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New Dusk Conclave Infantry

Infantry soldiers are the boots on the ground and the line in the sand. Often employed in defensive operations, but also aboard starships, Infantry are the New Dusk Conclave's experts in personal scale combat.

Like other nations, NDC Infantry often use Powered Armor, such as the Revenant Power Armor Mk II or body armor such as the BW-PCA-1A "Predator" Combat Armor, however unlike other nations, infantry is primarily used for defensive purposes, such as holding an objective or defending VIPs.

Despite this, most officers in the NDC agree that there's no replacement for boots on the ground, and so most NDC starships carry a complement of infantry for defense against boarding actions, securing planetside objectives, and, should the situation require it, boarding actions. All NDC Infantry falls under the purview of the Legion, even when an infantry formation is attached to a starship of the Conclave Aerospace and Fleet Forces as previously mentioned.


Infantry has a long history in the New Dusk Conclave, going all the way back to the original Section 6, which was founded in YE 39 to design and test new technologies for the Osman Star Organization, many of which were focused on enhancing the survivability and lethality of the low-tech nation's infantry.

Section 6 also maintained its own infantry, which received a trial-by-fire during YE-40's Operation Icebreaker, planetary landing aimed at stopping the abduction of civilians by Psychopomp LLC. The battle was hard-won, and taught the infantry there how to survive battles with odds stacked heavily against them.

The NDC's contemporary infantry carries on in the vein of the original infantry of Section 6, preparing for fights against overwhelming odds in defense of their home.


There are few eligibility requirements for joining the NDC Infantry in terms of education, however all soldiers are required to have completed a high-school equivalent education.

Starting Ranks

The starting rank for enlisted infantry is E1, Recruit if the character has not completed basic training or E2, Trooper if they have completed basic training.

The starting rank for infantry officers is O1, Lieutenant 2nd Class.

Playing as an Infantry Soldier

As an NDC Infantry soldier, you will often be thrust into difficult situations where the odds are stacked against you. While you may often face larger enemies, such as frames or tanks, you will almost always have the advantage of teamwork.

NDC infantry are never alone, always fighting alongside their comrades in arms in groups. The two most common of which are the Section and the Fire team. The Fire team is composed of 6 soldiers and is the smallest infantry unit. A Section is composed of two Fire teams and one Command Fire team. To fight more effectively, you should stay with your Fire team and Section, supporting them as they support you.

Basic Training

All infantry soldiers in the NDC undergo New Dusk Conclave Basic Training. In addition to their basic training, soldiers with specialties undergo additional training in their role.


If you have no specialization, you will use a standard loadout1).

Standard non-Power-Armor loadout:

Standard Power-Armor loadout:


In addition to being physically fit and skilled in various forms of combat, NDC Infantry must be familiar with basic tactics, basic maintenance skills, communications, and navigation and survival skills.

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  • Fighting: Your character is both trained and skilled in hand to hand combat in both gravity and zero-gravity environments, in the safe and effective operation of their assigned weapons, and in the usage of their power armor, if assigned one. All infantry are trained in the use of the basic assault rifle and pistol used by the New Dusk Conclave.
  • Maintenance: Your character is trained to maintain their weaponry and their power armor, if assigned one, though they may not be trained to make full repairs.
  • Strategy: Your character is familiar with basic Fire team and Section tactics, with working alongside other types of forces in combined arms operations, and with how to conduct non-standard operations such as urban, jungle, desert, arctic warfare, and boarding actions.
  • Communications: Your character is trained to quickly and efficiently communicate via radio, maintain communications discipline, and follow transmission protocols.
  • Survival and Military: Your character is trained to survive in the field for extended periods. They know how to identify edible foods, create safe drinking water, create a shelter, and camouflage themselves.

Player Expectations

There are few OOC responsibilities for players with an infantry character, however, players are expected to do a basic level of research in order to understand the basic principles of infantry tactics (Cover, communication, suppression, movement, and teamwork). If playing a specialized character, players are expected to do a basic level of research on how to play their specialization.


The New Dusk Conclave, in addition to its standard infantry, has several specialized infantry roles. Among these are Recon, Sniper, Heavy, and Demolitions.

Of these specializations, Heavies and Demolitions soldiers are part of the normal section and fire team structure while Snipers are assigned one per platoon and Recon soldiers are assigned to work with an existing formation on a mission by mission basis.


