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Conclave Aerospace and Fleet Forces

The Conclave Aerospace and Fleet Forces (or C.A.F.F) are the New Dusk Conclave’s navy, air force, and catchall branch for everything and anything dealing with Starships. When units of the NDC Ground Forces "Duskerian Legion" or S.A.B.E.R are garrisoned onboard C.A.F.F. starships, they are still considered to be part of the Legion, but are placed under temporary command of the Commanding Officer of the installation or vessel that they are serving aboard.

It has been in operation since YE 40, with some elements that date back to YE 39.

About The C.A.F.F

The Conclave Aerospace and Fleet Forces, better known as the C.A.F.F., is the catchall term for the complete navy that is controlled by the New Dusk Conclave. The departments that support the fleet are the Department of Fleet Development, which help with improvements to the technology and to grow the fleet in terms of ships, and the Department of Military Assets, which supports the fleet through the responsibilities of the docking crews and is keeping the fleet supplied with what they need.

Conclave Aerospace and Fleet Forces
Official Abbreviation C.A.F.F.
Leader Vice Admiral Alice Casdan
Reports to Mark Oaklen, Commander of the Navy


Formed in YE 40, the Conclave Aerospace and Fleet Forces was founded in order to gather aerospace and fleet assets under one unified command structure. It particiapted in several notable engagements during the early 40s, including the Battle Of Glimmergold, which prompted the CAFF to upgrade and update its older starships.

Power of the C.A.F.F

The power and authority of the C.A.F.F starts and ends where the Navy is concerned. The Admiral can order ships to go wherever they need and to eliminate strategic targets to accomplish a mission or ensure planetary security from orbit.

The Admiral can't order a civilian to attack, and the Navy can’t pick up a civilian and force them to attack either, because that would be out of their jurisdiction.

All personnel of the Navy are hired from the recruiting pool and run through New Dusk Conclave Basic Training. All personnel aboard NDC starships, if they are not civilian guests, are trained in one of the NDC's military occupations. These skilled personnel operate sensor systems, maintain fighters, pilot starships and more on every starship in the fleet, from the massive Dreadnought to small Fighter craft.

Military Info

Fleet composition and Fleet postings are controlled by the C.A.F.F's central command. In addition to normal warships, the C.A.F.F makes use of numerous types of small craft, including the Sparrow class Fighter, Sparrowhawk class Variable Frame, and the Starbreaker class Fighter.

Fleet Overview

The NDC fleet contains more than 1,000 starships, split into various garrison and patrol fleets, with various fighters and support craft used for other tasks.

Fighter Squadrons

There are over 1,000 Fighter squadrons in the C.A.F.F., stationed aboard starships, on terrestrial bases, or on starbases. Squadrons are composed of two to three Lances, each Lance composed of four members, for a total of eight to twelve members.

Some notable fighter squadrons include:

Special Branches of the Fleet

There are two Special branches of the navy, which are O.S.I.R.I.S, and the D.O.G., each responsible for different aspects of nonstandard operations. Both seek recruits at the same rate as the rest of the New Dusk Conclave fleet.

Extra Info

The O.S.I.R.I.S which stands for Orbital Strike, Interplanetary Reconnaissance, and Interplanetary Sorties, are the special operations branch of the Navy that performs more high risk and critical sorties.

The D.O.G., or Duskerian Orbital Guard, is a branch that focuses on planetary and star system defense, using defense platforms and small-craft patrols as well as older frigates and corvettes.

Experimental Starships

This includes all experimental craft designed and considered for service within CAFF. Fighters, shuttles, ships, and orbital installations still going through trials and delegation for acceptance by the Lord and Vice Admiral. Craft are no longer listed as such until all trials are passed satisfactory, and approved by both command members, then it may enter into full production and thus deployment by CAFF.

List of current experimental craft:

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