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Iga Fancy Fruit Emporium

Iga Fancy Fruit Emporium was founded in YE 42, in order to provide unique and high-quality produce that is not grown or offered anywhere else. They specialize in giant versions of fruit, as well as perfectly or uniquely shaped ones.

About Iga Fancy Fruit Emporium

When Juugoya Cooperative began to develop the Tsu Agricultural Zone on Jiyuu III, its leadership recognized the need for a higher-end product. Farmers in the Iga District were producing various, special cultivars of their fruits: some gigantic, others perfectly round (or more exotic shapes), and others still yet bred for interesting sizes, shapes, colors, and flavors. Seeing the potential, the company tasked its resident restauranteur Motoyoshi Tachiko with selecting from among the best of the best, to be grown and sold under the Iga Fancy Fruit Emporium brand.

Iga Fancy Fruit Emporium Logo


“The art of the orchard.”

General Information

Iga Fancy Fruit Emporium
Shachō Motoyoshi Tachiko
Faction Yamatai Star Empire
Product Symbol FF


Iga Fancy Fruit Emporium is headquarted in Iga District, Tsu, Jiyuu III.


Iga Fancy Fruit Emporium maintains extensive tracts of fertile land, mostly devoted to orchards, groves, and vineyards. They have greenhouses, warehouses, silos, and sorting and packing facilities, as well as the garages and bays needed to support their agricultural machinery. Their business offices are located in Tokyo, in an office building housing other Yugumo Corporation subsidiaries and ventures.


Iga Fancy Fruit Emporium follows the same corporate structure as all wholly-owned subsidiaries of Yugumo Corporation.


Iga Fancy Fruit Emporium primarily produces agricultural products for market:

Current Products and Projects

As the name strongly suggests, Iga Fancy Fruit Emporium produces unusual, high-quality, rare, and correspondingly expensive fruit, primarily for gifting purposes but also for high-end restaurant use.

Common Line Produce

The more generic varieties of fruit from the Iga District.


Pricing varies due to harvest quality and seasonal products.

Past Products and Projects

Iga Fancy Fruit Emporium has no discontinued products, though some fruits may be out of season or in short supply due to agricultural difficulties.

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