Generally lightly armed and armored, Recon soldiers fill the role of scouts and intelligence gatherers, as well as skirmishing troops. They often operate in advance of the main body of NDC forces gathering data and striking targets of opportunity before withdrawing and do not use standard infantry equipment.

Instead of normal body armor and weapons, when out of power armor Recon soliders wear Photon Stealth Armour and use a silenced carbine and Wraith pistol. When using power armor, they wear Enhanced Mobility Armor and use the same carbine, a gauss SMG or the Executioner shotgun and the Wraith pistol as a secondary weapon.


  * Reconnaissance: Your character is an expert in the art of gathering intelligence in the field without being detected. They know how to move without being noticed or leaving a trace, how to track enemy forces, and how to identify important targets.
  * Strategy: In addition to standard training, your character is adept in ambush tactics and covert raids. They know how to swiftly and effectively engage and eliminate priority targets, and how to disengage safely.


Snipers are almost always the best shots among the NDC's infantry. Armed with high powered and accurate weaponry, they are often tasked with eliminating high-value targets and keeping overwatch for their fellow infantry. Generally, snipers work in teams of two, sharing the burden of ammunition weight and spotting between themselves. Though most often not on the front lines of combat, snipers still make their presence felt.

Instead of normal body armor and weapons, when out of power armor Snipers wear Photon Stealth Armour and use either a Black Rose Anti-Material Rifle or designated sharpshooter rifle, depending on intended target, and Wraith pistol. When using power armor, they wear Enhanced Mobility Armor and use the Origin Gauss Sniper Rifle and the Wraith pistol.


  * Marksmanship: Your character has an intimate knowledge of the art of marksmanship. They understand the variables and conditions which can affect their shots, and how to account for them even without computer assistance. They are extremely familiar with the unique peculiarities of their specific weapon, and how to maintain it in good working order.


NDC Heavies are specialists in heavy weaponry, including mounted and handheld weapons. Heavies will either be integrated into a Fireteam, or a part of their Section's command team. Heavies integrated into fireteams usually carry lighter squad support weapons, but the pair with the Section's command team usually is equipped with a bulkier weapon to provide heavier fire support.

Players who choose the Heavy specialization should be aware of the basics of suppression.

When not utilizing power armor, Heavies incorporated into a Fireteam will typically use the Avenger Plasma Rifle and carry a standard sidearm. When utilizing power armor, heavies incorporated into a Fireteam will typically use the Origin Squad Support Gauss Rifle and carry a standard Power Armor sidearm.

Whether in or out of power armor, Heavies attached to the command team of a Section will typically be equipped with a standard weapon and sidearm, and work together to transport and operate a heavy weapon, though what this weapons system is will often vary by mission, though options such as the BWE Rotary Chain Gun in 12.7mm or 40mm configuration or the Hyper-Shift Rotary Chaingun are common.


  * Fire Support: Your character has a good knowledge of how to support their allies with Suppressive Fire, Covering Fire, and how to communicate effectively with their fireteam in order to ensure that their support is effective.
  * Heavy Weapons: Your character is trained to handle weapons that are larger or heavier than usual with minimal impediment. They are trained to fire without damaging or overheating their weapon, and to keep track of its ammunition supply. They are also trained to transport, assemble, and operate crew-served weapons with a partner.


Demolitions soldiers are the NDC's explosives experts, they serve to provide anti-vehicle firepower to their fire team and section and perform demolitions actions. Most often, they will be seen carrying explosive weaponry in addition to their standard issue weapon, such as rocket or missile launchers. However, when using power armor they often mount launcher pods instead of carrying tube-launchers and reloads.

In addition to their standard equipment, when not equipped with power armor Heavies will usually carry tube launchers for either 80mm x 228mm Rockets with four reloads carried in a pack, or mini missiles with two reloads carried in a pack.

When in power armor, along with standard equipment Demolitions soldiers will usually equip two missile pods, one to each shoulder, loaded with four mini missiles or tactical missiles and one long range missile each.

No matter whether in power armor or out, Demolitions soldiers will almost always carry some form of demolition charges and detonators.


  * Anti-Vehicle Weaponry: Your character is trained to use weapons that are designed to engage enemy armored vehicles and aircraft. They are trained to fire and efficiently reload their weapon and to keep track of its ammunition supply. They have a knowledge of how to most effectively use their chosen weapon to engage targets, including its optimal firing range and other considerations.

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