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Sorakagami Aerospace Operations Suite

First introduced in YE 44 to satisfy all the requirements of the Next Gen Fighter Program in a single package. In Yamataigo, sorakagami (空鏡) means “sky mirror,” evoking the evening sky at sunset, and referencing that it is an aerospace-operations extension of KAIMON's Kagami Integrated Sensor System.

Year of Creation YE 44
Designer Yugumo Fleetworks, KAIMON/Ascendant
Nomenclature See: Nomenclature Catalog
Alt. Nomenclature N/A
Manufacturer Yugumo Corporation
Fielded by Yugumo Corporation
Availability Mass Production
Price Varies



The exceptional computing powers of the KAIMON system allow the it to easily host a wide array of additional sensor and electronic warfare systems. The KAIMON's sensor-fusion-first interface delivers the enormous amount of data collected by the craft in pertinent, actionable, distraction-free format.


A plaform must have KAIMON computing, communications, and sensors as prerequisites for compatibility.


The Sorakagami Aerospace Operations Suite has cost that varies by application. It is standard on small craft1), or on larger craft intended to serve as a carrier2).

Tier Group Factory Cost Retrofit Cost
Personnel (1-3) 1000 KS + 1200 KS/Tier 1250 KS + 1500 KS/Tier
Armor (4-6) 1600 KS + 1800 KS/Tier 1750 KS + 2100 KS/Tier
Mecha (7-9) 2000 KS + 2400 KS/Tier 2500 KS + 2800 KS/Tier
Starship (10-12) 2400 KS + 3200 KS/Tier 2750 KS + 4000 KS/Tier
Capital Ship (13-15) 3600 KS + 4200 KS/Tier 4200 KS + 5400 KS/Tier


An add-on module for Yugumo Corporation vessels with KAIMON, system is designed to facilitate small craft operations by merging traditional aerospace systems with spacefaring technology.

Features and Capabilities

The Sorakagami has a range of features and capabilities pertaining to small craft aerospace sensing. All of these additional systems have tight, two-way integration with the default KAIMON Kagami Integrated Sensor System Combined Sensor Palettes, able to take advantage of, and augment, the KAIMON system's robust battlespace awareness and coordination, data sharing networks.

Additionally, the system adds calibration modes to the host platform's antigravity, artificial gravity, and inertial dampening systems to decrease G-force burdens on the pilot and crew for high-speed maneuvering in both atmospheric and space flight.


The Sorakagami has plug and play compatibility with several external packages, bridging them with KAIMON and integrating them with its own sensors. In particular, Sorakagami has particularly tight integration with ELECTRA and Umikagami Subsurface Operations Suite.


These vendor systems may be installed on a Sorakagami with minimal labor and zero configuration:

Radar Systems

As radar is the sensing system of choice at the ranges and speeds of atmospheric flight, the Sorakagami possesses advanced RF-spectrum sensors that current, primarily spacefaring vehicles may no longer have:

Imaging and Visualization

In addition to RF-based sensors, the Sorakagami has a full suite of broad-spectrum audiovisual sensors, that work in conjunction with both the radar systems and the base Kagami ISS.

Battlespace Communications, Command, and Control

Only available on Starship and Capital Ship Tier craft, this data-sharing feature operates in both hub-and-spoke and ad-hoc-mesh sensor and command networks, to increase the situational awareness of all craft in the battlespace. It provides not only data sharing, but data processing sharing, load-balancing and distributing processing and analysis tasks among the battlegroup to increase the speed and resilience of analysis. All KAIMON involved in an operation can (and should) be made subordinate nodes of the system, but Sorakagami-equipped craft benefit the most. Additionally, Sorakagami BCCC vessels can be subordinate or peer nodes of each one another, allowing for varying network topologies and hierarchical structures.

This feature greatly increases the air traffic control of carriers and command ships by leveraging the Sorakagami's sensor features for ATC operations.

Aerodynamic Shield Optimization Protocol

Sorakagami includes software upgrades that allow for the shaping of a craft's shield systems into optimal aerodyne geometries for subsonic, transonic, supersonic, and hypersonic travel, tailored to the sensed external atmospheric fluid environment and airspeed in realtime.

Star Army Small Aerospace Operations Package, Type 44

The Star Army of Yamatai variant of the Sorakagami features a a few restricted systems not available to the public:

Nomenclature Catalog

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Product Categoriessubsystems
Product NameSorakagami Aerospace Operations Suite
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ManufacturerYugumo Corporation
Year ReleasedYE 44

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