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Motoyoshi Fleet Yards

Motoyoshi Fleet Yards was a company that operated between YE 29 and YE 41. In YE 41 it was fully dissolved into Motoyoshi Hanei Kaisha which became the Yugumo Corporation later that year.

Motoyoshi Fleet Yards
Faction Yamatai Star Empire (YE 29 to YE 30)
United Outer Colonies (YE 30 to YE 33)
Yamatai Star Empire (YE 41)
Clan Motoyoshi Clan
Former Kaicho Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko
Former Kaicho Koyanagi Mayumi
Product Symbol My
OOC Managers Andrew
Status Absorbed into Yugumo Corporation

About Motoyoshi Fleet Yards

In YE 28, Taisho Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko designed several starships for Ketsurui Fleet Yards. While KFY provided a more than adequate outlet for her designs she desired to have a corporate identity expressive of the views of her family and the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet. One year later, in YE 29, her desire became reality when her closest friend, Koyanagi Mayumi expressed interest in retiring from the Star Army of Yamatai to pursue corporate interests of the Motoyoshi Bafuku.

NovaCorp an already existing company expressed interest in expansion and though negotiations with the Motoyoshi Bafuku took Koyanagi Mayumi on as a Director after she retired from the military. Later in that same year, Motoyoshi Fleet Yards was named as an official subsidiary of NovaCorp.


The history of Motoyoshi Fleet Yards is from YE 28 to YE 41:


Motoyoshi Fleet Yards during its years of operation had the below divisions.

Motoyoshi Fleet Yards Divisions
Kakujitsusei Propulsion Laboratories Propulsion and Engine Products
Satori Ascendant Electronics Electronics, Subsystems and Computers
Tonbo Interiors Division Starship and Facility Compartments and Interiors
Mugen Armories Division Weapons and Ammunition
Eien Power Systems Power Systems, Capacitors


Motoyoshi Fleet Yards was responsible for creating the products in the lists below.

Yugumo Corporation is the contact for all things listed above.

Yugumo Corporation is the contact for all things listed above.

Yugumo Corporation is the contact for all things listed above.

Yugumo Corporation is the contact for all things listed above.

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