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KAIMON is an acronym for “Kiku Artificial Intelligence Memory Operating Nexus”. It became available in YE 43. Kaimon (海門) means “Sea Gate” in Yamataigo (邪馬台語). Kiku means (菊) “Chrysanthemum” in Yamataigo (邪馬台語), which is one of the flowers of the Motoyoshi Clan.

It is the successor of the MIKO Electronics Suite that was made by Motoyoshi Fleet Yards in YE 30, and produced by the Yugumo Corporation from YE 41 until YE 43.

KAIMON Project Logo (KAIMON Project Logo)

KAIMON/Ascendant Logo

History and Background

From YE 30 until YE 34, the MIKO Electronics Suite served as the primary electronics suite for Motoyoshi Fleet Yards. In YE 41, when the remains of Motoyoshi Fleet Yards were absorbed into the Yugumo Corporation the system was deployed again with intention of its temporary use in the ships and small craft produced by the company. In YE 43, the Yugumo Fleetworks division initialized a project to design a new Integrated Electronics System that was designed for the civilian markets they serve.

While the system would require a certain level of tactical system integration, the focus would be placed on civilian and management functions which would include non-ship deployments of the system in colonial applications. It was determined the system would also require seamless compatibility with civilian levels of PANTHEON and SYNC. As a Yamataian corporation, the system would take inspiration from PANTHEON, 'Destiny' AI System, Ge-H1-E3300 - Yogensha Quantum Computer System and the predecessor MIKO Electronics Suite.

General Information

General information about KAIMON.

KAIMON Electronics Suite
Year Introduced YE 43
Class/Nomenclature See: Nomenclature Catalog
Alternative Nomenclature None
Designers Yugumo Corporation
Manufacturer Yugumo Corporation
Brand Yugumo Fleetworks
Fielded By Yugumo Corporation


The KAIMON Core system is a complex quantum and optical computer platform that is capable of handling a massive amount of processing driven by a contained sub-particle memory core that can store a tremendous amount of information. The scalable core is further enhanced by add-on modules designed to fit specialized tasks.

Scale Level Applications Uplink to Higher System SYNC/PANTHEON Compatible 1)
Aperture 2) Datapads, Communicators, Scanners, other handheld devices Yes Optional Connected Module
Passage Power Armors, Very Small Craft and Small Mecha Yes Optional Connected Module
Portal Large Mecha, Small Craft Yes Optional Connected Module
Gate Small and Moderate Starships Yes Optional Connected Module
Super Gate Large Starships Yes Optional Connected Module
Prime Gate Colony/Planetary/Space Station Yes Optional Connected Module


The KAIMON is equipped with a sentient artificial intelligence system unlike the predecessor MIKO Electronics Suite. They don't have the sophistication of PANTHEON systems, but they do have evolving personalities that learn and grow over time. The client generally submits a base personality program at the time the system is being built which assists with the establishment of the initial AI programming.


KAIMON AI manifest as hardlight projections and generally are Minkan-like in appearance. At a customer's request, they can be given other forms as well such as other species, animals, etc. The systems have built-in safeguards that continually scan the AI code independently to ensure no rogue or harmful to user tendencies are developed. In the event of malicious code detection, the AI will be returned to factory default if the code cannot be repaired. If a suitable Consort android body is available, the AI may operate it rather than project an avatar.

SYNC and PANTHEON Connection Modules

These modules allow connection to SYNC and PANTHEON. The PANTHEON connection option is only available for customers that are citizens of the Yamatai Star Empire, access to military levels of the system are restricted to Star Army of Yamatai personnel only.

Systems with the PANTHEON connect module have a failsafe lockout program installed where PANTHEON systems on Star Army of Yamatai ships and facilities can override the system; shutdown engines, disable defensive and offensive systems to prevent acts of treason.


The Superconductive Quantum Interface Device (SQUID) was originally developed by NovaCorp products such as the Mersina Cruiser, but it was deployed in the predecessor MIKO Electronics Suite and perfected for use in the KAIMON platform. The SQUID uses an electromagnetic manipulator system to communicate with the crew member, allowing the ship, base, etc, to serve as an extension of the self. The computer telepathically inputs data into the user's brain, including the visual data from visual sensors, and it can create the effect of a HUD or display in the user's brain. In KAIMON the system engineers consulted Kessaku Systems for assistance with capability with the Minkan and Nekovalkyrja mind.

Secondary interfaces connected to the system includes tactile Solid Volumetrics and traditional control panels. It also is compatible with the Dataweave technology that is included in uniforms.

Integrated Sensor Systems: Kagami

The visual overlay or HUD system that translates sensor data is called Kagami. Kagami(鏡) means “mirror” in Yamataigo (邪馬台語), it is also the name of the Kagami Galaxy. Kagami overlays individual sensor system data and combines it into visual and data explanations that the operator can understand and delivers it either by SQUID or one of the other interfaces.

KAIMON Level Maximum Range Optimum Range Description
Passage 1 AU (149,597,871 Kilometers) 0.75 AU (112,198,403 Kilometers) Power Armors, Very Small Craft and Small Mecha
Portal 5 AU (747,989,354 Kilometers) 2.5 AU (373,994,677 Kilometers) Large Mecha, Small Craft
Gate 10 AU (1.4959787 x 109 Kilometers) 7 AU (1.0471851 x 109 Kilometers) Small and Moderate Starships
Super Gate 1 LY (9.4607305 x 1012 Kilometers) 0.75 LY (7.0955479 x 1012 Kilometers) Large Starships
Prime Gate 5 LY (4.7303652 x 1013 Kilometers) 3.5 LY (3.3112557 x 1013 Kilometers) Colony/Planetary/Space Station

Standard Combined Sensor Palettes include:

  • Electromagnetic sensors
  • Electrogravitic sensors
  • Soliton sensors
  • Unified field mass/energy sensors
  • Neutrino sensors
  • Tachyon sensors
  • Aether sensors
  • Visual sensors 3)
  • Mass Detectors

Targetting Systems

KAIMON's targetting systems are more of a result of consequence. The majority of Yugumo Corporation's development has been towards scientific sensors for exploring, scientific analysis, and prospecting. The tracking of objects in motion was vitally important during the mapping is asteroid belts within the Motoyoshi Colonial Sector, it provided the perfect backdrop for testing targeting systems.

The system uses the overlay and translation of sensor data through Kagami to provide tracking, vector prediction, and analysis of targets. Similarly, the system can be utilized to postulate enemy firing solutions and maneuvers.

Integrated Communications Systems

KAIMON's include integrated communications systems include what is the standard for communications in the Kikyo Sector.

Communications Type Description Range
Quantum Communications Uses quantum entanglement for communications 850 LY
Hyperspace Communications Uses FTL Technology to transmit communications 550 LY
Laser Transmits along the line of sight in a focused laser 1 AU
Radio Traditional Wide Spectrum Radio 0.5 AU

Nomenclature Catalog

OOC Notes

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Access level determined by those respected systems. Military access restricted to Star Army of Yamatai personnel.
Aperture devices can be charged wirelessly when in the influence of higher KAIMON systems, uplinks use a limited-ranged encrypted hyperspatial and/or quantum communications link
Visual Sensors are limited to 2.5AU optimal effectiveness

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