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Seiza-Class Cargo Hauler

The Seiza-class is a Long-ranged Cargo Hauler was developed by Motoyoshi Fleet Yards.


Developed in YE 30 for Motoyoshi Fleet Yards's own resource logistics applications, as well as for sale to other corporations and civilians.

Design Goals

  • A larger sized cargo ship.
  • A vessel capable of performing long range hauling of standard and exotic cargo.

History and Namesake

Responding to a growing market for the transport of goods over long distances as various nations and factions continue to pursue expansion.

Seiza means Constellation.

Statistical Data

Organizations Using This Vessel

Vessel Role Classification

Long-Ranged Cargo Hauler

Class Designation

MY-L1-1a Seiza Class Cargo Hauler




Production as needed.


Personnel: Capacity of 25.

Vessel Dimensions

  • Length: 800m
  • Width: 400m
  • Height: 100m
  • Decks: 5 (Cargo Section 1 Deck)
  • Mass: Unknown


5 Cargo and Service Ships .25c 12,500c (~1.43 ly/h) 394,470c (0.75 ly/m)

Speed (Aerial): Not designed for atmospheric use. Speed (Water): Not designed for water use.

Range: Limited by lifespan of the vessel. Except that crew can only be supported for up to fifty years without resupply.

Lifespan: Two hundred years of continual use, with major overhaul every forty years.

Refit: Frequent minor modifications while in service through the PANTHEON automatic upgrade system

Notable Internal Features


A simple bridge layout, with a central command chair and encompassing stations facing towards a central view screen.

  • Command: A small workstation is placed at both sides of the command chair, for the commanding officer to monitor all on board functions and personnel. The entire ship, could be controlled from here should something happen to the rest of the crew or at the leisure of the commander.
  • Operations: Combined navigation, pilot, and offensive and defensive systems control can be utilized at this station.
  • Communications: Sending and receiving of all shipboard communications are controlled from this station.
  • Logistics: Manipulation of on board cargo systems, hatches, and conditions is done from this station. Unloading and Loading proceedures are coordinated with other bridge stations to ensure that the process is handled with efficiency.

Engineering Zones

Main Engineering

A small cramped area in the aft section of the ship, the focal points of the room are the compressed helium containers and the other components of the Link Siphon Systems.

Habitat Zones

Cargo Hold

A large cargo hold, with forcefield contained airlocks along the port and starboard sides. The hold spans 600m in length by 300m in width by 90m in height. The center of the bay is arranged to hold stacks of Standard Starship Cargo Containers. Robotic arms, conveyor belts, anti-gravity lifts are utilized by hold crew to manage, stack, load and unload cargo from the hold. Hand-held inventory tracking pads connected to the ship's computer to keep track of the goods being shipped. Specialized environmental and power hookups are embedded into the floors for connection to cargo containers that house exotic materials that require specialized conditions.

Shuttle Bay

A shuttle bay is located in the aft section of the ship beneath engineering. It can hold 2-3 medium sized shuttles.


Hull and Spaceframe

  • Overall Damage Rating: 6

Primary Space frame

The Seiza’s primary space frame is constructed primarily of Durandium Alloy truss frames interlocked together. These major trusses are arranged in higher concentration around the sections of the vessel that are most likely to become stressed like around the cargo hold and engines. Smaller Durandium Alloy trusses that form the interior frame of the vessel provide internal support for decks and interior sections.

Secondary Space frame

Secondary framework is nested within the primary space frame to provide additional support and provide support for ships systems. The secondary frame is composed primarily of small Durandium Alloy trusses and rods lined with meshing to provide shielding to interior structures.

Armored Hull Plating

The primary substrate of the hull plating is 0.30m thick Durandium Alloy plates.

Integrated Hull Systems


Utilizes a combination of gravitational and electromagnetic shielding; the shields are primarily designed to provide protection from debris and other hazards, but can provide moderate protection during potential combat situations.

Damage Rating: 5.

Shield Generators

  • Dorsal
  • Ventral
  • Starboard
  • Port
  • Bow
  • Aft

Graviton Projection Arrays (8)

Capable of producing graviton beams and fields which can be used to tow other spacecraft, containers or shuttles. The projector is ineffective against ships using gravitic shielding.

Mounting Ports (2)

Umbilicals and airlock systems allowing the Seiza to docking with other vessels.

Computer System

Utilizes a unsophisticated, basic computer with no artificial intelligence functions. It provides the necessary functions to aid the crew in controlling everything from navigation to cargo related robotics.

Power Systems

Weapons Systems

Pulse Cannon Turrets (20)

Phased energy pulse cannons deliver the only weapons systems for this ship.


Location: Spread over the hull of the ship. Primary Purpose: Point Defense. Secondary Purpose: Assault Damage Rating: 6 Range: 50,000km Rate of Fire: 10 pulses per turret per second Payload Unlimited while the vessel has power.

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