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Ge-H1-E3300 - Yogensha Quantum Computer System

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The Ge-H1-E3300 - Yogensha was developed by Geshrinari Shipyards for use on the Ge-H1-7A - Kōdaina Minato-Class Orbital Installation. It became available in YE 33.

This megacomputer system is a powerful artificial intelligence neural-net with hardware the size of a large building – specifically it is 340 meters in height and 160 meters in width. The Yogensha is a computer with so much processing power at its disposal that it could conceivably direct all the infrastructure of a developed world. The system utilizes a variant of the Kessaku operating system and a combination of hyper-dimensional faster-than-light information processing and femtotronic quantum data storage. By default, such a computer system has a memory capacity of 1,295 yottabytes – but that can be extended through the use of additional quantum data banks. The system also has limited civilian access to PANTHEON as a standard feature, and with the appropriate security clearances it can be granted higher access and function as a full-fledged PANTHEON node. The AI is able to interact with individuals through terminals, or in locations so equipped – with holographic projections. Yogensha is Yamataian for the term 'Seer.'

The Yogensha's hardware is hardened to withstand electromagnetic pulses, microwaves and other methods of physical attack intended to specifically disrupt or damage computer systems.

Note: Active Duty Military Personnel may use their authorization to access higher levels of the PANTHEON network.

Yogensha Quantum Computer

Interacting With Yogensha (OOC)

As is the case with most interactive AI systems, the Yogensha is a very powerful system that is capable of responding to user requests nearly instantly. Generally, the only exceptions to this would be in cases where the Yogensha has to contact another crew member, or access an external network or system.

The Yogensha is capable of operating virtually any electronically controlled system wherever it is installed. It is also programmed with a friendly and polite personality. As an AI its personality and ability to interact with users will expand with its experience. Like with other Geshrinari Shipyards developed AI, the primary directive of the Yogensha is to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the vessel or facility within which it is installed. This means it will not initiate any actions it perceives as jeopardizing a member of the crew's life – even if ordered to do so. However, it also will not interfere with the orders of the ship or facility's owner or senior officer.

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