity/mechanical hybrid joint designs for Project THOUGHT PA/Mecha
  • Use in nozzle mounts for thrust vectoring STL Engines for use with Project THOUGHT devices

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