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NDC Military Occupations

The majority of roles within the New Dusk Conclave's military are organized by the Cadre they belong to. In some cases, an Occupation may be shared between multiple cadres, although their area of focus tends to vary.

Warrior Occupations

Warriors are the NDC's shield against threats and sword against any who would oppose its goals. They are soldiers, fighter pilots, starship crew, and more. As the largest cadre within the NDC, members of these occupations highly value personal strength in their chosen field of specialty.

Occupation Focus Area Details Job Code(s)
Infantry Ground Operations Specialists in basic infantry tactics WI
Recon Scouting Reconnisance and ambush specialists WR
Sniper Sniping Experts at taking out high priority targets WS
Heavy Heavy Weapons Crew served and heavy weaponry specialists WH
Demolitions Explosives Experts with explosives, demolitions, and anti-vehicle weaponry WD
Ghost Basic vehicle and equipment operation Uses mind-machine interfaces operate machinery WG
Pilot Small craft operation Uses mind-machine interfaces to become frames and fighters WP
Navigator Large craft operation Uses mind-machine interfaces to become starships WN
Vehicle Operator Vehicle operation Uses mind-machine interfaces to become vehicles WV
Bridge Specialist Bridge crew Sensors and communications operators, weapon systems experts, and naval officers WB
Ambassador First Contact, Infiltration Offensive negotiation tactics WA
Captain Starship command Leading the crew of a starship WC
Executive Officer Starship 2IC Supporting a commanding officer WX
Officer Command Commanding large units such as platoons or squadrons WO

Scientist Occupations

Members of the Scientist cadre push forward the NDC's understanding of the universe, the people within it, and the possibilities hidden within. They are researchers, chemists, doctors, and more. Members of these occupations value the pursuit and application of knowledge within their chosen field of study.

Occupation Focus Area Details Job Code(s)
Analyst Physical Sciences Research and Development, Scientific Advisors SA
Anima Technician Anima Safe operation and proper maintenance of Anima units ST
Medical Specialist Biomechanical Care Either Infantry health specialists or long term care and surgery specialists SM

Administrator Occupations

Administrators bring order to a chaotic universe - especially chaos that involves people. They are masters of logistics, cutting through (or creating) bureaucratic red tape, and keeping the wheels of the government and military turning. Members of this cadre value efficiency and productivity in all its forms, but especially as it relates to the organization in which they reside.

Occupation Focus Area Details Job Code(s)
Logistics Supply Chain Management Ensures that their unit or ship has a steady flow of supplies AL

Technician Occupations

Other cadres might do the fighting, invent new technology, or keep food on the table, but none of it is happens without the Technician Cadre building and maintaining the technology that makes it possible. Technicians are master craftsmen and experts at working with AI. Members of this cadre value technical know-how, practical, hands-on education, and the ability to make anything work, no matter how badly broken it might be.

Occupation Focus Area Details Job Code(s)
Technical Specialist Machinery operation and Repair Builds, operates, and maintains complex equipment TT
AI Expert AI Development and Management Ensures that all AI systems remain within normal parameters, improves AI efficiency TA

Laborer Occupations

Members of the Laborer Cadre fill perhaps the most diverse amount of roles within the NDC. Rather than focus on any one particular craft, Laborers tend to be Jacks (or Jills) of all trades, with a wide variety of capabilities. Members of this cadre value skills growth regardless of its source and working in ways that improve the day-to-day lives of their fellows.

Occupation Focus Area Details
Chef Improved Rations Develops recipes and works with the ship's food fabricators to improve crew morale LC
Attendant Crew morale and relations Monitors crew mood, provides counseling services, oversees long-term or non-critical health care LA

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