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Peacekeeper Heavy Industries

This Corporation, founded in YE 37 became defunct as of YE 41 when Peacekeeper Heavy Industries was absorbed into the corporate structure of Motoyoshi Hanei Kaisha.

About Peacekeeper Heavy Industries

Peacekeeper Heavy Industries was a former state-run business enterprise dedicated to the rebuilding of Jiyuu and restoration of its technical prowess, PHI is not just a spiritual successor to former United Outer Colonies corporations such as Motoyoshi Fleet Yards, Kakutama Heavy Industries, and others… but it is quite literally built upon the ruins of their numerous former facilities in the Yugumo Cluster, reclaimed and rebranded for a new purpose.

Company Statistics
Established YE 37
Motto “Working for Peace”
Director Mochizuki Shiori
Associated Factions Yamatai Star Empire
Merged Into Yugumo Corporation
Acquisitions Kakutama Heavy Industries
Former Business Partners Yugumo Corporation, United Manufacturing Cooperative, Kakutama Heavy Industries
HeadQuarters Jiyuu System
Nomenclature ID PHI, Pi (PreYE 41) Yu Yugumo Corporation (YE 41 forward)

Former Corporate Divisions

Peacekeeper Heavy Industries had the following Divisions:

PHI Divisions
Peacekeeper Works Colonial Administration in the Yugumo Cluster. Control was handed to Sunflower Corporation in YE 37. The Sunflower Corporation was also merged into Yugumo Corporation in YE 41.
Juugoya Cooperative An agricultural cooperative. It became a subsidiary of Yugumo Corporation in YE 41

Former Main Facilities

Facilities formerly run by PHI:

Licensed Product Lines

PHI has directly acquired the means of production for the following product lines:

R & D Projects / Original Products

Although primarily an industrial production company, PHI does, however, maintain a small R&D consulting team whose focus is more on finding ways to adapt and improve upon already existing, proven technology to increase its usefulness to the Jiyuuian people throughout the cluster. Rather than getting bogged down inventing things whole cloth, this methodology ensures any innovations are quickly able to be tested and fielded by the respective parties. Above all this former Peacekeeper brain trust strives to continue advancing the objectives outlined in the original Dokuritsu Project.

The following systems have completed development:

The following were redevelopment:

OOC Notes

The company initials of PHI is a reference to Phi (ϕ), the symbol for the golden ratio in mathematics and geometry. Peacekeeper rank patches were gold-colored.

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